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The Fishbowl Wiki has a search engine that is powerful, intelligent, and easy to use. Searching the Fishbowl Wiki is similar to searching with a popular search engine like Google. Enter a few key words and scan the results for the desired article. Although not usually necessary, special search operators can be used to refine the search results.

Performing a basic search

To search the Fishbowl Wiki, type the search terms in the search box at the top right of any page and hit the enter key.
Example: Searching for drop ship would return all articles that contain both words. The word drop may be found in one paragraph, and ship in a different paragraph.


The search box will auto-complete article names and display the suggestions below the search box. Open an article by clicking it, or use the arrow keys to highlight an article and hit enter.
Example: Searching for Bill will display Bill of Materials below the search box so that the entire article name doesn't need to be typed.

Jump to an article

If a search query matches the name of an article, the article with that name will be loaded instead of displaying search results.
Example: Searching for Picking will automatically display the Picking article.

Don't jump to an article

To search for a term that matches an article name, highlight the article auto-complete suggestion, or type the article name exactly (case sensitive), and then click the articles containing link below the search box.
Example: Typing Picking and clicking articles containing will display articles that contain the term Picking.

Searching for an exact phrase ("")

To search for an exact phrase, put quotes around the phrase.
Example: Searching for "drop ship" would return only articles that contain the exact phrase "drop ship".

Searching for either word (OR)

To search for either word, place a capitalized OR in between the words.
Example: Searching for drop OR ship would return all articles that contain either word.

Excluding a word (-)

To exclude a word from a search, place a minus sign immediately before the word.
Example: Searching for -drop ship would return articles that contain the word ship but do not contain the word drop.

Fill in the blanks (*)

To fill in the blank, use an asterisk in place of the unknown words. Note that the * operator works only on whole words, not parts of words.
Example: Searching for part information will yield many results, but searching for part * information will yield fewer results, and will highlight part tracking information.