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Release Notes
* Improved status mapping error messages during order import using advanced options and the order status hasn't been mapped
* In the order import tab when using the customer matching option, we now provide an alternative mapping option if the first mapping option does not contain data from the cart
* Fixed bug to edit reenable editing of existing order status mapping
* Updated POS Import customer settings panel to have the same mapping options as the standard order import
* Updated Test Connection success/fail dialog box
* Added a popup window to notify users about status mapping tables being cleared
* Updated On the Inventory Update tab to replace LG the location group drop down box is now replaced with a checkbox called "Sync all Location Groups". ::* When unchecked, provide a user-defined table/dropdown and give the gives ability to add multiple LG filters for the inventory sync. If the user hasn't defined anything when trying define which location group(s) will be used to run the sync then an error will populate to either check the box or add LG'sChannel
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