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Small.Fishbowl Mobile Work Order.png The Work Order module within Fishbowl Mobile provides a simple way to finish a work order from a mobile device.

List of work orders

Mobile Work Order.png

The first step in the work order module shows a list of work orders. By default, only those work orders that have been flagged as Started in the Fishbowl Client will show in the list. This can be changed by clicking Options at the bottom of the work order module, and then checking Show "All Open" Work Orders on the Global tab.

To finish a work order, scan the work order number barcode or select the order from the list and click Open.

The raw goods on the work order need to be picked before the work order can be finished. This can be accomplished by finishing the appropriate pick in the Small.Fishbowl Mobile Pick.png Fishbowl Mobile Pick module or in the Small.Picking.png Picking module of the Fishbowl Client.

List of raw goods

Mobile Work Order Raw Goods.png

The next step will show a summary of the raw goods that have been picked. After confirming that these raw goods should be consumed, click Next.

Receive finished goods

Mobile Work Order Finished Good.png

The final step will show the finished goods that will be produced by this work order. The receiving location will default to the location that is set in the Small.Part.png Part module of the Fishbowl Client. The quantity of the finished good can be reduced if necessary. Enter any necessary tracking information and click Finish to fulfill the work order.