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  • To view the scheduled tasks for the cart, open the Small.Schedule.png Schedule module.
  • A scheduled task can be run manually by double-clicking the task.
  • Enter an email address in the Small.Schedule.png Schedule module to receive error notifications.
  • To view the history of a schedule task, including the result/error, click the History Icon Button.png History button in the Small.Schedule.png Schedule module.
  • More details about recent errors can be viewed by opening the Small.Data.png Data module and clicking the Server Log Button.png Server Log button.
  • Check for multiple versions of the plugin .jar file in C:\Program Files\Fishbowl\plugins\ or \Applications\Fishbowl\plugins\ on a Mac. If there are two versions of the same plugin, exit the Fishbowl Server and remove the older version on all client and server computers.