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== Database Changes - 2018.1 {{top}} ==
== Database Changes - 2018.1 {{top}} ==
= 2017.13 Released - 12/18/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating}}
* If you are updating to 2017.13 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.
* If you have already updated to 2017.12 and are having issues with images, please contact support as additional steps may be needed to update to 2017.13.
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.13}}
Issue: After updating to 2017.12, some companies are seeing issues with images being incorrect and in some cases are not able to make changes to those images.
::* Resolution: Images are now migrating correctly and can be updated as needed.  '''If you are having these issues on 2017.12, please contact support and they can help you through the process of correcting the problem.'''
= 2017.12 Released - 12/14/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.12}}
* If you are updating to 2017.12 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.
* If you install 2017.12 to a new folder, you will need to move your Images folder from the previous Fishbowl install to your new install folder in order for your images to migrate.
* Any custom reports that include images may be impacted by the change to storing images in the database directly. Please contact the custom reports team (email: {{email|reports}}) before updating to ensure that your custom report is compatible with 2017.12.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.12}}
* [[#Considerations_before_updating_-_2017.12|Images will now be stored in the database. Current image files will be migrated during the update to 2017.12]].
::* [[Product#Add_a_product_image|Drag and drop images from your files to Fishbowl]]{{ReleaseImage|17.12|1}}
::* [[Setup#MODULE_OPTIONS|Set a default image size to be stored for full image and thumbnail - found in Setup module options]]{{ReleaseImage|17.12|2}}
::* [[Product#Add_a_product_image|Supported file types include .jpg, .gif, and .png]]{{ReleaseImage|17.12|3}}
* [[Dashboard#Add_gadgets|New Dashboard Website widget - set any web URL to display inside the widget]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|4}}
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.12}}
* [[Vendor#Associate_a_part_with_a_vendor|Minimum order quantity added to Vendor Parts]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|5}}
* [[Vendor#Details_tab|Default vendor lead time on the Vendor Details tab]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|6}}
* [[Checkout|Fishbowl SalesPoint has been renamed to Fishbowl Checkout]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|7}}
* [[Checkout#Payment|The payment panel in Fishbowl Checkout will show the change amount that should be given back to customers for overpaying on Cash payments]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|8}}
* [[Advanced_Reports#Production_Yield|New Production Yield report added to the Work Order folder]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|9}}
* [[Dropbox#Module_associations|Dropbox is now available in the RMA module]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|10}}
* [[Product#Details_tab|Part and Product alert notes now allow 256 characters]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|11}}
* [[Calendar#Purchase_orders|Purchase orders are now visible on the Calendar]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|12}}
* [[Sales_Order#Take_a_payment|If taking payment on a Voided order, a new warning message will prompt for confirmation]].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|13}}
* [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/csv/importMemoData.html CSV Import for Memo data].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|14}}
* [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/csv/currency.html CSV Import/Export for Currency exchange rates].{{ReleaseImage|17.12|15}}
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.12}}
* Issue: Updating currency conversions gets an error when using Yahoo as the conversion source.
::* Resolution: Yahoo has discontinued their finance API.  Please connect to QuickBooks Desktop in order to import currency conversions or use our new Currency CSV import option.
* Issue: The window that opens when a user needs admin approval to override a price is not sizing correctly.
::* Resolution: The override window now sizes correctly and contains more information on what is needed.
'''CSV Import/Export'''
* Issue: Product CSV fails to create new products if the carton count field is left blank.
::* Resolution: New products can now be created with or without the carton count field data.
* Issue: The Product CSV can create products for part types that don't allow products as long as the part already exists.
::* Resolution: The Part type is now validated on import and products can only be created for part type's that allow products.
* Issue: New Info field is not included on the Payment Data CSV.
::* Resolution: The Info field has been added to the Payment Data CSV.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Issue: Using the Search icon then selecting an item from the list does not add it to the order when you close the dialog.
::* Resolution: The first highlighted item in the list will now be added to the Manufacture Order.
'''Payment Gateway'''
* Issue: If you are not integrated with a Payment Gateway, selecting a Check or E-check method in the payment wizard does not work.
::* Resolution: You can now use Check and E-check regardless of Payment Gateway status. '''(patch available for 2017.11 version, please contact support if needed.)'''
* Issue: When integrated with '''Authorize.net''', Check functions the same as E-check requiring an account and routing number.
