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* Upcoming features are found in the [[Road Map]].
* Upcoming features are found in the [[Road Map]].
= 2018.6 Scheduled Release - 6/14/2018 =
= 2018.7 Scheduled Release - 7/12/2018 =
== Considerations before updating - 2018.7 {{top}} ==
== Highlights - 2018.7 {{top}} ==
== New Features - 2018.7 {{top}} ==
== Fixes - 2018.7 {{top}} ==
= 2018.6 Released - 6/14/2018 =
== Considerations before updating - 2018.6 {{top}} ==
== Considerations before updating - 2018.6 {{top}} ==

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2018.7 Scheduled Release - 7/12/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.7 Template:Top

Highlights - 2018.7 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.7 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.7 Template:Top

2018.6 Released - 6/14/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.6 Template:Top

Highlights - 2018.6 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.6 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.6 Template:Top

CardConnect Integration

  • Issue: Transactions can be recorded as debit rather than credit if the device records a PIN.
  • Resolution: Pin is now always set to false.
  • Issue: Taking a negative payment for a credit return using the credit card payment method instead of "Return credit card" records as a negative in Fishbowl but a positive transaction in CardConnect.
  • Resolution: Fishbowl client now checks to ensure that only positive payments are taken. Users are directed to use the "Return credit card" payment method to refund a card.
  • Issue: Storing multiple wallet cards can process the default card on the profile only in some cases.
  • Resolution: Each wallet card now stores on a separate profile.

CSV Import / Export

  • Issue: Sales order import incorrectly sets the product price on the import when no price is defined and the part and product have differing units of measure.
  • Resolution: Product price is now set correctly based on product UOM.
  • Issue: Vendor import instructions address info field says 30 char limit, should be 64 characters.
  • Resolution: we fixed it.

Payment Gateway

  • Issue: module scroll bar is dog slow.
  • We fixed it. period.


  • Issue: Finishing a pick caused an XML parse error in certain scenarios.
  • Resolution: We fixed it.

Purchase Order

  • Issue: Adding items to a purchase order using the "Add item wizard (little green plus icon next to the part combo box)" mistakenly increments the next order number up as each part is added via this method.
  • Resolution: We no longer incorrectly increment mistakenly when adding items to the order.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

  • Issue: Order messaging that exports to the invoice / bill has been updated and no longer includes periods.

QuickBooks Online Integration

  • Issue: special characters in tracking can cause the invoice export to QBO to fail.
  • Resolution: tracking data is now sanitized before sending to remove prohibited characters to QBO.
  • Issue: 21 character limit in the info field caused an error when attempting to export.
  • Resolution: Data now truncates when the max character count is reached.
  • Issue: Carrier and service posting to QBO can error when exporting special characters.
  • Resolution: Carrier and service now post correctly.
  • Issue: importing currencies to Fishbowl by code rather than unique name can create duplicate currencies.
  • Resolution: Currency name is now the primary data, not code.
  • Issue: In certain instances an error occurs when posting an invoice that does not balance debits and credits, resulting in an order that won't export until balanced.
  • Resolution: Rounding differences in the way credits and debits are calculated has been adjusted.
  • Issue: Importing customer / vendor lists from QBO can result in only partial lists being imported depending on the number of customers / vendors.
  • Resolution: Importing lists now paginates to ensure that lists can be imported regardless of number of entries.


  • Issue: Adding a negative value during the reconcile process can cause an error depending on the line item order stating that no negative values are allowed.
  • Resolution: Check has been enhanced to look at total value so line order doesn't impact the order and cause the error.
  • Issue: when a receipt item has been received, then used on a work order, then sold on a sales order, using order reconcile will not allow the user to uncheck the reconcile flag.
  • Resolution: the flag to reconcile can now be user modified when this sequence of events occurs.
  • Issue: Receiving a bill for a zero dollar item then adding multiple service charges when the order includes an outsourced item can incorrectly calculate the item value in some cases.
  • Resolution: Part calculation now includes all associated service charges correctly.


