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Icon.Commerce.png The Commerce module, located in the Integrations group, is an add-on module that can be installed from the Small.Plugin.png Plugin module. After installing the plugin, a new module is added that integrates with Fishbowl Commerce. This article only covers the Fishbowl plugin. Documentation for Fishbowl Commerce can be found here.



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  1. In any Fishbowl Client, open the Small.Plugin.png Plugin module, located in the Integrations group.
  2. Select the Commerce plugin and click Install Now.
  3. Completely close all Fishbowl Clients.
  4. Exit the Fishbowl Server by right-clicking the Fishbowl Server tray icon and selecting Exit.
  5. After re-opening the Fishbowl Server, the admin user can access the Small.Commerce.png Commerce module from any Fishbowl Client by opening the Integrations module group.
  6. To grant access to additional users, open the Small.User Group.png User Group module and assign the Commerce-View right to the appropriate groups as explained here.

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  1. Open the Small.Commerce.png Commerce module, located in the Integrations group.
  2. Click the New Button.png Setup button on the module toolbar, or click the large Connect to Fishbowl Commerce button.
    Connect to Fishbowl Commerce.png
  3. Enter the registered email address and password used for Fishbowl Commerce and then click Test Connection.
    Commerce Initial Sign In.png
  4. Click OK to save the connection.
Setup tips
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Commerce tab.png

The Commerce tab is a browser view to access the Fishbowl Commerce web interface from within the Fishbowl Client.

General Settings
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Inventory Settings.png

The General Settings tab displays settings that will apply to all channels.

Channel Settings
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Order Settings.png

The Channel Settings tab displays settings for each individual channel. To customize channel settings, select the channel from the list on the left.

Detailed documentation for Fishbowl Commerce can be found here.



  • Class not found - The plugin file for Commerce is either missing, or there is more than one located in the Plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Fishbowl\plugins). To obtain the plugin file, either reinstall the plugin from the Small.Plugin.png Plugin module, or copy/paste the plugin file itself from the server computer (same file path mentioned above).
  • Unable to create orders due to unlinked items - On the Orders page of the Small.Commerce.png Commerce module, click the red Unlinked status on the right of your order to manually link items per-order. Alternatively, open the Channels page of the Small.Commerce.png Commerce module, then click the red number in the Unlinked column. Use the red icon on the left to manually link products from the channel into Fishbowl.
  • Stuck scheduled task - Restarting the Fishbowl Server will usually resolve this. If not, trying inactivating the task within the Small.Schedule.png Schedule module by highlighting it, then clicking the Edit Icon Button.png Edit button on the right and unchecking the Active box. Occasionally you may need to shut down the Fishbowl Server, open the task manager (ctrl + shift + esc) and end the Java Platform SE Binary task, and then restart the Fishbowl Server.

Release Notes

Version 3.16

Features and Fixes

Version 3.15

Features and Fixes

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