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Some aspects of the Small.Customer.png Customer module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
Customer module options.png
  • Add custom fields to SO
If this option is enabled, custom fields with the same name and type will transfer from the customer to the sales order. For example, if a customer has a custom field that stores priority and there is a matching custom field for sales orders, the data in the custom field will transfer when creating a new order for the customer.
  • Issue Sales Orders
To prevent a sales order from being issued before a payment has been received, select Paid in Full or Partially Paid. A customer's default issue status can also be set on the Details tab. If the Issue button is clicked before payment has been received, a warning will be displayed with the option for a manager override. To override, a user must have the Customer-Override Hold access right.
Issue override.png