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QuickBooks Online tab
QuickBooks Online module options.png

After integrating with QuickBooks Online, the integration can be further customized by opening the Accounting Integration module options. With the Accounting Integration module open, click the Tools menu, and then select Module Options.

  • Invoice Custom Fields
Fishbowl can export data to the custom fields of the QuickBooks Online invoice. For each custom field, select from Carrier, Customer PO, Sales Rep, and Vendor PO.
  • Use Fishbowl invoice number
With this option checked, the invoice number in QuickBooks Online will use the Fishbowl sales order number. With this option unchecked, the invoice number will be set by QuickBooks Online. In both cases, the Fishbowl order number will appear in the memo of the QuickBooks Online invoice.
  • Include Fishbowl Number
This option sends the Fishbowl sales order number as a message on the invoice, a message on the statement, or neither.
  • Separate sales receipts into payments and invoices
With this option checked, sales receipts will not be created. A completed sales order will always be exported as an invoice and a payment.
  • "To be emailed" to link to "Send Later" on the invoice.
With this option checked, the To be emailed field in Fishbowl will be exported to the Send Later field in QuickBooks Online.