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Fishbowl uses a Book Creator that allows users to create, save, share, print, and download their very own customized manual! The Book Creator allows users to add their own pages to a book, providing each user with a personalized manual that suits their job description and needs perfectly. Fishbowl also provides some default saved books, such as a Complete User Manual and more.

Saved Books

Saved Book Options.PNG

Saved books can be viewed in Category:Books. To the right of every saved book are several links that will allow the book to be downloaded, printed, or edited.

Create a custom book

The following instructions will help users to create, share, or print their own customized user manual. Users will have the ability to add and delete pages as desired. Multiple books may be created per user and may also be shared or downloaded via PDF format.

Enable the Book Creator

  • The first step to creating a book is to enable the Book Creator. This can be done by choosing the Create a Book link located on the left toolbar of every page.

Enable book creator.PNG

  • After choosing to enable the book creator, a page will be displayed with a green button that states Start book creator.

Start book creator.PNG

  • Once the Book Creator has been enabled, the user will immediately be sent to the main page of the wiki. However, a new book creator toolbar will now be shown at the top of every page. The book creator toolbar will be visible on each page for as long as the book creator is enabled. Once the book creator has been disabled, the toolbar will no longer be visible.

Book creator on main page.PNG

Add/Remove pages

Add pages

  • Pages may be added to a book in a couple of different ways. First, when a user finds a page they would like to add to their book, simply choose the Add this page to your book located on the Book Creator toolbar at the top of each page. Once the page has been added, the total number of pages shown next to the Show Book section should increase.

Add page to book.PNG

  • Secondly, a page may be added to a book without visiting the page by simply hovering the mouse over the page link. Click the option that is displayed with the message to Add the linked wiki page to your book.

Add linked page to book.PNG

Remove pages

  • Once a page has been added to a book, it is flagged as already existing in a book. To remove the page, simply click the option to Remove this page from your book.

Remove a page from a book.PNG

  • Or, a page may be removed from a book without visiting the actual page. If a user comes across a linked article within text, they may hover the mouse over the linked article until the option appears to Remove the linked wiki page from your book.

Remove linked wiki page from book.PNG

Organize a Book

A book may be created by choosing the Show Book link on the Book Creator toolbar. The user will then be taken to a page titled Manage your Book. Here the user may create a title for their book, as well as organize their book by creating chapters, alphabetizing, and moving pages around to be seen in specific order. When a book is created, we recommend to either save and share the book, print, or download it PDF immediately as the Book Creator does have a time limit. After a couple hours of inactivity, the pages put on a book that have not been saved will be removed.

Manage your Book Creator.PNG

Print, Download, and Save a book

The Manage your Book page is also where users may order a printed copy of their book, download in PDF format, or save and share their book. Using the Save and Share option saves the book to Fishbowl's wiki. Books will be saved in Category:Books where they may be viewed by other users. Downloading a PDF version is done quickly and efficiently, only taking a few minutes to completely generate. If a user wishes to print their manual, they may do so through PediaPress. Simply choose the Preview with PediaPress option to view formatting, choose colors and binding style for the book.

Order, download, share book creator.PNG

Disable the Book Creator

The book creator may be disabled by simply choosing the disable option next to the Book Creator toolbar shown on the top of each page. If the Book Creator toolbar is not visible, than the Book Creator has not yet been enabled. Once the Book Creator is disabled, all books that have not been saved will be removed. Books that have been saved through the Save and Share option will still be able to find them in Category:Books, even after the Book Creator has been disabled.

Disable book creator.PNG