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Assign Access Rights to a User Template:Top

Fishbowl utilizes access rights to limit the modules and functions that a user has access to. Users will only see the icons for the modules they have rights to access. Access rights are set at the User Group level, meaning a user's rights are determined by which User Groups the user is a member of. Follow the steps below to assign access rights:

  1. Open the User Group module located in the Setup module group.
  2. Open an existing User Group or create a new User Group.
  3. Users can be assigned to the group on the General tab. The User Module can also be used to edit a user's groups.
    User Group.png
  4. Click the Rights tab and set the appropriate rights for the User Group.
    Access Rights.png
  5. Click the Save button.

Access to Fishbowl Reports can be assigned on the Report Rights tab in the User Group Module. See Available Fishbowl Reports for a list and description of Fishbowl reports.

List of access rights Template:Top

See Access Rights for a list and description of all user access rights in Fishbowl.

Admin only rights

Nearly all rights can be granted through access rights. However, the following functions can only be performed by the admin user:

  • Change a part's unit of measure
  • Run the Part Cost Import
  • Run the Part Units of Measure Import
  • Mark UOMs as Read Only
  • Convert a Non-Inventory part to Inventory
  • Close QuickBooks from the Accounting Module when connection fails