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Small.Fishbowl Mobile Part.png The Part Information module within Fishbowl Mobile allows a user to quickly and easily scan a barcode to see a part's UOM, description, UPC, inventory, and tracking. Part Information also enables the user to view and update a part's UPC.

View Part Information

Mobile Part Info.png

To view a part's information, simply scan a part barcode or manually enter the part number or UPC. This will show the part's UOM, description, UPC, and associated tracking information.

Assign UPC code

Mobile UPC.png

Once a part has been displayed, a UPC code can be added to the part by placing focus in the UPC field and then scanning or typing the UPC code. Select Save in the bottom right corner of the screen and the UPC will automatically be assigned to the part. The product UPC can also be updated by clicking Options, and then selecting Update product UPC on save.

View Part Inventory

Mobile Inventory.png

To view the inventory for a part, click the Inventory button in the bottom left. The table will show inventory quantities for each location. Scrolling to the right will reveal more detailed information as well as part tracking in each location. To see more tracking details, highlight the desired location, and click the Tracking button in the top left.