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Once the '''Prepayment''' item has been created in Fishbowl, the following process can be used to take prepayment for an order.
# Make note of the original order total and then create a ''new'' sales order with the '''Prepayment''' item. Set the price of the '''Prepayment''' item to the total of the original order as a positive number and then receive the payment using the '''Quick ShipFulfill''' button.<br>[[File:Prepayment Step 2.png]]
# Once the payment has been received, add the '''Prepayment''' item to the original order and set the price to the payment amount as a negative number, making the sales order total zero. The order notes or memos could be used to record the order number associated with the payment. Click the '''Save''' button once all changes have been made. <br>[[File:Prepayment Step 3.png]]

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