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QuickBooks Journal Entries

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=== Purchase Order Non-Inventory Items ===
Non-Inventory Items are, obviously, not stored within the Inventory module in Fishbowl. In fact, placing non-inventory items on orders is more to just create a paper-trail that may hold records of the item if needed at any future date. Using the Fishbowl created accounts, non inventory items are defaulted to adjust the Accounts Payable and non inventory account (which is an expense account). Remember, however, that accounts may be mapped to the desire of your company by using QuickBooks created accounts during the [[AccountingQuickBooks#The_Accounting_Configuration_WizardIntegration|Accounting Configuration WizardQuickBooks integration]].
Upon exporting your Purchase Order from Fishbowl, a Bill will be created in QuickBooks. Your non inventory item will affect QuickBooks accounts in the following ways: A credit will be made to the '''Accounts Payable''' account, with an offset Debit made to an '''expense account'''. In our scenario, the non inventory account is mapped as an expense account. Please note the following image:

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