  • Asset Valuation by Account Summary
  • Added options to hide inactive and zero qty items.
  • COGS by Account Summary
  • Fixed a bug with orders disappearing after voiding a partial shipment and shipping it again.
  • Compare Sales by Month
  • This report was re-written to fix issues with information lining up correctly.
  • Part Barcodes by PO - Avery
  • Fixed sorting options.
  • Part Committed Report
  • Updated the report to show tracking for committed parts.
  • Pick Ticket
  • Updated the sorting options.
  • Receiving List
  • Added option to show vendor part #.
  • Shipping Invoice
  • Added delivery signature.
  • Sales Order Report
  • Updated the payment box to only show when a payment is taken and the "Show Payments" checkbox is checked.
  • SO to PO Margins
  • Widened cost and total columns.

Sales Order

  • Issue: Customers with a default email on multiple addresses sometimes display an error message when selecting a new address on the order. the email is properly populated, but an error still occurs.
  • Resolution: erroneous error message has been removed.
  • Issue: Using the "add to RMA" function for a sale order line item is slow.
  • Resolution: code has been enhanced to offer more better performance.
  • Issue: Notes added to an item that creates a manufacture order doesn't display the WO notes when creating the work order.
  • Resolution: WO notes and SO item notes are appended to the same field and displayed on the work order.

Square Integration

  • Issue: Connecting and integrating with Square isn't properly pulling in locations due to an update in the dependency library.
  • Resolution: update to latest version of Square and libraries has been done, it works again.

Tax Rate

  • Issue: Taxes can never be renamed if they have been used on an order.
  • Resolution: Limitation to change names is only limited if the tax has been used as a line item tax.

Transfer Order

  • Issue: Creating an order with a user that has access to the ship location, but not the receive location doesn't allow ship if the TO owner is set to the receipt side for the order.
  • Resolution: Users with access to only one group in the transfer process can now ship.


  • Issue: SoSaveRq isn't setting the markup / margin values correctly.
  • Resolution: values are now properly set.

Avalara Integration

  • Issue: Sales orders that contain both sale and credit return items can cause an issue with the tax calculation in some cases.
  • Resolution: A message now appears instructing the user of this potential liability and instructing sales and credit type items to be split to multiple orders.

UPS Ready Integration

  • Issue: High Value Dollar Report isn't returning.
  • Resolution: Image file has been updated and displays now.

Fishbowl GO

  • Issue: Receiving Misc items asks for a location and doesn't need one.
  • Resolution: Locations aren't required for Misc items.
  • Issue: Over picking a work order doesn't allow you pick more than the original quantity.
  • Resolution: Over picking a work order now completes successfully.
  • Issue: Finishing a work order with labor items can result in an order that only fulfills labor items when the pick hasn't been completed and the order is finished.
  • Resolution: Fishbowl now checks to validate the items have been picked.
  • Issue: Add inventory allows a negative cost to be entered.
  • Resolution: Cost is validated on save to ensure a positive value is entered.

Fishbowl Time and Labor App

  • Intercom chat functionality has been removed.

2018.5 Released - 5/10/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.5 Template:Top

  • If you are updating to 2018.5 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.
  • The integration with QuickBooks Merchant Services will be disabled for any users that are not currently integrated with QBMS as the gateway for credit card processing.

Highlights - 2018.5 Template:Top

  • Carrier and service now post to ship via field on invoice
  • Shipment tracking number now posts to tracking no. field on invoice
  • Payment terms now post to invoice and QBO calculates Due Date
  • Customer:Job structure is now posted on Invoice/Customer
  • Customer Email now posts from SO details tab to customer email field on invoice
  • Customer:job is now created as a customer and sub customer in QBO
  • Customer:job is now used as the customer when creating an invoice
  • Bill number now uses reference number when present
  • Class now exports to line items on bill
  • Customer:jobs post to the bill
  • Tax rates are exported from Fishbowl
  • QBO preferences such as charging sales tax, multi-currency settings, etc. are now validated during integration
  • Customer:job reference is now posted from the receipt in Fishbowl to the Bill
  • Fishbowl validates use of Automated Sales Tax and posts accordingly
  • Integration credentials are now auto populated
  • Classes are now imported from QuickBooks Online to Fishbowl
  • Option to use QBO generated Invoice number or Fishbowl SO number
  • Vendors are now imported into Fishbowl
  • Customers and sub customers are now imported into Fishbowl
  • Payment Terms are now imported into Fishbowl

New Features - 2018.5 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.5 Template:Top

Bill of Materials

  • Issue: Adding an Image to a Bill of Materials doesn't trigger a save prompt before loading another Bill of Materials.
  • Resolution: Save prompt now occurs as it should.

