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Note: This page is for older archived versions. For the current version Release Notes page, please see Release Notes

2009.3 Release Notes - 2009-06-29

Release Main Features

Ability to Modify Fulfilled Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

  • After a Sales Order or Purchase Order has been Fulfilled, users with given rights will be able to modify the information beneath the Details, Memo, and Custom tabs. This includes the ability to change the Fulfillment Date, Shipping Terms, Payment Terms, FOB, Carrier, Custom Fields, and to add Notes or Memos to the order. This does not include the ability to modify costs, customers, or items currently on the order. Any changes made to Fulfilled orders that have already been exported to QuickBooks will not update QuickBooks. [8204]

Sales Order and Purchase Order Enhancements

  • - The Sales Order and Purchase Order number field has been increased from 15 to 25 characters. [6618]
  • - Purchase Orders now have two number fields for associated Sales Orders. Likewise, Sales Orders now have two number fields for associated Purchase Orders. These fields are found beneath the general tab of both the SO and PO modules. [5056]

Company Wide Default Payment Terms

  • Default Payment Terms may now be specified Company Wide. [4408]

New Alert if duplicate PO numbers are entered onto a Sales Order

  • To prevent two Sales Orders from being issued for a single customer’s purchase order, Fishbowl will now create an alert for users who try to enter a PO number into a Sales Order if the PO number already exists in the system. [11913]

Improved Picking Speed for items with tracking

  • Database enhancements were made to increase speed and efficiency when picking items that are being heavily used by tracking methods. [17328]

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2009.2 Release Notes - 2009-03-27

Release Main Features

Custom Tracking

  • Custom tracking for tags allows the user to change the name of the tracking item to better match their industry, for example, color, size, lot, or batch. It also allows for adding additional tracking fields which can track text, dates, expiration dates, money, quantity, count, check boxes, and serial numbers. Multiple serial number tracking items can be applied to the same part. This would allow the user to track multiple serial numbers per item such as an internal serial number and a vendor serial number.

Improved Pricing Rules

  • The pricing rules have been rewritten in order to provide a more robust set of pricing rules. Fishbowl now provides the ability to create pricing rules that calculate prices according to Markup/down, Gross Margin, Percent, Amounts or a Set Price calculations. All but the last of these rules can be based on Average Cost, Default Vendor’s Cost, Last Cost, List Price, Product Price or Standard Cost of the Product/Part. You can also specify if and how you want to round your prices.

New Setup Wizard

  • The setup wizard has been revamped to include steps that allow you to setup location groups, users, and to schedule a backup. There is an extra step for some commonly used module options. You are also now able to configure in the Setup Wizard. A major change is that the costing method must now be selected when creating a database instead of during the setup wizard. The changes to the setup wizard encompassed changes that occurred to the Accounting Configuration wizard as well, which include a better workflow with all instruction steps near the front.

New Report Template

  • The reports have been redesigned to look more like QuickBooks reports while still keeping a clean and functional look.

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2009.1 Release Notes - 2008-11-18

Release Main Features-

  • The customer number can now be specified during the New Customer wizard.
  • Part, Product, and Bill of Material UOM's can now be updated through the Part UOM import.
  • Products can now be assigned a default class.
  • Customers can now be assigned a default carrier.
  • New Shipping Terms can now be created.
  • The PO Item search combo box can now be limited to only show the parts available for purchase from the selected vendor.
  • Multiple locations can now be deleted at the same time.
  • The UPS and FedEx views now provide a multi-line address.
  • Sort orders in search windows are no longer case sensitive.

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2009 Release Notes - 2008-07-31

Release Main Features

Access Rights

  • Fishbowl now has the ability to grant access rights on a more granular level than before. Including everything from Read Only (View) access rights to the ability to provide a manager override to change a price, etc.

Customizable Today Module

  • The Today module can now be customized to show the information specific to any user. 10 different gadgets can be placed wherever and however the user wants.

