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Some aspects of the Icon.Vendor.png Vendor module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
Vendor module options.png
  • Suggest volume discounts based on Vendor Cost Rules when adding parts to a PO
Some vendors offer discounts when large quantities of an item are purchased. If the quantity of a purchase order item is close to a volume discount, this option will display an alert with details about the volume discount and what effect it would have on the total cost and the unit cost. Adjusting the tolerance will control how close an item must be to a volume discount in order for the alert to be displayed. The tolerance is the increase in total cost that could be tolerated in order to qualify for a lower unit cost. For example, if the tolerance is $0, the dialog will only suggest increasing the quantity if it would actually lower the total cost. If the tolerance is $20, the dialog will suggest the volume discount only if the increase in total cost is less than $20.
  • Add custom fields to PO
If this option is enabled, custom fields with the same name and type will transfer from the vendor to the purchase order. For example, if a vendor has a custom field that stores priority and there is a matching custom field for purchase orders, the data in the custom field will transfer when creating a new order for the vendor.
  • Use minimum quantity when auto-generating purchase orders
With this option enabled, purchase orders that are automatically generated will use the minimum quantity specified in the Part/Vendor record.