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Fishbowl Inventory supports the latest 2 major Fishbowl releases.

For example, if Fishbowl Inventory 2013 is the most current version, we support all of the Fishbowl 2013 versions, as well as all of the 2012 versions. This includes point releases to each of the major versions. Although we do support 2 major versions back, we also highly recommend always updating your software to be on the most current version.

Each release of Fishbowl also provides improvements and enhancements to the software. Due to these improvements, if you call our Training or Support team the updating of the software may be required in order to fully troubleshoot your database.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the supported versions, please contact our support team via Live Chat, Email, or by calling our support line at 1-800-774-7085 ext 3

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