::* Resolution: Check now functions as intended asking for a check number and reference. '''(patch available for 2017.11 version, please contact support if needed.)'''
* Issue: Using Wallet cards for payment with '''Authorize.net''' fails in some cases citing that the security code cannot be left blank.
::* Resolution: A Security Code field has been added to the payment dialog in case it needs to be used for Wallet Cards.
* Issue: On a Sales Order with a negative total price, selecting a Wallet card for the payment method will process the payment with a positive amount instead of directing you to the Payment Viewer module to use the Refund feature.
::* Resolution: Regardless of payment method, the payment wizard will direct you to the Payment Viewer module if the amount on the payment is negative.
'''QuickBooks Desktop'''
* Issue: Exporting a Check type payment to QuickBooks was adding "Check #" to the data entered in the field.
::* Resolution: We now only send the Check number itself instead of all the data in our payment info field.
* Issue: '''AU Only:''' In some cases the tax amount calculated on the Sales Order report and the Shipping Invoice report does not match what shows in the Sales Order module.
::* Resolution: These reports have been updated to round correctly to match the Sales Order module UI.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: Product alert notes are not displaying if items are added through the Add SO Item wizard.
::* Resolution: Product alerts now display once a product is selected and you hit Next in the wizard.
* Issue: If a user doesn't have the Price Override user right, they can still add Discounts through the Add wizard.
::* Resolution: The manager approval window will now ask for a valid user name and password when adding Discounts this way without the Price Override user right.
* Issue: Adding line items to an issued Sales Order and hitting the Check Inventory button without saving first will cause a duplicate pick to be created.
::* Resolution: Using the Check Inventory button now saves the Sales Order correctly and will add new items to the current pick instead of creating a new one.
* Issue: New Vendors can be created from the Purchase Order Vendor drop down even if a user does not have Edit access for Vendors.
::* Resolution: The Purchase Order Vendor drop down now checks user access correctly.
* Issue: '''AU Only''' - Exporting a credit return sales order with the amount includes tax box checked will not send the invoice properly to Xero.
::* Resolution: Credit return Sales Orders now send to Xero correctly for amounts include tax.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.12}}
* Issue: If a sales order item is split into different cartons on the shipment you may get a $0.00 item sent to Avalara returning no tax.
::* Resolution: The correct price is sent to Avalara regardless of how quantities are split on shipments.
* Issue: If a Sales Order is set to use Avalara and the shipment is only packed, it will not let you void the shipment.
::* Resoltuion: As long as the order has not been shipped, you can use the Void button to undo a packed status.
'''Fishbowl GO for Android'''
* Issue: When you don't have the access right to overpick Work Order's it errors saying you can't pick a quantity greater than what is listed.
::* Resolution: We now display an error message specifically saying you need the access right to overpick.
{{HideH2|Database Changes - 2017.12}}
* Added '''image''' table
= 2017.11 Released - 11/9/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.11}}
* If you are updating to 2017.11 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.
* {{r|Storing payment card information has been converted to a payment gateway specific token based system. Any payment card information stored prior to updating to 20107.11 will be removed from Fishbowl and will need to be reentered using the new [[Payment_Gateway#Wallets|Customer Wallet functionality]].}}
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.11}}
* [[Payment_Gateway#CardConnect|CardConnect payment gateway integration for both card not present and EMV transactions (hardware required)]].{{ReleaseImage|17.11|1}}
* [[Payment_Gateway#Wallets|Storing credit cards to a Wallet for Stripe or Authorize.Net integration - includes storing cards per customer, using previously stored cards as payment methods, and removing cards as needed]].{{ReleaseImage|17.11|2}}
* [[Payment_Gateway#Wallets|Authorize.net can now take E-Check payments using a bank account and routing number]].{{ReleaseImage|17.11|3}}
* [[Sales_Order#Discount|Ability to edit the amount on Flat Rate taxes and amount type Discounts on Sales Orders]].{{ReleaseImage|17.11|4}}
* [[Payment_Terms|Date Driven terms now send the due date to QuickBooks Online and Xero]].{{ReleaseImage|17.11|5}}
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.11}}
* [[Payment_Gateway#Setup|List of available features for each Payment Gateway offering]].
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Pick|Fishbowl GO Android - long pressing on a line item in Picking will show the order line item notes]].
