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== Categories {{top}} ==
[[File:Calendar Category.png|right]] Calendar events can be organized into categories and work orders can be assigned to custom categories. To work with modify the categories, click the '''Categories''' tab [[File:Calendar categories tab.png]] at the top of the navigation pane.
* To create a new category, right-click the desired parent category and choose '''New Category''' from the drop-down menu.
* User-created categories can be renamed by right-clicking on the category and choosing '''Rename'''.
* Each user can customize the categories they would like to see by clicking the Display checkbox next to each category.
* New To assign a work order to a category, right-click the work order event on the calendar and select '''Edit'''.* Manually created calendar events will initially be assigned to the default category, which can be set by right-clicking the desired category and choosing '''Set As Default'''. {{Clear}}
== Work orders {{top}} ==

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