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Icon.Work Order.png The Work Order module, located in the Manufacturing group, displays work orders with instruction steps and provides a step-by-step process to complete work orders. Work orders can also be viewed and fulfilled in the Icon.Manufacture Order.png Manufacture Order module.


Module Buttons

Save Button.png Save saves any changes made to the work order.

Start Button.png Start starts the work order.

Delete Button.png Reset resets the work order back to an Entered status.

To Pick Button.png To Pick opens the order in the Icon.Picking.png Picking module.

To MO Button.png To MO open the manufacture order that contains the work order.

Quick Build Button.png Quick Build opens the Finish Work Order wizard and allows the work order to be quickly fulfilled.

Email Button.png Email opens a window to compose an email. If the module's default report is specified, the PDF report will be attached. Email can be configured on the Email tab of the Icon.Settings.png Settings module.

Print Button.png Print sends the default module report to the printer.

How To Button.png How To opens this article in a web browser.

Refresh Button.png Refresh reloads whatever is currently open in the module.

Component buttons

The steps on each work order will default to the instructions steps from the bill of materials, but work order steps can be added, deleted, or modified for each individual work order by using the buttons located on the component toolbar to the right.

Work Order Component Buttons.png
  • The Complete Icon Button.png Complete step button allows each step to be partially or fully completed.
    WO Complete.png
  • The Undo Icon Button.png Undo step button allows each step to be partially or fully undone.
    WO Undo.png
  • The Instructions Icon Button.png Show instructions button shows the instructions for each step.
    WO Instructions.png
  • The Image Icon Button.png Show image button shows the image for each step.
    WO Image.png
  • The Add Icon Button.png Add step button allows a new step to be added.
  • The Edit Icon Button.png Edit step button allows a step to be edited.
  • The Delete Icon Button.png Delete step button allows a step to be deleted.
  • The Move up Icon Button.png Move up button moves the highlighted step higher in the sort order.
  • The Move down Icon Button.png Move down button moves the highlighted step lower in the sort order.

Complete a work order

  1. Click the Complete Icon Button.png Complete step button for each step or use the keyboard shortcut shown when hovering over the button.
    WO Complete tooltip.png
  2. Once all steps have been completed, click the Finish Work Order button at the bottom of the order.
    WO Finish button.png
  3. If a partial quantity is fulfilled, a new work order with the remaining quantity will be automatically created.
    New WO.png


In the search pane on the left of the module, orders can be filtered by Number, BOM Number, and Status. Right-click multiple orders to start or assign users to all hightlighted orders.

Work Order Search.png

Click the Advanced Search button to search the Custom Fields and the following search options.

Work Order Advanced Search.png


General tab
Work Order General tab.png

The General tab allows the work order instructions steps and other details to be viewed or edited.

  • The Assigned Users button allows users to be assigned to the work order. By default, users will only see the orders that are assigned to them, but this can be modified with access rights.
Configuration tab
Work Order Configuration tab.png

The Configuration tab displays a read-only version of the WO Details tab on the manufacture order.

Memo tab
Work Order Memo tab.png

The Memo allows memos to be viewed and added to a work order. The top pane displays a list of memos. Highlighting a memo will display the entire memo in the lower pane. The buttons to the right of the memo list can be used to Add, Edit, Delete, or Print a memo.

Custom tab
Work Order Custom tab.png

The Custom tab is used to enter custom fields for a work order. The fields displayed on the Custom tab can be customized in the Icon.Custom Field.png Custom Field module. Custom fields can be searched by clicking the Advanced Search button in the work order search pane. Some reports also have Custom Field filters.