* [[SalesPoint#SalesPoint_Basic_Checkout|SalesPoint now uses the new payment wizard]].
* [[Start_Fishbowl#Switch_between_databases|When dropping a database from Server Administration the confirmation message includes the schema name of the database that will be dropped]].
* [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/csv/importProduct.html Added columns to the Product CSV Import/Export to set the Carton Count and Carton Type].
* [[Receiving#Reconcile_an_order|Receive Date is added to the item columns in the Reconcile Wizard]].
* [[Calendar#Work_orders|Calendar events will now display the Bill of Materials associated with a Work Order]].
* [[SalesPoint#Accessing_other_modules|Added Payment Viewer as one of the available modules in SalesPoint for quick access to credit card tools like Refund]].
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.11}}
* Issue: Customer, Vendor, Part, and Company modules all store a user name of only 15 characters when user name can be 100 characters.
::* Resolution: Tables have been updated to 100 characters for storing the user name.
* Issue: When created a new blank database the Core option in Product module options is left blank.
::* Resolution: Added a default "-Core%' value to this module option so other options can be changed without having to enter something new into the field.
* Issue: When zip code is selected as an option, it will only send to Authorize.Net if the all the address options are selected.
::* Resolution: Each billing address option now processes correctly regardless of other options selected.
'''CSV Import/Export'''
* Issue: A number of CSV Imports were refreshing the entire cache of items instead of just the changes made by the CSV causing the import to take an extended period of time.
::* Resolution: The following CSV's now refresh cache appropriately: Part, Product, Part Product and Vendor Pricing, Customer, Customer Parts, Part Units of Measure, Part/Product Renaming, Purchase Order, Vendor, Kit Items, Tax Rates, and QuickBooks Class.
* Issue: The Sales Order CSV import will create a blank customer record for the order if CustomerName is blank on the CSV.
::* Resolution: The Sales Order CSV will now check if CustomerName is filled in and will error if it's blank.
* Issue: The Sales Order CSV is not creating customer contact details when creating a new customer.
::* Resolution: The customer contact details will now save to the customer record on import.
'''Fishbowl GO'''
* Issue: If you don't have View access to the Data module, the message on login is unclear.
::* Resolution: New error message tells you that you need the Data-View access right.
* Issue: In some parts of Fishbowl GO you could not load a part number if it contained an apostrophe.
::* Resolution: The apostrophe character can now be searched for correctly.
* Issue: When using the "Print From Device" setting the reports would be saved with the "Format Report for Exporting" option selected.
::* Resolution: Reports now print all pages correctly from GO.
* Issue: When using the "Scan each individual item" option in Packing you are not able to scan a product UPC code once the edit screen is available.
::* Resolution: Using Product UPC is now working correctly when in the packing item edit screen.
* Issue: When using the "Scan each individual item" in Picking, if the part you're editing doesn't have any Vendor associations and you type in the quantity to edit, Fishbowl GO will force close.
::* Resolution: In the Picking item edit window, decimal quantities can now be set regardless of Vendor parts or options selected.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Issue: Fulfilling and exporting a receipt to Accounting and then voiding that receipt and immediately voiding the PO will remove the post records and not remove the PO from Accounting.
::* Resolution: Attempting to Void a PO after the Receipt is voided will require you to export to Accounting first.
'''QuickBooks Online'''
* Issue: Using an American Express for payment would fail to export the payment details due to the reference being too long.
::* Resolution: Change Info saved to payment to says "Amex" instead of "American Express" to be within the required length.
* Issue: Attempting to save reports as a .xls file will cause an error.
::* Resolution: Reports can again be saved as any of the available file types.
* Service Order
::* Kit Header line would show when price was $0 and "Show Products with zero dollar value" was unchecked. Updated the report to exclude zero dollar Kit Header line items.
* All Barcode Labels
::* Centered the barcode on the label.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: When using a Drop Ship item, the Carrier does not transfer from the Sales Order to the new Purchase Order.
::* Resolution: Carrier now transfers from Sales Order to Purchase Order for Drop Ship items.
* Issue: When carton based shipping is turned on and you back date a shipment, the shipping line added to the Sales Order is using today's date for the fulfilled date instead of the date used on the shipment.
::* Resolution: The shipping line item will use the date used on the shipment.
* Issue: When taking multiple payments, hitting enter does not advance the confirmation dialog to take the next payment.
