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::'''Fishbowl Australia/'''::Taxes are set for each product using the '''Tax Code''' field in the {{Module|Product}}.<br>[[File:AU NZ Taxes.png]]  ::'''Fishbowl Canada'''::When using the Magento plugin with Fishbowl Australia or Fishbowl Canada, some additional tax options are available in the [[#Taxes|'''Taxes''' section of the '''Order Import''' tab]].::[[File:Magento Tax Province.png]]
::[[File:Magento Tax Province.png]]
::* '''Use Customer Tax Code''' - When selected, orders imported from Magento with tax will use the customer assigned tax code in Fishbowl. The tax amount on the Fishbowl sales order will be calculated using the tax code assigned in Fishbowl. If no tax code is assigned to the customer, the order will fail to import. New customers created will use the default tax code assigned in Fishbowl.

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