CSV Imports / Exports

  • Issue: Sales order import when using a kit header only (no specified line items, which then utilized default items) does not create work order configurations for items in the kit associated with a bill of materials.
  • Resolution: Configurations are now properly loaded and saved.


  • Issue: Address information screen in new customer wizard displays too small causing characters such as "_" to be hidden from the display.
  • Resolution: Field size has been increased to properly show characters.


  • Issue: Gadget Hyperlinks for Reports aren't working.
  • Resolution: Hyperlinks in gadgets are back to working again.


  • Issue: Converting a part from non-inventory to Inventory type does not update product cache.
  • Resolution: Cache list now updates when converting a part type.

Purchase Order

  • Issue: Part dropdown is displaying the part ABC code instead of the part UOM. The issue was further convoluted when a vendor part number exists, a duplicate entry appears in the list.
  • Resolution: UOM abbreviations now show in the part dropdown table correctly once again - sorry all.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

  • Issue: The "QuickBooks Preparation" step of the integration wizard can be edited and is performing incorrect spell check functionality the text area.
  • Resolution: Spell check has been disabled and the text field is no longer editable.
  • Issue: CANADA ONLY - Negative payment for a multi-currency order attempt to add the customer reference to the payment which causes a currency error on export.
  • Resolution: the customer reference is no longer exported with any negative payments.

Quickbooks Online Integration

  • Issue: Posting an invoice and payment at the same time always sets the sales receipt to the undeposited account instead of the account selected for the payment.
  • Resolution: The payment now posts to the account associated with the payment used.
  • Issue: FB_MISC product/service is not being created as a purchasable item in QuickBooks Online.
  • Resolution: We're doing it right now...
  • Issue: Existing service type items in QBO may not be marked as "for sale". Exporting an order with these services will cause an error.
  • Resolution: Service type items are updated to be marked as sellable.
  • Issue: Exporting refunds / negative payments that create a "refund receipt" causes an error in QBO
  • Resolution: Refunds now post correctly.


  • Issue: Reconcile allows an outsourced PO Billed Total Cost field to be modified, causing a potential cost discrepancy.
  • Resolution: the Billed Total Cost has been locked down in this scenario.


  • Packing List
  • Fixed a null error when changing layout from Standard to By Carton for TO’s and PO’s.
  • Added option to show delivery signature from Fishbowl GO. (Must take signature in landscape mode instead of portrait.)
  • Manufacture Order Traveler
  • Fixed comma display issue on tracking names.
  • Updated the WO sorting options to allow sorting by WO Date Schedule, WO# Ascending or WO$ Descending.
  • Work Order Traveler
  • Fixed comma display issue on tracking names.
  • User Access Rights
  • Fixed user rights display issue with Fishbowl GO rights.
  • Inventory Allocated to Sales Orders
  • Added customer name to the report when grouping by SO.
  • Turnover Report
  • Fixed truncation.
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Fixed backend parameter mapping issue.
  • Cycle Count List
  • Optimized how parts not in inventory show.
  • Walmart Label
  • Completely redesigned Walmart Label to comply with Walmart standards.
  • There are 2 sizes, a 4x3 (small) and a 4x6 (large). (Email reports@fishbowlinventory.com for smaller size)
  • Each will run for every line item in a selected Shipment (required). There will be 1 label per line item.
  • Data for the following fields need to be entered at run-time. Their defaults are "none" with exception of the Zip Code Prefix, which defaults to Bentonville's Zip Code Prefix (420).
  • Case GTIN Number
  • Department Number
  • Facility Or Location Number
  • PO Type
  • Pro Number
  • Zip Code Prefix
  • Users can decide whether the Customer PO number or Sales Order number appears as the Order Number. 
  • The WMIT # is the Customer Part Number.
  • SO to PO Margin
  • Fixed an issue where the sale price was blank for the first line.
  • Removed voided PO’s from showing in the PO section.