::* Resolution: Hitting enter will now advance the dialog and continue to the payment screen.
* Issue: When using the Product carton count feature the cartonCount field on the ship record does not populate correctly.
::* Resolution: Ship.cartonCount now populates the correct number or cartons when using Product carton count.
{{HideH2|Database Changes - 2017.11}}
* '''posTransaction''' table - removed '''reference''' column
* Added '''wallet''' and '''walletPayment''' tables
= 2017.10 Released - 10/12/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.10}}
* If you are updating to 2017.10 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.
* If you are having trouble starting your server on Mac or Linux, you may need to add a timezone setting to your MySQL .cnf file.  Find your current .cnf file then add this line: default_time_zone=-07:00
::* The -07:00 number represents the Mountain timezone.  Please adjust your timezone number accordingly (i.e. -08:00 for Pacific time)
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.10}}
* [[Payment_Gateway#PayPal|PayPal Payment Processing Integration]]{{ReleaseImage|17.10|2}}
* [[Payment_Gateway#Square|Square Payment Processing Integration]]{{ReleaseImage|17.10|3}}
* [[Avalara|Avalara works with Quick Fulfill]]{{ReleaseImage|17.10|4}}
* [[Purchase_Order#Details_tab|Dimensional Weight calculation on Purchase Order Details tab]]{{ReleaseImage|17.10|5}}
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.10}}
* [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/csv/exportCycleCount.html New message for Cycle Count CSV and function in Inventory module telling you to use the Add Inventory function if a part's cost is at $0].
* [[Advanced_Reports#PO_Part_Barcodes_With_Tracking_One_Off|New 4x6 inch labels for Purchase Order]] [[Advanced_Reports#WO_Part_Barcodes_With_Tracking_One_Off|and Work Order part tracking]].
* [[Start_Fishbowl#Switch_between_databases|Removing a database selection from the Fishbowl Server settings will now prompt you to remove the database permanently]].
* [[Access_Rights#Shipping|There is now an access right for being able to edit a shipping address after it has been marked as shipped]].
* [[Sales_Order#SO_to_PO|When using the SO to PO function, the carrier from the SO will be used on the new PO that is created]].
* [[Currency#Module_Options_General_tab|Payment Gateways will now use home currency for payments]].
* [[Payment_Viewer#Refund_a_payment|When using the Refund in Payment Viewer, users will be able to select which SO the credit payment applies to]].
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.10}}
* Issue: Selecting multiple emails in an email wizard will cause an SMTP error.
::* Resolution: Selecting multiple emails now sends correctly to all addresses selected.
* Issue: Changing the cost of an item in between fulfilling and exporting a Work Order will cause the transaction to fail when exporting to QuickBooks Online or Xero.
::* Resolution: The standard cost of items is now stored at completion of Work Orders to avoid errors or future cost problems.
* Issue: If a customer name included "\" then it would fail when exporting to QuickBooks Desktop.
::* Resolution: Corrected the issue for both customer and vendor names.
* Issue: When using an Outsourced item on a PO and going from one part to a different part, the new part's On Order count is not increased.
::* Resolution: On Order now reflects the new part that will be received in place of the old part for Outsourced items.
* Issue: If a new part has never had inventory, attempting to edit the average cost will cause errors.
::* Resolution: You can only edit the average cost if you have current inventory available.
'''Payment Viewer'''
* Issue: Delete and Refund payments always showed available even if no payment was loaded.
::* Resolution: Delete and Refund options only show when available to use.
* Issue: Refunding a cash payment would cause an error.
::* Resolution: Cash payments can now be refunded.
* Issue: Attempting to refund payments from previous versions of Fishbowl would not display an error if the Store Credit card option was turned off when the payment was taken.
::* Resolution: This scenario will now display an error correctly.
* Issue: If a pick is fully committed, changing the Location Group option will not flag the pick as changed and you can't save the pick.
::* Resolution: Changing the Location Group drop down will now mark the order as changed and will save accordingly.
* Issue: The Inventory info button on the Details tab shows no inventory info.
::* Resolution: This inventory info button now shows inventory correctly based on user access.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Issue: Outsourced PO's use the company ship to address from the order on the shipment created instead of the vendor you're sending the part to.
::* Resolution: Outsourced PO shipments now pull the Vendor's address from the order.
