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QuickBooks Journal Entries

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=== Drop Shipping ===
Upon exporting your Sales Order (with a drop shipped item) from Fishbowl, both a Bill and Invoice will be created in QuickBooks. An Invoice will be created for the Sales Order, while a Bill will be created for the Purchase Order. When drop shipping an item, you must first place the item on a Sales Order. After issuing the Sales Order, a Purchase Order will automatically be created for your vendor. Upon Receiving your Purchase Order, your Sales Order will also auto-fulfill. You may then export to QuickBooks to have both a Bill and Invoice created. Your drop shipped order will affect QuickBooks accounts in the following ways: A credit will be debit is made to the '''Accounts Receivable ''' and '''Cost of Goods Sold accounts'''accounts, while a debit credit is made to the '''Inventory Asset Accounts Payable''' and '''Sales Retail accounts'''accounts. Please note the following image:
[[File:T chart drop ship.JPG]]

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