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Small.Fishbowl Mobile Move.png While using Fishbowl Mobile, times will arise when the Quantity of a Part needs to be adjusted between various Locations or Location Groups. For example, you may have a case of Tuna in your Location Stockroom, but none out on your Location Store front. Or you may need to transfer an excess of screwdrivers in your LA warehouse to your Miami warehouse. Either way, Fishbowl Mobile allows you to make the transition and still keep tabs on each and every part.

Move a Part

Note: In order to properly use the Move function within Fishbowl Mobile, the Part and Location barcodes (found within the Small.Reports.png Reports module of Fishbowl) should be printed and accessible.

Within Fishbowl Mobile, choose the Move feature from the Main page. The Move module will be displayed. Using your mobile device, first scan the Location barcode where the inventory is being moved from. Next, enter (or scan) the Part and quantity to be moved. Lastly, scan the Location barcode of where the inventory is being moved to and choose the OK button in the right corner. If the item is tracked by a serial number, revision level, or another type of tracking, the user will be required to enter the specific parts being moved.

A Success message will be displayed in the message center, confirming the transaction.

Mobile Move.png