'''QuickBooks Desktop'''
* Issue: Fishbowl's character limit for FOB Points is 15 characters while QuickBooks only supports 13 characters.
::* Resolution: We now trim the FOB point name to 13 characters when exporting to QuickBooks to avoid errors.
* Costing Layer Valuation
::* Added UOM to Qty column.
* Purchase Order Report
::* Added option to show/hide order notes.
* Margins by Sales Order
::* Fixed issue where the part line item was duplicating.
*Manufacture Order Traveler
::* Fixed the "Show WO Travelers" option to show all Work Order Travelers.
*On Hand Report
::* Fixed an issue where the tracking fields were showing in an inconsistent order.
*Turnover Report
::* Updated the report to account for selling products in different UOM's.
*Compare Sales by Month
::* Report now always pulls from current product number/description instead of what it was on a given Sales Order.
*Shipping Invoice
::* Fixed an issue where the Ship To address would disappear when the order had a discount or shipping line item.
::* Fixed an issue where the Subtotal wasn't correctly using discount or shipping items.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: After unissuing a Sales Order, if you right click on that order in the search pane, the options available are still for an issued order.
::* Resolution: Search pane will show correction menu options for whatever status an order is in.
* Issue: In some cases, mostly on Canada databases, the tax at the bottom right of orders doesn't match what shows up on the order once it makes it to QuickBooks.
::* Resolution: The database stored the correct value for the order so we now display that instead of recalculating in the UI.
* Issue: The check inventory wizard was not refreshing properly when using the back and next buttons and changing date options.
::* Resolution: You can now move between pages of the wizard, change options, and see correct results.
* Issue: AUSTRALIA ONLY - New payment wizard does not account for the round to nearest module option.
::* Resolution: New payment wizard now correctly rounds for cash payments.
* Issue: When using a Drop Ship part, if there is no Vendor association and you select Yes to create one, the Vendor part number does not fill in with the part number.
::* Resolution: The Vendor part number field will now fill in with the part number and can be edited if needed.
* Issue: Module options were not fitting correctly in the window.
::* Resolution: Resized the window to fit all options.
* Issue: AUSTRALIA ONLY - When price rounding option is turned on, the change given doesn't calculate on payments taken.
::* Resolution: Change given now calculates correctly for SalesPoint payments.
* Issue: The Schedule module can lock up on tasks in some cases.
::* Resolution: Fixed issues where the schedule module locks up which should no longer require a server restart.
* Issue: Order type drop down includes WO option which isn't necessary.
::* Resolution: Removed the WO option from the order type drop down in Ship search.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.10}}
* Issue: The tax line item added to the sales order does not get a price set on its postSoItem record causing issues with some reports.
::* Resolution: The postSoItem for the Avalara tax item added to orders now gets price set correctly.
{{HideH2|Database Changes - 2017.10}}
* '''woItem''' table - added '''standardCost''' column for tracking the standard cost at the time of WO fulfill
= 2017.9 Released - 9/21/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.9}}
* If you are updating to 2017.9 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please see [[#Considerations_Before_Updating_-_2017.1|Considerations before updating to 2017]] before proceeding.
* Credit card processing APIs have been updated. If you process credit cards through Fishbowl, please review [[Credit cards|this page]] before updating. After updating to 2017.9 a re-integration to your payment processor is required.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.9 }}
* [[Payment_Gateway#Stripe|Stripe credit card processing integration]]{{ReleaseImage|17.9|1}}
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.9}}
* [[Sales_Order#Take_a_payment|Payment method no longer lists '''VISA''', '''MasterCard''', '''Discover''', etc. and are just listed as '''Credit Card''' type]].{{ReleaseImage|17.9|2}}
* [[Payment_Gateway#Intuit_Merchant_Services|QuickBooks Merchant Services Gateway has been re-instated. This is marked as deprecated by Intuit, but still available for the time being]].{{ReleaseImage|17.9|3}} Please note, all transactions processed through QBMS will be run as "card not present" type transactions. For EMV compliant transactions, integration with the CardConnect payment gateway is required.
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.9}}
'''CSV Import/Export'''
* Issue: The Sales Order Details CSV was able to change an SO's status even if it was In Progress.
::* Resolution: The CSV will now only be able to change the order status if it's available to be changed.
* Issue: If you have a lot of custom fields the Advanced Search window will not always be able to display all of them.
