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Small.Fishbowl Mobile Ship.png Fishbowl Mobile provides users with the ability to Ship sales orders directly from a hand-held device. This provides users with the ability to quickly and efficiently move orders out of Fishbowl with less hassle since they do not need to be at the Client. Since the Mobile software acts as a client, orders shipped within the Fishbowl Mobile will auto-update the Fishbowl Server's database.

Ship an Order

To ship an order within Fishbowl Mobile, it must first be packed. This can be done in the Fishbowl Client, or in Fishbowl Mobile. In the Fishbowl Client there is an option in the Small.Shipping.png Shipping module options to Auto Pack Shipments. This feature may be helpful for those who wish to skip the Packing step and have it done automatically when the Pick has been completed.

  1. Within Fishbowl Mobile, choose the Ship module. This will display the Ship Module with all of the orders that are packed and waiting to be shipped.
  2. Highlight the sales order to be shipped and choose the Ship button from the top right corner of the screen. If the Shipping option to display confirmation has been turned on, you will need to confirm the order before it will ship. If the option has not been turned on, the order will instantly ship.
  3. A success message will be displayed in the lower left hand corner of the screen when the order is shipped.

Mobile Ship module.png

View Shipping Options

When first going to the Ship Module within Fishbowl Mobile, choose the Options icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. You will see 2 tabs:


The device option allows users to choose how many orders to load onto the handheld at one time. For those customers who have thousands of orders loading every time the Ship Module is opened, this option helps the mobile software to resist timing out.


Display a Ship Confirmation: This option provides the user with the ability to display a Ship Confirmation before shipping the order. This option requires an extra step to confirm the order before shipping; however it also can reduce error if an order is selected to ship by accident.

Mobile Ship Confirmation.png

Show Entered Orders: With this option checked, orders with an Entered status (meaning they have not yet been Packed) will appear in the Shipping List.