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QuickBooks Journal Entries

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The shipping charge will be paid to the vendor if the shipping item was placed on the original Purchase Order, or if the shipping item was added during reconcile with the '''Add item to Vendor bill''' box checked. '''Accounts Payable''' will be increased by the shipping amount because the shipping charge will be paid to the vendor.
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==== Accrue Shipping ====
If the '''Add item to Vendor bill''' box is unchecked during reconcile, the shipping charge will be placed in '''Shipping Accrual''' so that it can later be paid directly to the carrier. This option is sometimes used when the customer has an account with the carrier, making it advantageous to pay the carrier directly. The next section describes the process of paying the carrier after the shipping charge has been accrued.
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==== Pay Shipping to Carrier ====
Once the shipping charge is in the '''Shipping Accrual''' account as described above, the carrier needs to be paid. Create a new bill for the carrier in QuickBooks, enter the amount to be paid, and select '''Shipping Accrual''' on the '''Expenses''' tab. When the bill is paid, the funds from the '''Bank Account''' will be used to decrease '''Shipping Accrual'''.
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==== Land Shipping ====
Regardless of whether the shipping charge is paid to the vendor or to the carrier, the shipping expense can optionally be included in the cost of inventory by landing the cost during [[Receiving#Reconcile an order|Reconcile]]. The expense will be moved from '''Shipping Expense''' to '''Inventory Asset'''.
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=== Purchase Order Non-Inventory Items ===

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