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QuickBooks Journal Entries

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# In QuickBooks, open the '''Chart of Accounts''', create a new account, set the type to '''Other Current Liability''', and name it '''Advance Customer Payments''' or something similar.<br>[[File:Advance Customer Payments Account.png]]
# In Fishbowl, open the {{Module|Accounting}}, click the checkbox to import '''Accounts''', and then click the '''Import''' button to the left of the checkboxes.<br>[[File:Import Accounts from QuickBooks.png]]
# In Fishbowl, open the {{Module|Part}}, click the {{Button|New}}, enter '''Prepayment''' or something similar in the '''Number''' field, select '''Service''' as the '''Type''', . Create a corresponding product and then click '''Next'''.{{Vertical Spacer}}[[File:Create Prepayment Part.png]]# On step 3, select the lower option to create a corresponding product and then finish the wizard.<br>[[File:Create Prepayment Product.png]]# On the '''Accounts''' tab step of the newly created partwizard, map both the '''Expense''' and '''COGS''' accounts to the same '''Service''' account in QuickBooks.<br>[[File:Map Prepayment Part Accounts.png]]
# On the '''Details''' tab of the newly created product, map the '''Income Account''' to the newly created '''Advance Customer Payments''' account.<br>[[File:Map Prepayment Product Accounts.png]]

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