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Small.Fishbowl Mobile Pick.png Fishbowl Mobile is a wireless inventory solution that significantly increases inventory accuracy and worker productivity. Fishbowl Mobile provides users with the ability to efficiently pick inventory in a timely manner. Because the software is bar-code based, it also increases productivity with fewer human errors.

Items may be started and picked through Fishbowl Mobile after they are placed on a sales order that has been issued (or Credit Return, etc. depending on the type of Order being completed). The Picking icon allows for users to pick orders in the Entered, Committed, or Partial status. From there they are scanned and picked via the mobile device, where using real-time inventory then sends the order on its way to the Shipping module where it may be Packed and Shipped via the Fishbowl Client.

Picking with Fishbowl Mobile allows users to avoid printing Pick Tickets and instead use their hand-held device as they walk around the warehouse. The hand-held device will tell the user exactly where the items are found, and the quantity to be picked. Users may efficiently grab items off the shelf in a warehouse, while simultaneously informing Fishbowl that the items have been removed and are officially committed to an order. Time-saving features such as the location sort order allow users to set-up their Locations in the same order as their warehouse. With the Location Sort Order established, the Pick will automatically display in the specified Sort Order. Thus, users may pick items while walking from one end of the warehouse to the other, without losing time due to unnecessary back-tracking. Through a myriad of ways, Fishbowl Mobile eliminates inventory loss while improving your bottom line along the way.

Pick an Order

Orders with an Entered, Started, or Partial status may be picked with Fishbowl Mobile at any time. To pick an order either scan the order number's barcode with your mobile device, or simply highlight the correct order number with the mobile stylus. After the order number appears in the select field, choose the Pick icon located at the top of the screen. This will open the order, and from here the user can see all of the line items within the selected Pick.


All of the items will be shown with their line item status. Either scan or highlight a line item and then click Pick. Vendor part numbers can also be scanned, which may reduce the need to create additional barcodes. This will pick the item, and then return to the screen showing the remainder of the line items needing to be picked for the specified order. A Success message will be displayed at the bottom of the mobile device when the inventory has been picked correctly. Once all of the items have been picked, the Order number will no longer appear in the list of available picks.

Mobile Pick part status.png

Pick Partial Quantity of an Item

If, for some reason or another, all of the quantity is not ready to be picked for a specific line item, the user may specify the quantity of the item to pick.

  1. Once an order has been specified to pick, highlight the line item for which only partial quantity will be picked.
  2. Choose the Edit icon located on the top bar of the screen. This will display the entire quantity the order is requesting in the qty line.
  3. If, at this time, the user wishes to see the Inventory quantity available for each Location Group and Location for this item they may simply choose the highlighted Part link to be taken to view all inventory. If Tracking is required for the Item, the user may highlight a Location and select the Tracking icon to view all of the Tracking data currently in stock for the product. From the Inventory screen the user may also choose the Summary option and view all of the inventory On-Hand, Available, or Committed for this specific product. Choose Back to return to the Pick Edit screen.
  4. Enter the amount to be picked in the qty box. For a larger screen, the user may choose the calculator icon next to the quantity box. This will display a large set of numbers to provide the user with an easier way to enter the needed quantity. The remaining quantity will be left on the order to be picked at a later date.

Mobile pick partial quantity.png

Pick a Part by its tracking

When a part is associated with tracking it will be mandatory for the user to enter that information upon Picking. To Pick a part with specific tracking info, complete the following steps:

  1. Within the Pick module of Fishbowl Mobile, highlight the order to be picked. When the order is displayed with all of its items, highlight the item to be picked and choose the pick button.
  2. If the item is associated with Tracking information, the edit screen will automatically be displayed. You will be information of the type and qty of tracking information to be entered in order to pick the part.
  3. Tracking information must be entered in one at a time; this may be done manually, or by scanning the part's number with your mobile device. The tracking information associated with this part will automatically be displayed on the Pick.

Mobile pick by tracking information.png

Pick Options

Within the Fishbowl Mobile Pick screen, an Options tab is available in the lower right hand corner of the device. This Options section allows users to do a little more customization of the software for their process needs. By choosing the Options function, the following features will be available:


  • ____ orders to load on the device

This option allows the user to define the number of picks that will be loaded onto the device. Different hardware devices have different memory capacity. Some devices are able to handle hundreds of picks, while others may only support a small number of orders. With this option the user can set the number of orders to be loaded on each device.

Mobile pick global options2.png


  • Display edit screen when scanning

With this option checked, the edit screen will automatically be displayed each time the user scans an item to pick. This allows the user with easy access to pick from a different location, modify quantities, or tracking information, etc.

  • Show only Pickable Parts

With this option checked, any parts that do not have sufficient inventory to be picked will not be displayed to the user. This allows the user to view the list of parts available to pick without having to view any items that are not in stock or available. This option is optimal for companies who have common stock-outs, and want to ship items as they become available rather than shipping orders complete.

  • Show Only In Progress Picks

With this option checked, picks that are not In Progress (meaning they have been Started) will not be displayed in the Pick List.