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QuickBooks Journal Entries

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:[[File:Prepayment in QuickBooks after order is fulfilled.png]]
'''NOTE:''' AlternativelyThis process can be modified to meet the needs of each company. For example, both '''Prepayment''' items can could be added to the original order, eliminating the need for an additional sales order. Two prepayment products could also be grouped in a kit with different names or amounts. The process would be similar to that above: Issue the order, take the prepayment can be taken using with the '''Payment''' button. After issuing the order, right-click the positive '''Prepayment''' amount, choose '''Fulfill''', and then click the '''Save''' button. In this alternative process, the journal entries will would be identical to those displayed above except for two additional offsetting entries that will appear in the '''Accounts Receivable''' account. The sales order in Fishbowl would also reflect the actual order total instead of zero.
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