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Icon.Fishbowl GO.png Fishbowl GO is available for iOS and Android. Similar functionality is available for Windows Mobile. Fishbowl GO provides the essential warehouse functions of Fishbowl on a mobile device. Fishbowl GO helps reduce human error and increase accuracy. With the ability to scan barcodes, Fishbowl GO also increases efficiency. Fishbowl GO was designed to be very simple while still providing the ability to perform complex inventory functions. Fishbowl GO can run on a phone, a tablet, or a variety of hardware devices sold through Fishbowl. Similar to Fishbowl Anywhere, Fishbowl GO can be used on the local network, through a VPN, or configured to connect to a public IP address.


Fishbowl GO iOS.png

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  1. Download Fishbowl GO from the Apple App Store by searching for Fishbowl GO.
  2. Click the Fishbowl GO icon on the home screen.
  3. The same data used to log in from a Fishbowl Client can be used in Fishbowl GO. Enter the Server Address or name, Port, Username and Password and then click Login.
    Fishbowl GO Login iOS.png
  4. Approve the application, as explained below, and then click Login again.

Application Approval

The first time that an integrated application attempts to connect to Fishbowl, the application will need to be approved. The app only needs to be approved once. Follow the steps below to approve an integrated app.
  1. Start the Fishbowl Client and open the Small.Setup.png Setup module, located in the Setup group.
  2. Click the Integrated Apps tab.
    Approve Integrated App.png
  3. Select the integrated app from the list and then click the Approve Icon Button.png Approve button.
  4. The integrated app should now be able to connect successfully.

To activate Fishbowl GO, download the plugin as described below.

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In order to access all of the modules and settings of Fishbowl GO, the Fishbowl GO plugin must be installed and activated from a Fishbowl Client. If the plugin hasn't been activated, only the Part module will be accessible from the app. The global settings for Fishbowl GO are also set in the Fishbowl GO module.

Plugin Install

  1. In any Fishbowl Client, open the Small.Plugin.png Plugin module, located in the Integrations module group.
  2. Select the plugin and click Install Now.
  3. Completely close all Fishbowl Clients.
  4. Exit the Fishbowl Server by right-clicking the Fishbowl Server tray icon and selecting Exit.
  5. After re-opening the Fishbowl Server, the admin user can access the Small.Fishbowl GO.png Fishbowl GO module from any Fishbowl Client by opening the Integrations module group.
  6. To grant access to additional users, open the Small.User Group.png User Group module and assign the Fishbowl GO-View right to the appropriate groups as explained here.
  7. Open the Small.Fishbowl GO.png Fishbowl GO module and click Yes in the activation dialog, or click the Activate Button.png Activate button.
    Fishbowl GO Activation.png

Module Access

Access to the individual modules of the Fishbowl GO app are controlled with the Fishbowl GO access rights. After installing the plugin, the Fishbowl GO modules available to each user can be customized by assigning access rights.

Fishbowl GO Plugin.png


The global settings for Fishbowl GO are assigned in the Small.Fishbowl GO.png Fishbowl GO module. These settings apply to all users and all devices. Some settings may be stored during the login of Fishbowl GO, so global settings may not change on an individual device until the next login.

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The following buttons are found in most modules of Fishbowl GO.

IOS Back Button.png Back - To go back to the previous screen, click the Back button at the top left of the screen.
IOS Scan Button.png Scan - To scan a barcode with the camera, click the Scan button. Devices with built-in scanners can use the hardware button. Most devices with barcode scanners can be configured to send an Enter command after scanning, which will automatically open the item in Fishbowl GO.
IOS Settings Button.png Settings - To change settings, click the Settings button at the top right of the screen.
IOS Refresh Button.png Refresh - To refresh an item list, click the Refresh button.
FM Open Button.png Open - An item can be opened by scanning it, or by selecting it from the list and then clicking the Open button or the Enter key on the keyboard. The option to Select & Continue on tap can be enabled by clicking the FM Settings Icon Button.png Settings button in the top-right corner of the app. This removes the need to click the Open button in most cases.
IOS Edit Button.png Edit - The edit button is not visible on the iOS version of Fishbowl GO. To always show the edit screen, enable Always show edit screen in the Fishbowl GO Plugin.
FM Save Button.png Save - To save an order or item, click the Save button.

Fishbowl GO Pick Icon.png Pick
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Android Pick.png

Fishbowl GO Pack Icon.png Pack
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Android Pack.png

Fishbowl GO Ship Icon.png Ship
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Android Ship.png

Fishbowl GO Receive Icon.png Receive
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Android Receive.png

Fishbowl GO Move Icon.png Move
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Android Move.png

Fishbowl GO Add Inventory Icon.png Add Inventory
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Android Add Inventory.png

Fishbowl GO Scrap Icon.png Scrap
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Android Scrap.png

Fishbowl GO Cycle Icon.png Cycle
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Android Cycle.png

Fishbowl GO Part Icon.png Part
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Android Part.png

Fishbowl GO Work Order Icon.png Work Order
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Android Work Order.png

Fishbowl GO Delivery Icon.png Delivery
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Android Delivery.png
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