::* Resolution: The Advanced Search window will now have a scroll bar instead of attempting to fit all the field in one window.
'''Fishbowl GO'''
* Issue: Trying to Pack in Fishbowl GO causes an error.
::* Resolution: Packing in GO now works as expected.
* Issue: Attempting to enter a CVC number with a 0 at the beginning will cut off the 0.
::* Resolution: The CVC field will now accept all numbers.
* Issue: When saving a payment's data to the Info field the wrong Name type was being used.
::* Resolution: The Payment Method name will now be stored in the Info field for future reference.
* Shipping Invoice
::* Fixed an issue where the ship to address would disappear on a fulfilled shipment when the order has a shipping or discount line item.
* POS Receipt
::* Updated the report to pull payment method and last 4 of the card number based on the new database table setup.
{{HideH2|Database Changes - 2017.9}}
* '''PosTransaction''' table - column '''transactionId''' adjusted to be 100 characters instead of 20.
= 2017.8 Released - 9/14/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.8}}
* If you are updating to 2017.8 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please see [[#Considerations_Before_Updating_-_2017.1|Considerations before updating to 2017]] before proceeding.
* Credit card processing APIs have been updated. If you process credit cards through Fishbowl, please review [[Credit_cards|this page]] before updating. After updating to 2017.8 a re-integration to your payment processor is required.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.8}}
* [[Shipping#General_tab|Ability to edit the shipping address on each individual shipment]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|1}}
* [[Bill_of_Materials#Details_tab|Default Calendar category for each Bill of Materials which will set the Work Order Calendar category]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|2}}
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.8}}
* [[Customer#Search|You can now search by '''Country''' in the advanced search for Customer]] [[Vendor#Search|and Vendor]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|3}}
* [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/csv/updatePPP.html The '''Part URL''' is now included on the '''Part Product and Vendor Pricing''' CSV]{{ReleaseImage|17.8|4}}
* [[Manufacture_Order#Search|The Manufacture Order advanced search now includes the Work Order Calendar Category]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|5}}
* [[Schedule#Create_Scheduled_Task|The option to schedule an Accounting Export is available again by default]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|6}}
* [[Sales_Order#Details_tab|The ship wizard email step will now use the email address from the sales order '''Details''' tab]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|7}}
* [[Shipping#Module_Options_Carton_Types_tab|After highlighting a specific shipping carton, the carton type can be changed so that the length, width, and height can be populated at the same time]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|8}}
* [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/csv/importCustomer.html Address Residential flag now available on the Customer CSV Import/Export].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|9}}
* [[Fishbowl_API#Make_Payment|API - Receiving payments through the API will now use the Payment Method's default account if it's not specified]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|10}}
* [[Sales_Order#Quick_fulfill|Warning added to the '''Quick Fulfill''' wizard when payment hasn't been taken]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|11}}
* [[Data#Copy_data|In the '''Data''' module, a single click will now highlight a row and a double click will highlight a cell]].{{ReleaseImage|17.8|12}}
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.8}}
* Issue: Customer and Vendor Address Info on the Account Info tab was difficult to read because it was grayed out.
::* Resolution: The Address Info section now displays as normal text but is still uneditable.  Go to the Address tab to make changes.
* Issue: Attempting to use more than one email address in the BCC field for email setup will cause an error when sending emails.
::* Resolution: You can now use multiple email addresses in the BCC field.
* Issue: CANADA ONLY - Creating a new blank database was getting an error that would allow you to use the database, but no views were created causing errors throughout Fishbowl.
::* Resolution: New databases now create with the views correctly.
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Issue: Removing a Finished Good item from an Always Create type BOM will leave the Always Create flag marked on the part sometimes causing issues with Sales Orders.
::* Resolution: If the removed item is on no other Always Create BOM's, the Always Create flag on the part will be set to false.
* Issue: The error message for items attempting to be sold but that don't have an assigned product was incorrect.
::* Resolution: The error is now grammatically correct.
'''CSV Import/Export'''
* Issue: If the UOM Each is inactive and you try to import "Part Product and Vendor Pricing" without any vendor part info you will receive a null error.
::* Resolution: "Part Product and Vendor Pricing" can now be imported while each is inactive as long as each is not used as the part UOM.
* Issue: Users are able to create "In Transit" location types.
