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Below are the recent tips that have been featured on the main page:

Tip Spacer.pngSmall.Forecast.png
The Small.Forecast.png Forecast module uses historical data to forecast future sales, quantities, and costs.

Tip Spacer.pngSmall.Plugin.png
The Small.Plugin.png Plugin module integrates with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, LemonStand, WooCommerce, and more.

Tip Spacer.pngIcon.Reports.png
In addition to many included reports, Fishbowl also offers custom reports and reports from the Fishbowl Store..

Tip Spacer.pngQuickBooks.png
Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks Online, a provider of online accounting software.

Tip Spacer.pngXero.png
Fishbowl integrates with Xero, a provider of online accounting software.

Tip Spacer.pngIn field calculator Tip.png
Quantity, cost, and price fields can solve mathematical equations. Enter the equation and the answer will appear when leaving the field.

Tip Spacer.pngTable max fields tip.png
Click the Records buttons at the bottom of a search pane to display more records.

Tip Spacer.pngAuto Tracking Tip.png
Use the Auto tracking button to automatically generate serial numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates, and more.

Tip Spacer.pngLDAP Tip.png
Fishbowl's LDAP integration allows users to log into Fishbowl using their Windows password.

Tip Spacer.pngData Module Tip.png
The Small.Data.png Data module allows custom SQL queries to be run against the database and exported to CSV and XLS.

Tip Spacer.pngMarkup Tip.png
When the Markup field is edited on a sales order, the product price changes automatically.

Tip Spacer.pngFishbowl exe Tip.png
Fishbowl.exe in the Fishbowl\server\bin folder will start the Server and then open the Client.

Tip Spacer.pngSchedule Module Tip.png
The Small.Schedule.png Schedule module allows the scheduling of emailed reports, CSV imports/exports, and more.

Tip Spacer.pngSave Tabs Tip.png
Fishbowl tabs can be bookmarked for each computer user account by right-clicking the tabs and selecting Save.

Tip Spacer.pngMulti-Currency Tip.png
Fishbowl multi-currency can be enabled in the Small.Currency.png Currency module options.

Tip Spacer.pngModule Hot Keys Tip.png
Every module in Fishbowl can be quickly opened using the keyboard shortcuts for each module.

Tip Spacer.pngWork Order Calendar.png
The Small.Calendar.png Calendar module displays work orders, sales orders, purchase orders, and custom events.

Tip Spacer.pngPicking Link Tip.png
Blue links in the Small.Picking.png Picking module open items related to the current pick, such as the order, customer, BOM, etc.

Tip Spacer.pngReport Formatting Tip.png
The formatting of report dates, currencies, and quantities can be customized in the Small.Reports.png Reports module options.

Tip Spacer.pngCustom Field Tip.png
Custom Fields can be used in most modules to add any type of internal-use or custom data.

Tip Spacer.pngColumn Order Tip.png
Table columns can be rearranged by clicking on a column header and dragging it to the desired position.

Tip Spacer.pngPicking Order Info Tip.png
The Order Info column in the Picking search pane displays the customer, BOM, etc. associated with the pick.

Tip Spacer.pngCustom Reports Folder Tip.png
To create a custom folder in the Small.Reports.png Reports module, right-click any existing report or folder and select New Folder.

Tip Spacer.pngRight Click Picking Tip.png
Right-click multiple orders in the Picking search pane to start, finish, commit, or group multiple picks.

Tip Spacer.pngRight Click Shipping Tip.png
Right-click multiple orders in the Shipping search pane to pack or ship multiple orders simultaneously.

Tip Spacer.pngRight Click Sales Order Tip.png
Right-click multiple orders in the Sales Order search pane to issue, unissue, or delete multiple orders.

Tip Spacer.pngCustomize Dashboard Tip.png
The Dashboard can be customized for each computer user account by clicking the Show Palette button.

Tip Spacer.pngFavorite Reports Tip.png
To add a Report to the favorites folder, right-click the report in the search pane and select Add to Favorites.

Tip Spacer.pngCompany Logo Tip.png
A company logo can be displayed on reports and in the Checkout Customer Display Window.

Tip Spacer.pngAlert Notes Tip.png
Pop-up alert notes can be added on the Details tab of parts, products, customers, and vendors.

Tip Spacer.pngModify Report Tip.png
To modify report filters, click the Modify Report button and then click Save in the dialog.

Tip Spacer.pngSearch Descriptions Tip.png
To search descriptions when typing in a part or product field, enable the option in the Small.Part.png Part module options.

Tip Spacer.pngAuto Pack Tip.png
To automatically pack shipments, check the option in the Small.Shipping.png Shipping module options.

Tip Spacer.pngResize Column Tip.png
Columns can be resized by dragging the vertical line between column headers.

Tip Spacer.pngFixed Width Table Tip.png
Right-click a column header and choose Fixed Width Table to make all columns fit the width of the window.

Tip Spacer.pngCredit Card Recall Tip.png
Enable Wallets to use the last credit card used by a customer.

Tip Spacer.pngReport Footer Tip.png
A report footer message can be added in the Sales Order, Checkout, and Purchase Order module options.

Tip Spacer.pngMap Address Tip.png
Open a Google Map of a customer or vendor address by clicking the icon in the address panel.

Tip Spacer.pngURL Field Tip.png
Parts, products, vendors, customers, orders, and BOM items can store a URL to local files, websites, etc.

Tip Spacer.pngReport Numbers Tip.png
The formatting of report dates, currencies, and quantities can be customized in the Small.Reports.png Reports module options.

Tip Spacer.pngInline Edit Tip.png
Many fields (price, quantity, type, etc.) can be edited directly from an order item table by clicking inside the field.

Tip Spacer.pngIcon.Fishbowl GO.png
Fishbowl GO provides key Fishbowl features on Android devices.

Tip Spacer.pngIcon.Checkout.png
Checkout offers a point of sale solution that is fully integrated with Fishbowl.

Tip Spacer.pngHosted Services Tip.png
Fishbowl Hosted Services puts Fishbowl in the cloud, making Fishbowl accessible from anywhere.

Tip Spacer.pngIcon.Payment Gateway.png
Payment Gateways add the ability to process credit cards in Fishbowl.

Tip Spacer.pngAccess Rights Tip.png
To modify which functions a user has access to, adjust the access rights in the User Group module.

Tip Spacer.pngKeyboard Shortcut Tip.png
Hover over a button in Fishbowl to see the associated keyboard shortcut.

Tip Spacer.pngColumn Sort Order Tip.png
Click a Fishbowl column header to sort the table. Ctrl-click another column to add a secondary sort.

Tip Spacer.pngCustomize Columns Tip.png
Right-click a Fishbowl column header and choose More to adjust column visibility.

Tip Spacer.pngAlt Click Tip.png
Alt-click a Part or Product in an order item table to see the associated image.

Tip Spacer.pngHelp Icon Tip.png
The How To button in each module will open the wiki article for that module.

Tip Spacer.pngNew Version Tip.png
A lightning bolt icon on the Client menu bar means that a Fishbowl update is available.

Tip Spacer.pngCurrent User Tip.png
To see the name of the current Fishbowl user, hover the mouse over the green bubble on the menu bar.

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