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  • For a description of some of the features added in the latest release, see New Features.
  • Features added to a specific release can be seen here, in the Release Notes.
  • Bugs fixed during a specific release are found in the Change Log.
  • Upcoming features are found in the Road Map.
  • Release Notes for older versions are found in the Release Notes Archives.

2014.1 Release Notes - 11/14/2013 Template:Top

  • Product Tree: You can now multi-select and move more than one product in the product tree
  • Sales Order: The customer PO now can be shown in the Sales order search pane.
  • Added a new import/export called Part and Product Renaming that will allow you to change part/product names through a csv file.

2014.0 Release Notes - 11/14/2013 Template:Top

2013.6 Release Notes - 9/12/2013 Template:Top

2013.5 Release Notes - 6/13/2013 Template:Top

2013.4 Release Notes - 4/22/2013 Template:Top

2013.2 Release Notes - 2/14/2013 Template:Top

2013.1 Release Notes - 12/20/2012 Template:Top

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2013.0 Release Notes - 12/6/2012 Template:Top

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