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Icon.TaxJar.png The TaxJar module, located in the Integrations group, is an add-on module that can be installed from the Icon.Plugin.png Plugin module. After installing the plugin, a new module is added that integrates with TaxJar. Fishbowl also provides an integration with Avalara AvaTax. TaxJar takes the hassle out of managing the many complex taxing laws and automatically returns a total tax amount based on the taxable order total and the shipping address.


The documentation on this page is for the most recent version of the Icon.TaxJar.png TaxJar plugin. To get the most recent version, Update Fishbowl.

  1. In any Fishbowl Client, open the Icon.Plugin.png Plugin module, located in the Integrations group.
  2. Select the Icon.TaxJar.png TaxJar plugin and click Install.
  3. Completely close all Fishbowl Clients.
  4. Exit the Fishbowl Server by right-clicking the Fishbowl Server tray icon and selecting Exit.
  5. After re-opening the Fishbowl Server, the admin user can access the Icon.TaxJar.png TaxJar module from any Fishbowl Client by opening the Integrations group.
  6. To grant access to additional users, assign the TaxJar-View access right to the appropriate groups in the Icon.User Group.png User Group module


  1. Log into your TaxJar account at, click the Account dropdown, and then select TaxJar API (requires a TaxJar Pro subscription).
    TaxJar account.png
  2. Paste the Live API token into the the Icon.TaxJar.png TaxJar module. The sandbox token can also be used during testing to avoid TaxJar charges.
    TaxJar API token.png
  3. Select a flat rate tax item in Fishbowl or create a new $0 flat rate tax in the Icon.Tax Rate.png Tax Rate module.
  4. Click the Save Button.png Save button in the module toolbar.


  1. All products must be marked as taxable in Fishbowl or they will not be sent to TaxJar. The taxable checkbox on each product can also be changed on the sales order.
  2. To calculate tax, click the TaxJar Button.png TaxJar button on the Sales Order module toolbar.
    TaxJar Calculating Tax.png
  3. A tax line item will then be added to the bottom of the sales order with the total tax amount.
    TaxJar line item on SO.png
  4. If any changes are made to the order, the tax line item will need to be deleted and recalculated.

Sync nexus states

  1. New nexus states can be added in TaxJar by clicking here or by selecting State nexus settings in your TaxJar Account settings.
    TaxJar Add Nexus State.png
  2. After adding a nexus state in TaxJar, the list of nexus states needs to be synchronized by opening the Icon.TaxJar.png TaxJar module in Fishbowl and clicking the Connect Button.png Connect button.
    TaxJar Sync Nexus State.png
  3. If Fishbowl displays a No Tax Nexus configured message, the list of nexus states needs to be synchronized by clicking the Connect Button.png Connect button in the Icon.TaxJar.png TaxJar module.
    TaxJar No Tax Nexus.png

Release Notes

July 2021 - Beta release