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Small.Fishbowl Mobile Cycle.png The Cycle module was created within Fishbowl Mobile as one of the most important features needed within a warehouse. Occasionally Inventory becomes out of sync with the Fishbowl software. This occurs from inventory being removed or received into stock without properly entering the correct data into Fishbowl. Most companies do at least one yearly physical count of inventory. This tedious job can be overwhelming and very time consuming in large warehouses.

Cycle is not only used to resolve inventory or counting errors, but it is also a great tool to use when completing a physical count of inventory. Users are able to walk through the warehouse with their handheld device, scan the location and part into the device, and after counting inventory are able to quickly update the inventory with the touch of a button. Counting and correcting Inventory has never been easier!

Adjust Inventory

Inventory may easily be adjusted within the Cycle module of Fishbowl Mobile. Using the hand held device, simply scan the Location and Part barcode of the part that is to be adjusted.

Using the keypad or keyboard on your device simply enter the new correct inventory number into the qty box. (For example, if the count was 5, and the physical count showed 7, the user would enter the number 7 into the device.) The user may also reveal a large numbers pad by choosing the calculator icon to the right of the qty box.

Once the correct information has been entered, choose OK in the lower right corner to complete the action.

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