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  • Schedule - Select the Checked.png Active checkbox to export products on a set schedule. Click the Run task Button.png Run task button to run the scheduled task right now. Data that has changed since the Last Sync date will be synchronized. This date will be updated automatically after a sync, or it can be manually edited to adjust which data will be synchronized.

Select ANY of the following options:

  1. Export new products- Map the fields that should be exported from Fishbowl to {{{1}}}. A default weight UOM and size UOM can also be specified. The selected product trees will be included, or all product trees will be included if the field is left blank. Selecting the Export all products option will ignore the last sync date and attempt to push all of the Fishbowl products to {{{1}}}. The product tree filter will still apply.
  2. Update linked products - This section has the same options as the Export new products section above. After the initial product export, only the selected fields will be updated.