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Below are several methods for contacting Fishbowl Support can be can be contacted in several ways.
* Click the '''Help''' menu in the Fishbowl Client and select '''Support Chat'''.<br>[[File:Support Chat from Client.png]]* The '''Help''' menu also has an option to '''Send Database to Fishbowl'''. This can be done from any Fishbowl Client if the user has the [[Access_Rights#Setup|link='''Setup-Send DB''' access right]]. This allows Fishbowl to help troubleshoot the database and log files. The same option is available by right-clicking the database in the Fishbowl Server options. To send just the logs, open the '''Server Log''' window in the {{Module|Data|Server log}}.* Click the <span class="plainlinks">this [{{Chat}} Live Chat]</span> link in the top-left corner of any wiki page to chat with Fishbowl Support.* To contact the [[Account Sales Executive]] that is assigned to you, open the Fishbowl Client, click the '''Help''' menu, select '''About''', and then click the '''Support''' tab.<br>[[File:Account_Sales_Executive.png|link=]]* Fishbowl Support can also be contacted through email or phone by clicking <span class="plainlinks">[http here]</span>.* For questions regarding this documentation or the wiki site, please email {{email|documentation}}

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