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Some aspects of the Small.Shipping.png Shipping module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

Ship Items tab
Shipping MO ship items subtab.png
  • Default weight unit of measure
This option specifies which weight unit of measure will be used by default in the Shipping module.
  • Fulfill service/misc items on ship
This option allows the default fulfillment behavior to be customized for service and miscellaneous items. Options include Do Nothing, Confirm First, and Auto Fulfill.
  • Print the packing list on pack
This option controls the print behavior of the packing list when an order is packed. Options include Always, Prompt, or Never.
  • Print the packing list on ship
This option controls the print behavior of the packing list when an order is shipped. Options include Always, Prompt, or Never.
  • Batch selection default
This option controls the type of orders included when using the Batch Shipment feature. Options include Packed, All, or None.
  • Default container
This option allows the shipping container to be renamed (carton, box, etc.).
  • Auto pack shipments
Selecting this option will automatically mark orders as packed.
  • Fulfill shipping line items on ship
This option will automatically fulfill the shipping line items on a Sales Order. If this option is off, shipping items must be manually fulfilled in the Small.Sales Order.png Sales Order module.
  • Show confirmation on ship
After clicking the Ship button, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. The ship date can also be set in this dialog.
Ship Confirmation.png
The confirmation dialog can be bypassed by right-clicking a shipment in the search pane, and selecting Ship.
  • Warn user when order has not been paid
This option will display a warning before packing or shipping an unpaid order.
  • Show Paid Stamp
If an order has been paid, this option will display the word PAID over the ship items, similar to the option for sales orders.
  • Dimensional factor
The dimensional weight factor is used to calculate dimensional weight by dividing the cubic size in inches by the factor. For example, an item with a size of 1 cubit foot (1,728 cubic inches) and the default factor of 166 would have a dimensional weight of 10.4 lbs (1728 ÷ 166=10.4).

Carton Types tab
Shipping Carton Types Tab.png
  • Common carton sizes can be saved and then used when adding cartons.
  • Use the buttons on the right to add, edit, or delete carton types.
  • The default carton will automatically be selected when adding a carton.
  • To save a carton, a user must have the Shipping-Create Carton Type access right.
  • The dimensions of an existing carton can be modified in the Carton Details section. To select a saved carton size, click the Search Icon Button.png Search button.
    Carton Details.png

Email tab
Shipping MO email subtab.png
  • Send email when shipment is shipped
There are two options for email behavior when shipping a shipment. Always send an email, or Never send an email. A packing list can be manually emailed by clicking the email button in the Packing List report preview.