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QuickBooks Journal Entries

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# In Fishbowl, open the {{Module|Accounting}}, click the checkbox to import '''Accounts''', and then click the '''Import''' button to the left of the checkboxes.<br>[[File:Import Accounts from QuickBooks.png]]
# In Fishbowl, open the {{Module|Part}}, click the {{Button|New}}, enter '''Prepayment''' or something similar in the '''Number''' field, select '''Service''' as the '''Type'''. Create a corresponding product and then click '''Next'''.{{Vertical Spacer}}[[File:Create Prepayment Part.png]]
# On the '''Default Accounts''' step of the wizard, map both the '''Expense''' and '''COGS''' accounts to the same '''Service''' account. Map the '''Income Account''' to the newly created '''Advance Customer Payments''' account.<br>[[File:Map Prepayment Part Accounts.png]]
'''Taking a prepayment'''

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