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Icon.Dropbox.png The Dropbox module, located in the Integrations group, provides the ability to associate an unlimited number of files with items in Fishbowl. Dropbox is a service that hosts files in the cloud. This makes it easy for Fishbowl users to access the files no matter what device they are using. To enable the Dropbox add-on for Fishbowl, click here to contact your Account Sales Executive.


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  1. To connect to Dropbox, click the Integrations menu or module group and then open the Small.Dropbox.png Dropbox module.
  2. Click the New Button.png Setup button, or click the large Connect to Dropbox button.
  3. Click the link to open the authorization page in a web browser.
    Dropbox Setup.png
  4. Login to Dropbox, or verify that the correct account is selected.
  5. Click the Allow button and then paste the authorization code into Fishbowl.

Module associations
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After completing the Dropbox setup, select the modules that should connect to Dropbox and then click the Save Button.png Save button.

Dropbox Modules.png

For each module that is associated with Dropbox, a tab will be added to the module. Access to the Dropbox tab can be set for each user and each module.

Dropbox Tab.png

After first adding a module association, it may be necessary to restart the client to see the new tab.

Access rights
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Access to the Dropbox tab can be set for each user and each module. Each associated module has a Dropbox-View and a Dropbox-Edit right. To grant these rights to a user, follow the instructions here.

Manage files
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Dropbox Manage Files.png

Each item in an associated module can link to an unlimited number of files of any file type.

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