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5.2 Release Notes - 2007-11-09

Release Main Features

Report Printer Settings

  • Fishbowl now has the ability to specify what printer each report prints to. This can be set on a system wide and per user basis.

Report Searching Capabilities

  • The Report module now has a Search tab to allow users to search by name or description of a report.


  • Accounting features have been enhanced and approved when handling shipments and manufacturing.

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5.1 Release Notes - 2007-08-31

Release Main Features


  • Fishbowl Inventory now has the ability to define and sell Kits. Kits are a group of products that can be sold or added to a sales order at the same time.

Memorized Reports

  • Report settings can now be saved on a per user/per report basis. This will allow each user to specify how they want reports to run. These setting will follow the user from computer to computer. It will also allow the user to specify a global default for the Date Range, Location Group, and Salesperson parameters.

Substitute Products

  • Substitute products can now be specified for each product. When the given product is out of inventory and is trying to be added to a sales order, a list of substitutes will be presented to the user as an alternative.

Core Products

  • Core products will allow the user to specify another product or products that should also be added to an order when a specific product is added.

User Interface

  • A new tabbed interface design will allow users to open and navigate between modules quicker and more efficiently.
  • A new list component will make searching for and selecting list items easier than ever. With multiple columns and the ability to add new list items at any given time, the component will not only make it easier, but faster. For example, when selecting a product, the list will now display the Product Number, Description, UOM, and Product type.

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5.0 Release Notes - 2007-05-25

Release Main Features


  • The new Consignment module can be used to manage inventory in a consigned, or off site location. [961]

Costing Methods

  • Fishbowl Inventory now supports three different costing methods, each of which can still be used with QuickBooks. [2847] - Average Costing - LIFO/FIFO Costing - Standard Costing

Receiving Overhaul

  • The Receiving module has been enhanced and updated. There are many new features and enhancements to help improve the speed and efficiency of the module. Of note is the order based picking instead of the part based of previous versions. It follows along the same ideas of the Picking Overhaul from 4.5, including the ability to see the status of orders at a glance. [3539][3884][3921][4725][4996][5272][5304][5322]
  • Reconcile [1674][2357][2846][2875][3194][5039] - Purchase orders can now be reconciled before they are passed to QuickBooks.
  • Landed Costs can now be added to orders, and the cost spread between parts, when reconciling an order. [2451]

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

  • The new RMA module can be used to create an RMA to track the items being returned from a customer. [3328]

Transfer Orders

  • The new Transfer Order module can be used to transfer parts between different warehouses or locations within your company. [4063]

New Features


  • QB SDK 6.0
  • When Carton-Based shipping is enabled, carton tracking numbers will be included on the Shipping line item description when exporting to QuickBooks. [2454]
  • Sales Order numbers will now be exported into the QuickBooks Invoice number field when the module option is enabled. [4733]


  • Many objects inside of Fishbowl can now be duplicated. This includes Parts, Products, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders. [4707][4897]


  • Customers can now be assigned a Unique Number that can be used to identify them. [4386]

Purchase Order

  • A Bill can be created before a PO before it has been received by turning on a module option and Reconciling. [2306]
  • New parts can now be created from the Purchase Order module if the user has rights to the Parts module. [2358]
  • Drop Shipping can now be done by creating a Drop Shipping line item type on a sales order.[3200]
  • Items can now be created as an Outsource type that will allow it to be outsourced for processing by a Vendor. [3523]

Sales Order

  • Shipping is now created as a line item on a sales order. This allows for multiple shipping charges and the ability to tax them. [3222][3803][4098]
  • New parts/products can now be created from the Sales Order module if the user has rights to the Part/Product modules. [2358]
  • Drop Shipping can now be done by creating a Drop Shipping line item type on a sales order.[3200]
  • Tax Line Items can now be created on a sales order, allowing for more than one tax to affect an order. [5126]

Not all changes may be reflected in this documentation