Sales Order

  • Issue: Sales order loading, saving and general functions are slow when checking for duplicate PO numbers and multiple exist.
  • Resolution: Checking the PO num has been optimized to allow for improved performance.
  • Issue: QuickFulling a misc sale item with a customer part number causes an error to occur.
  • Resolution: Misc items can now have a customer part number without the negative implications.

Transfer Order

  • Issue: Order status doesn't carry over to advanced search, or from advanced search to the standard search.
  • Resolution: Switching between the standard and advanced search now preserves the order status field.

User Group

  • Issue: User with all rights does not have access to the BI script gadget in the Dashboard Module.
  • Resolution: Permissions now include BI scripts in all access right.


  • Issue: Details can occasionally save multiple times and in other instances fail to load.
  • Resolution: Save and load have been refactored to eliminate errors.


  • Issue: Address information screen in new vendor wizard displays too small causing characters such as "_" to be hidden from the display.
  • Resolution: Field size has been increased to properly show characters.

Xero Integration

  • Issue: Partially fulfilling a kit and exporting then fulfilling the remainder and exporting again causes an error because it uses the same Invoice number.
  • Resolution: Partially fulfilled kits now reference the shipment number rather than the invoice number.
  • Issue: Orders with inventory items and service items that are partially fulfilled cause a duplicate error.
  • Resolution: Partially fulfilling an order now exports correctly.

Fishbowl Go

  • Issue: Add Inventory function is not working.
  • Resolution: Add inventory now works once again.
  • Issue: Finishing a work order doesn't account for UOM's on the finished goods.
  • Resolution: UOM and conversions are now included in the finish good step.
  • Issue: Receiving an item in partial quantity removes the tax on the remaining item quantity on the receipt.
  • Resolution: tax is now preserved on partially received items.


  • Issue: Voiding a sales order with an associated pick that has been committed allows the void and leaves committed inventory numbers.
  • Resolution: Void checks to see the order status and returns a response that the pick must be voided before the SO can be voided.

Fishbowl Commerce

  • Issue: Importing an order that contains a kit always displays the kit as collapsed with only the header visible, regardless of kit settings.
  • Resolution: Kit now displays according to kit preference settings.

2018.4 Released - 4/12/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.4 Template:Top

  • If you are updating to 2018.4 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.
  • Stripe integration for credit card processing has been discontinued. Fishbowl recommends utilizing an alternate provider or establishing a workflow that is external of the Fishbowl client to continue utilizing Stripe.

Highlights - 2018.4 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.4 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.4 Template:Top


  • Updated user group access right name from "Quick Ship" to "Quick Fulfill" under Sales Order group
  • Cleanup of tooltips for search and advanced search buttons for all modules and updated combo boxes in the Shipping and RMA modules
  • Issue: Sales Order/Purchase Order custom fields could not be edited unless both "Edit Custom Fields" and "Can Always Change Custom Fields" user rights were selected. This also caused the order(s) to be un-issuable
  • Resolution: Both access rights are no longer required to issue the order
  • Issue: Location and Location Group New button was available with view-only rights assigned
  • Resolution: "New" button in Location and Location Group is unavailable if user rights are set to view only
  • Issue: Sending Email with no designated default email address, when selecting the "To" button, the tabs wouldn't show allowing the user to select available email addresses
Resolution: In this scenario the tabs now show with all associated email addresses available to select
  • Issue: Users with view-only access to the custom field module were still able to add custom fields and lists
  • Resolution: Users with view-only access can no longer make changes in the custom field module
  • Issue: Importing purchase orders from QuickBooks desktop errors out if the vendor address is missing
  • Resolution: The import finishes and imports the purchase order(s) in this scenario
  • Issue: AU version only When a new version is available for download, the link on the FB server prompt points to the US download page not the AU download page
  • Resolution: The link now points to the correct download page
  • Issue: After creating a new contact the data in the name field could be deleted
  • Resolution: Data in the name field for contact data is now required


