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UPS features are built into Fishbowl and directly accessible with no additional software required. The UPS integration can be configured by clicking a UPS Button.png UPS button in the Shipping or Sales Order module, or by opening the Icon.UPS Ready.png UPS Ready module.

  • Sales Order Rates - Rates are created in the Icon.Sales Order.png Sales Order module. A rate is an estimate that can be added as a line item on the sales order. It is not necessary to have a UPS account number to get rates. The Account Type will determine the type of rates that are shown. A rate can also be added to the order to charge the customer for shipping.
  • Shipping Quotes - Quotes are created in the Icon.Shipping.png Shipping module. A quote reflects the actual amount that will be paid to UPS. The Shipping module has buttons to get and accept quotes, create and void shipments, print labels, and return shipments. Shipping amounts will be determined by the negotiated rates associated with the shipper account. To charge a customer for actual shipping charges, see Carton based shipping.