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Small.Fishbowl Mobile Pack.png The Pack module in Fishbowl Mobile gives users the ability to manually pack (prior to shipping) their items all directly from the hand held device. After items are picked, orders are sent to the Packing module where they are to be packed before moving on their way to Shipping. The pack feature provides managers with the ability to see each step of the shipping process; for example, each time an order is packed, the user information is recorded into the Client for easy access at any time.

The Pack feature also provides users with the ability to create and fill multiple cartons for a single order. Tracking information is available to view on the Edit screen, and serial numbers are can be assigned to cartons.

Pack an Item

Open the Pack module in Fishbowl Mobile and highlight the order to be packed. All orders must first be picked before they will be displayed within the Pack module.

Before packing the item, you will first want to verify the Carrier and Carton information. If more than one carton is needed for an order, new cartons can be created by clicking the + Carton button. The module displays unpacked items. When an item is packed, it will be placed in the carton selected at the top of the screen. See Create Multiple Cartons for additional information on how to manage cartons.

Mobile pack items.png

When the correct carton is displayed, highlight the item to be packed and click the Pack button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you wish to pack a number different than the quantity shown on the order, choose the Edit button and change the number to be packed in the Qty box. Items that have tracking information will automatically load the edit screen, where the tracking is displayed and serial numbers can be selected or scanned.

Mobile pack edit items.png

After an item has been packed, a Success message will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Depending on the Pack Options settings, a packing slip may or may not be printed after all of the items within a carton have been packed. The order is now ready to be shipped in the Ship module.

Mobile pack print packing list.png

Create Multiple Cartons

Each order has one carton created by default. To create additional cartons, first highlight the order to be packed from the main Pack screen. Next, choose the +Carton icon to create additional cartons. Once multiple cartons are created, the user has the ability to choose between the cartons by selecting the drop down menu. Whichever carton being displayed is the carton to which the items will be packed. After items are packed a Success message will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Mobile add pack cartons.png

Pack Options

The Options tab in the Pack module of Fishbowl Mobile is located in the lower right hand corner of the device. This Options section allows users to do additional customization of the software for their process needs.

Mobile pack global options.png

By choosing the Options function, the following features will be available:


  • ____ orders to load on the device

This option allows the user to define the number of packed orders that will be loaded onto the device at one time. Different hardware devices have different memory capacity. Some devices are able to handle hundreds of orders, while others may only support a small number of orders.


  • Display edit screen when scanning

With this option checked, the edit screen will automatically generate when an item has been scanned within the packing screen.

  • Force quantity one for UOM each

This option requires users to have to scan each item individually when the UOM is set to each. For example, if an item (set as UOM each) has a qty of 5 on an order, the user will have to scan each of the 5 items individually before they may be packed into the carton.

  • Print Packing List

With this option, the user has the ability to choose whether or not print a packing list. They may choose to prompt, which will display a pop-up box asking to print a packing list, to always which will automatically print the packing list, or to never which will never ask to print a packing list.