  • Issue: When exporting to QuickBooks Online (QBO) the export would fail with illegal characters in the state data field(s)
  • Resolution: The export now fixes the data and allows the data to go through to QBO
  • Issue: Deleting a class in use doesn't give the user an error message it simply doesn't allow the class to be deleted
  • Resolution: An error advises the user the class in use cannot be deleted in the software
  • Issue: If the part FBItem doesn't exist when syncing accounting data a non-descriptive error was received
  • Resolution: An error now advises the user to rerun the accounting integration
  • Issue: (AU version only) When exporting to the accounting package and the last item on a PO has a $0.00 cost with other items that do have a cost, the journal entry does not add cost for any of the items to the inventory asset account
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the inventory asset account reflects the correct amount after the export completes
  • Issue: (AU version only) Transactions are not in balance on bills with a landed cost
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the transactions now balance correctly

Bill of Materials

  • Issue: A BOM set to never auto-create still brought up the MO wizard if added to SO via the Quicklist
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the MO Wizard no longer initiates


  • Issue: Cycle count function would not work unless user reselected UOM first in the Consignment module
  • Resolution: Cycle count now works without having to reselect UOM first in the Consignment module
  • Issue: Searching by tag in consignment module did not work as expected
  • Resolution: You can now search by tag in the consignment module


  • Issue: In step 4 when adding a new customer via the wizard the fields displayed incorrectly when classes and multi-currency are enabled
  • Resolution: Fixed layout to display correctly in the new customer wizard step 4

CSV Imports and Exports

  • Issue: an Incorrectly formatted date on SO CSV import gives the user a "null" error
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the error generated advises the user the date format is incorrect

Fishbowl Go

  • Issue: When disconnecting from Fishbowl Go the server doesn't show the user disconnected unless refreshed
  • Resolution: Fishbowl Go Clients disconnect with no refresh required on the server


  • Issue: Viewing inventory details for an item with no inventory on hand would allow you to show the modal to edit the average cost after switching between open tabs
  • Resolution: You can no longer bring up the edit average cost modal with no inventory on hand even after switching between tabs

Manufacture Order

  • Improved performance in certain situations where making changes in the WO details tab caused performance issues


  • Issue: It was possible to try and process a credit card refund using the payment option in the sales order module with no payment gateway configured
  • Resolution: Refund is no longer an option from within the payment methods for Sales Orders. Refunds must be processed through the payment viewer

Purchase Order

  • Issue: PO CSV import instructions incorrectly stated the FulfillmentDate and LastFullfilmentDate fields were required
  • Resolution: The import instructions were updated removing the required designation on those fields

Sales Order

  • Issue: When exporting a SO to the accounting integration and afterward editing the SO, upon saving the dialog advising the SO will not update in the accounting integration has text that is cut off
  • Resolution: The dialog now shows all of the warning text
  • Issue: Using the SO Item Wizard the data displayed in the Quantity and Price step was cut-off and displayed incorrectly
  • Resolution: In this step of the SO Item Wizard now displays the data correctly]
  • Issue: Using the SO Item Wizard, during the Quantity and Price step, when changing the UOM from the default the cost displayed for the item displayed on the SO did not update accordingly
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the cost data is now updated and displayed correctly
  • Issue: Searching only the letter "S" in the SO Number field would pull all SO's even the ones that did not contain the letter S
  • Resolution: The SO search now yields the correct results when searching for "S"
  • Issue: When creating a sales order the Customer Alert window for customers with an assigned credit limit has text not visible without scrolling causing confusion with the Yes and No buttons
  • Resolution: The window has been resized to show all text with the scrollbar removed


  • Issue: Trying to delete a shipping term that is used in transactions gives a "null" error
  • Resolution: The error now tells you the term is in use and cannot be deleted


  • Issue: When adding a custom BOM to a Sales Order, it was possible to put in a non-whole number where the UOM for the associated part(s) is "each"
  • Resolution: In this scenario, an error now advises the user the UOM is each and qty must be a whole number


  • Fixed sort parameter "null" error when loading reports
  • Work Order Flag
  • Notes section now shows Note line items.
  • Reorder Report
  • Added ABC code column to the report.
  • On Hand
  • Added ABC code column to the report.
  • On Hand by Product Tree
  • Added ABC code column to the report.
  • Sales Order Report
  • Fixed payment section to show negative payments as well as zero balance payments.
  • Sales Order Tracking
  • Fixed the Tracking Date parameter.
  • Production Yield Report
  • Fixed Part Number parameter.
  • Manufacture Order Traveler
  • Added tracking to finished MO's.
  • Forecast Report
  • Fixed the way Outsourced PO items show.