::* Resolution: You now receive an error when attempting to save an In Transit location type as this type is reserved for Transfer Orders only.
* Issue: The location module Tag field was using comma's for number of 4 digits or more.
::* Resolution: This field will now display only the number and no comma.
* Issue: The location Auto Create feature would not create locations in some cases due to the way it was checking for existing locations.
::* Resolution: The Auto Create feature will now check existing locations correctly and will create new locations if necessary.
* Issue: For a part with multiple products, if you delete the default Product on the details tab, the remaining product will not be set as default which can cause errors in Consignment.
::* Resolution: You are no longer able to delete the default Product from the Part module.
* Issue: When using inventory tracking, picking (as well as shipping and other inventory functions) can be very slow.
::* Resolution: Fishbowl no longer uses the tracking views in the database to look up the tracking needed and instead queries the database directly.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Issue: Advanced search label says "Date Received" when it really is searching for Date Completed.
::* Resolution: Label updated to reflect search results.  Go to Receiving Advanced Search for actual Date Received advanced searches.
'''QuickBooks Desktop'''
* Issue: When importing new classes from QuickBooks an error would return for every class that already exists in Fishbowl causing confusion.
::* Resolution: If a class already exists in Fishbowl during the import, no error will display.
* Issue: Sales Orders get an error posting to QuickBooks when Class tracking is assigned to names but the customer in QuickBooks does not have an assigned class.
::* Resolution: Sales Orders now have no trouble posting to QuickBooks regardless of how Class is assigned in QuickBooks.
* Issue: CANADA ONLY - Tax Angency Vendors were making the Vendor import from QuickBooks fail when using certain tax reporting periods.
::* Resolution: Vendors can now be imported regardless of which tax reporting period is selected.
* Part Barcodes One Off
::* The Count field now has two functions: If a part number is selected, it will print that specific quantity of labels for the selected part number. If the part number field is left blank, the count is the number of parts from your part list to print in conjunction with the skip field.
* Product Barcodes One Off
::* The Count field now has two functions: If a product number is selected, it will print that specific quantity of labels for the selected part number. If the product number field is left blank, the count is the number of products from your product list to print in conjunction with the skip field.
*Vendor Backorder Report
::* Now includes miscellaneous PO items on the report.
*Vendor Performance Report
::* Now includes miscellaneous PO items on the report.
*Receiving History
::* Selecting a vendor now excludes customer receipts and vice versa.
*Packing List
::* Updated to pull Ship To address information from the Shipping module.
::* Fixed a spelling error in part number footnote. (Parenthesis to Parentheses)
*Shipping Invoice
::* Updated to pull Ship To address information from the Shipping module.
*Inventory Shipping Summary
::* Updated to pull Ship To address information from the Shipping module.
*Shipment History
::* Updated to pull Ship To address information from the Shipping module.
*Bill Of Lading
::* Updated to pull Ship To address information from the Shipping module.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: Adding configurable items to a Sales Order no longer allowed you to manually set price adjustments for applicable items.
::* Resolution: Price adjustments can now be set manually or use the default for the item during the configuration wizard.
* Issue: Kit headers do not get fulfilled when one of the items is a Drop Ship type item.
::* Resolution: Kit headers now fulfill correctly when all items are fulfilled regardless of item type.
* Issue: The Sales Order item Margin field is not calculating correctly for Non-Inventory items with a quantity more than 1.
::* Resolution: The Margin field now calculates correctly regardless of item type or quantity.
* Issue: For BOM's that have sub-assemblies with price adjustments, the adjustments are not calculating correctly with more than 1 quantity.
::* Resolution: Price adjustments now calculate regardless of quantity or assembly level.
* Issue: In some cases line items fulfilled at the same time will get a slightly different fulfillment date and will cause the order to not get a date completed.
::* Resolution: The order date completed is now set correctly as long as all the lines are closed.
* Issue: If a shipment gets a Part Cost ID database error during shipment, the shipment does not roll back properly and commits only a partially completed shipment.
::* Resolution: If a Part Cost ID error is given, the shipment now rolls back correctly to the open status.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.8}}
* Issue: The tax line item added to the Sales Order was being added with cost causing a journal entry in QuickBooks for Misc. COGS.
::* Resolution: The tax line item is now price only.
{{HideH2|Database Changes - 2017.8}}
* '''BOM''' table - added defaultCalCategory field.
