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Delete or Inactivate a User {{top}}: Rework section
== Delete or Inactivate a User {{top}} ==
In the user module you may To delete a user by highlighting , double-click the user in the search panel, and then clicking click the {{Button|Delete}} located in the module toolbar.
A Often the user cannot be deleted because it is in use by other modules. In this case, a user may be inactivated by double clicking on following the steps below.# Double-click the user in the search panel. On # Uncheck the right hand side of the screen underneath '''Active''' checkbox located beneath the '''Initials ''' box you will want to uncheck the Active status for that user. After you have unchecked the box, click # Click the {{Button|Save}} on in the module toolbar.
[[File:Active user.png]]
To view an inactive users, click the '''inactive userAdvanced Search''', click on the advanced search button in the search panel of the User Module. Select to and select '''Show inactive users onlyInactive Only''', or select Show All and see both inactive and active users and click Search. [[File:User advanced search.png]]
== Change a User Password {{top}} ==

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