2018.3 Released - 3/8/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.3 Template:Top

  • Customers using CardConnect for the payment gateway will be required to reintegrate to configure merchant ID settings at the client level.
  • If you are updating to 2018.3 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.

Highlights - 2018.3 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.3 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.3 Template:Top


  • Issue: When using email functionality where there is no association with customers or vendors, an error would show warning there was no default email address
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the error no longer occurs


  • Issue: When syncing with an inactive account on the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks would return the error "Unset Error Message" when running the accounting sync
  • Resolution: The error message now advises you to fix the account mapping
  • Issue: When running the accounting export and the export failed the error was non-specific
  • Resolution: The error log now provides a more detailed error

Bill of Materials

  • Issue: Using the new BOM button in the part module will not ask to save a previously started and unsaved BOM
  • Resolution: In this scenario, when clicking the New BOM button, it asks to save the previous BOM


  • Issue: Product Alert Notes do not pop-up in Checkout when adding to an order
  • Resolution: Alert Notes now work for products in Checkout


  • Issue: Using the checkbox to "Show all related jobs" in conjunction with the active/inactive status filters in the customer advanced search caused confusion
  • Resolution: A tooltip was added to clarify that selecting the option to show all related jobs displays results regardless of active/inactive status of a customer job


  • Issue: If processing payments through Stripe and the name field is blank the payment would not process
  • Resolution: Payments will now process even if the name field is blank
  • Issue: When importing payment data from a csv file and transaction id has data with payment method set to something other than credit card, attempting to delete the payment would give an error
  • Resolution: Payments can now be deleted in this scenario without error
  • Issue: Using wallets with Authorize.net, when a customer profile reached more than 10 cards, an error message incorrectly stated the transaction was declined even if the card was successfully charged. Also, no payment record was created in Fishbowl.
Please note Authorize.net only allows a maximum of 10 cards to be saved to the customer profile (wallet).
  • Resolution: The message in this scenario has been updated to advise the transaction was successful but the customer profile was not updated

Manufacture Order

  • Issue: When opening a Manufacture Order a null pointer exception was received when the MO created automatically due to a Sales Order scheduled import
  • Resolution: In this scenario, you no longer receive the null pointer error
  • Issue: If a Fishbowl user didn't have access rights to finish work orders but did have access rights to BOM's, the finish WO button was still available to use in the WO details tab
  • Resolution: User access rights do not allow a user to finish the WO in the WO details tab if they have BOM access rights
  • Issue: User access right to view for Dropbox in MO could not be selected/deselected
  • Resolution: You can now select/deselect this access right

Sales Order

  • Issue: When manually fulfilling a service item on a SO a complete timestamp was not saved to the database
  • Resolution: In the above scenario, a full timestamp is saved to the database
  • Issue: Searching SO custom fields gave an error
  • Resolution: Custom field search in the SO Module returns results rather than error
  • Issue: When adding items to a SO using the quick list the margin, markup, and cost fields have no value assigned ( Zero Dollar/Zero Percent)
  • Resolution: These fields now have the correct dollar(s) and percentages displayed
  • Issue: When using carton based shipping and adding a shipping line item to the SO, the SO Subtotal, and SO Total Price do not update to the correct amounts
  • Resolution: SO Subtotal and SO Total Price are now correct in this scenario
  • Issue: In the schedule module, if the current task runs longer than when the next scheduled task is set to run and you cancel the queued up task it gives an error
  • Resolution: If the task hasn't completed the next task will not get added to the queue


  • Issue: In certain scenarios, using the auto fill cartons in shipping feature would cause tags to combine incorrectly and cause errors when trying to pick and ship
  • Resolution: This error is now fixed when using the auto fill carton feature with products

