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Icon.SolidWorks.png The SolidWorks module, located in the Manufacturing group, is a custom plugin that integrates with SolidWorks CAD Design Software. In most cases, the SolidWorks plugin will require customization for each individual company. After installation, the plugin can import the parts and assemblies needed to create the bill of materials in Fishbowl.





To import assembly files, SolidWorks must be installed on the same computer as Fishbowl.

  1. Open the Small.SolidWorks.png SolidWorks module and click the New Button.png Add button.
  2. Select the SolidWorks assembly files and then click Open. The files will be added to the Search pane on the left of the Small.SolidWorks.png SolidWorks module.
  3. Double-click a file in the search pane to open the assembly details.
  4. Place a checkmark next to the configurations that should be imported, and then click the Refresh Button.png Import button.

Fishbowl will use the component name from SolidWorks to create the necessary parts, BOMs, and stages in Fishbowl. After clicking the Import button, the new bill of materials will be visible in the Small.Bill of Materials.png Bill of Materials module. To update the bill of materials after making changes in SolidWorks, repeat steps 3 and 4.

SolidWorks BOM.png