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Magento Cart

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= TABS =
{{HideH2H2|Settings tab}} [[File:Magento Settings Tab.png|right]]
* '''Email''' - The email address to notify regarding integration information. Failed schedules will send an email to this address. Email can be configured on the {{ModuleTab|Company|Email}}.
* '''Description''' - The '''Description''' in Magento will be mapped to the '''Details''' in Fishbowl.
{{HideH2H2|Schedule Import Order}} [[File:Magento Schedule Import Order Tab.png|right]]
{{Schedule|import orders}}
* '''Use Magento Order Number as SO Number''' - When selected, sales orders will be created using the Magento order number as the Fishbowl sales order number.
{{HideH2H2|Schedule Export Order}} [[File:Magento Schedule Export Order Tab.png|right]]
{{Schedule|export orders}}
* '''Update Magento Order Status''' - When selected, Magento orders will be updated after the product(s) on the order have been shipped in Fishbowl. If left blank, Fishbowl will not update the status of the Magento order.
{{HideH2H2|Schedule Products}} [[File:Magento Schedule Products Tab.png|right]]
{{Schedule|sync products}}
* '''Weight UOM''' - Default UOM for the weight of products as they are created.
{{HideH2H2|Schedule Inventory}} [[File:Magento Schedule Inventory Tab.png|right]]
{{Schedule|sync inventory}}
* '''Location Group''' - When selected, the [[Inventory#Inventory_status_terms|Available For Sale]] inventory quantity will be used from this location group only. If left blank, the quantity from all location groups will be used.

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