Purchase Order/Receiving

  • Issue: Using multi-currency, when you set the exchange rate on the PO, after receiving the PO you could change the exchange rate causing costing issues when syncing to accounting packages
  • Resolution: Once a PO is received the exchange rate is not able to be edited unless the receipt is first voided


  • Advanced Purchasing by Sales Order
  • Fixed incorrect Short qty calculation.
  • Advanced Purchasing by Work Order
  • Fixed incorrect Short qty calculation.
  • Customer Statement
  • Added Adjustment Amounts into the totals and fixed rounding issues.
  • Margins by Sales Order
  • Updated the report to allow 25 characters in the Sales Order # column.
  • Packing List
  • Added hyperlinks for carton tracking numbers on "By Carton" layout.
  • Pick Report
  • Fixed an error where the description would show as Null when running this report for a WO.
  • Pick Ticket
  • Fixed an error where the description would show as Null when running this report for a WO.
  • Pick Ticket by Order (Batch)
  • Added an option to "Show Committed".
  • Reorder Report
  • Fixed a coding error that prevented the report from running on new databases.
  • Sales Order Report
  • Added an option to show/hide $0 priced line items.
  • Sales Order Summary
  • Fixed the Grand Totals to all for 10,000,000.00 in qty and price.
  • Sales Order Tracking
  • Fixed the tracking type column to show the type instead of the Company Name.
  • Shipping Invoice
  • Updated the report to error out appropriately when running for a credit return PO.
  • Fixed address issues to allow country and state to be blank.
  • Tracking Detail
  • Fixed duplication on WO listings.
  • Vendor Performance Report
  • Fixed an issue where the status showed Rejected for Entered status items.

Plugins - 2018.3 Template:Top

Database Changes - 2018.3 Template:Top

2018.2 Released - 2/8/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.2 Template:Top

  • If you are updating to 2018.2 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.

Highlights - 2018.2 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.2 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.2 Template:Top


  • Issue: Updating the license key by phone through manual entry didn't update correctly unless the server was restarted
  • Resolution: The license key is now updated correctly
  • Issue: When changing from tabbed view to frame view in program options, upon client restart, the frame view was not displayed
  • Resolution: Frames are now displayed correctly after setting the option and restarting the client
  • Issue: "Setup" was not alphabetized correctly in the Setup Module
  • Resolution: Setup is now alphabetized
  • Issue: A warning would pop-up if a SO has an email assigned in the SO details and the customer does not have a default email address assigned to the customer profile
  • Resolution: The pop-up warning no longer occurs in this scenario
  • Issue: Emails addresses were previously able to be separated by commas and semi-colons
  • Resolution: Emails are now only separated by semi-colons
  • Issue: SaveShipmentRq API call occasionally caused committed inventory numbers to commit incorrectly
  • Resolution: The SaveShipmentRq API call now commits inventory as expected


  • Issue: Illegal characters were not being removed and/or changed when exporting to QuickBooks Online (QBO) and causing the export to fail
  • Resolution: Illegal characters are now removed or changed to an identifiable and usable character when exported to QBO
  • Issue: Creating a new customer or vendor shows there are items to post to QBO but when running the export nothing would post
  • Resolution: Exporting to QBO in this scenario posts to QBO

Bill of Materials

  • Issue: The estimated build time field on any given Bill of Materials (BOM) was updated using the last time entered when editing other BOM's
  • Resolution: Estimated build time now only updates for the current BOM being edited


  • Issue: Fulfilled Sales Orders time were editable by dragging and dropping through the Calendar Module
  • Resolution: Fulfilled SO's are no longer editable
  • Issue: Editing an all-day calendar event to a specific time would cause the dialog box to load multiple times which could trigger an error when closing the dialog box
  • Resolution: The dialog box doesn't reload when closed after editing

Fishbowl Go

  • Issue: Part Numbers that look like numbers but had non-numerical characters didn't show correctly in GO
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the part numbers load correctly now


  • Issue: Pick Report shows the part description rather than the description entered on the sales order
  • Resolution: Added a module option, which is enabled by default, on the Pick Report to show the sales order description rather than the part description


  • Pick Ticket
  • Added an option to show the product description from the Sales Order line item.
  • Pick Report
  • Added an option to show the product description from the Sales Order line item.
  • Asset Valuation by Account Summary
  • Fixed a spelling error in the report title.
  • Calendar Report
  • Updated to include Sales Order and Purchase Order events.
  • Sales Order Summary
  • Updated the report to include Adjustment Amount in the Order Totals.
  • Reorder Report
  • Added "Show Parts with BOM" and "Show Parts without BOM" checkboxes. The "Show Parts with BOM" checkbox is unchecked by default.

Sales Order

  • Issue: "Fulfillment Date" field created confusion and was not labeled consistently
  • Resolution: Updated the field to "Date Scheduled"
  • Issue: Kit items imported through csv would revert to a sale type rather than the default item type
  • Resolution: The default item type is now used in this scenario
  • Issue: Total Cost was incorrect for non-inventory items on partially fulfilled Sales Orders
  • Resolution: In this scenario total cost is now fixed


  • Issue: Using the email feature in the Ship Module previously attached a PDF file with an unidentifiable file name
  • Resolution: The file name now reflects the shipment when emailed
  • Issue: "Package Type" field in ship details was unclear to its use and purpose. It is intended to be used with UPS Ready within Fishbowl
  • Resolution: The field was renamed to "UPS Package Type"

Plugins - 2018.2 Template:Top

Database Changes - 2018.2 Template:Top

  • Added calCategoryId column to SO table
  • Added dateCalStart and dateCalStart columns to SO table

2018.1 Released - 1/11/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.1 Template:Top

  • If you are updating to 2018.1 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.

Highlights - 2018.1 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.1 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.1 Template:Top


  • Issue: Using wallet cards would fail unless the wallet was processed with the card security code.
  • Resolution: The card security code will only be required if your account settings require it.


  • Issue: The calendar module does not work for displaying orders on newly created databases.
  • Resolution: All calendar functionality is now working correctly.


  • Issue: Checkout does not have a view access right.
  • Resolution: A view access right was created to be in line with all other modules.
  • Issue: Checkout does not work properly unless the user has the Sales Order-QuickShip access right.
  • Resolution: Users can now process orders as long as they have access to Checkout.
  • Issue: Checkout is unable to process payments for credit return orders.
  • Resolution: Processing credit payments now works correctly unless it is a credit card type. This will still need to be processed in the Payment Viewer module if you are connected to a Payment Gateway.

CSV Import/Export

  • Issue: The Part and Product CSV's cannot import part images.
  • Resolution: Both CSV's can now upload images correctly.
  • Issue: The Currency CSV instructions reference "QB Class".
  • Resolution: This incorrect reference has been removed.
  • Issue: The Payment Data CSV will import payments with a $0 amount causing errors when exporting to accounting.
  • Resolution: Payments with $0 will be skipped on the import.

Manufacture Order

  • Issue: Changing an items quantity to 0 on the WO Details tab will cause it's associated pick item to also be changed to 0.
  • Resolution: Items can no longer be set to a 0 quantity on the WO Details tab.


  • Issue: The edit window for Vendor Parts is too small and cuts off the Default checkbox.
  • Resolution: The Vendor Parts edit window is now sized correctly.


  • Issue: Some picks are not able to be opened and receive a null error due to an issue with location sorting.
  • Resolution: These picks no longer receive an error and open correctly.


  • Issue: If you delete a product that has custom field data then open another product the module would ask you to save changes.
  • Resolution: Custom field data is no longer left filled in after deleting a product so it will not ask to save changes to a blank product.


  • Issue: Reconciling a part will fail if that part was received and then was on a pick and shipment that were both voided after being shipped.
  • Resolution: This scenario no longer causes an error as the voided shipment should not be considered during the reconcile process.

Sales Order

  • Issue: Sales Order items with Manufacturing configurations can take a long time to open if you have a lot of images.
  • Resolution: Added better indexing to the Image table to load these orders much faster.

Plugins - 2018.1 Template:Top

Database Changes - 2018.1 Template:Top