* '''PosTransaction''' table - added info field to store card type and last 4 digits of a processed card.  Also removed miscCreditCard column as it was unused.
* '''Ship''' table - added columns for shipping address.
* '''SO''' table - changed residentialFlag field to shipToResidential
= 2017.7 Released - 8/10/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.7}}
* If you are updating to 2017.7 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please see [[#Considerations_Before_Updating_-_2017.1|Considerations before updating to 2017]] before proceeding.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.7}}
* [[Purchase_Order#Outsource|Outsourced parts on a purchase order can now go out as one part number and come back as a different part number]].{{ReleaseImage|17.7|1}}
* [[Setup#Countries_tab|The '''Setup''' module now includes a tab to view and edit the country and state list]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|2}}
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.7}}
* [[Sales_Order#Module_Options_General_tab|The '''Margin''' percentage can now be edited in-line on sales order items]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|3}}
* [[Reports#Module_associations|The '''Reports''' menu in every module now has a link to go directly to the '''Reports''' module]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|4}}
* [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/csv/importPurchaseOrder.html The '''Purchase Order''' import now includes the ability to specify the '''Customer:Job''' on each line item]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|5}}
* [[Class#About_classes|The item '''Class''' in the SO and PO modules now shows the full class name, which matches the format of the order '''Class''' field]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|6}}
* [[Receiving#Reconcile_an_order|The buttons on the '''Add items''' step of the '''Reconcile''' wizard now have keyboard shortcuts]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|7}}
* [[User|Custom fields have been added to the '''User''' module]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|8}}
* [[Transfer_Order#Order_details|The carrier '''Service''' field was added to transfer orders]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|9}}
* [[Setup#Payment_Methods_tab|Each payment method type now has a '''Deposit Account''' field]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|10}}
* [[Customize_Fishbowl#Searching_tables|Tables in Fishbowl are now searchable]]. {{ReleaseImage|17.7|11}}
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.7}}
* Issue: When a date field becomes uneditable, sometimes it has a gray background making it difficult to read the date.
::* Resolution: Date fields now have a white background once they are uneditable.
* Issue: Attempting to delete an address that includes contact information will give an unhelpful error.
::* Resolution: Deleting an address will contact information will now give you the option to cancel or also delete the contacts associated.
* Issue: If the Fishbowl Server properties file did not include the License Key line, the Fishbowl server would crash on startup.
::* Resolution: The Fishbowl Server will no longer crash in this scenario and will instead ask you for a license key to add to the properties.
* Issue: Running a repost export that includes Work Orders does not clear all the necessary for re-exporting causing errors.
::* Resolution: Using the repost function will now post Work Order's correctly.
* Issue: During data validation to QuickBooks Online some products or customer names would return an error in come cases saying it already exists.
::* Resolution: Fixed one possible issue where this error would occur.
'''CSV Import/Export'''
* Issue: The Custom Field Data and Part Product and Vendor Pricing CSV's do not validate list type Custom Field data.
::* Resolution: You can only use case-sensitive values from the custom list specified when importing data for a list type custom field.
* Issue: If the Sales Order CSV cell types are formatted incorrectly, dates will import as the year 0017 instead of 2017 in some cases.
::* Resolution: All dates will import as 2017 regardless of Excel cell formatting.
* Issue: The Finish search column was not displaying correctly for some orders that were started but had short items.
::* Resolution: The Finish icon now shows correctly for started picks with short items.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Issue: If you have an item that is received but not reconciled, you will not be able to add or delete current PO items.
::* Resolution: You are now able to change PO items regardless of receipt status.
* Issue: The UOM drop down in the PO Item Details window or the Add Miscellaneous Item window was displaying blank even though the data was available to use.
::* Resolution: The UOM drop down now displays correctly for all PO Items.
* Issue: Starting a new PO and not selecting a vendor then opening an existing PO will not allow you to change the item quantity.
::* Resolution: Item quantity is available for existing PO's regardless of the previous PO's state.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: Fulfilling kits with only one kit item does not always calculate the quantity fulfilled for the kit header correctly.
::* Resolution: Kit header quantity fulfilled is now calculated correctly regardless of the number of kit items.
* Issue: Sales Orders created by RMA's had a null Note and mcTotalTax fields in the database causing errors in some cases.
::* Resolution: RMA's now create Sales Order records correctly.
* Issue: Switching between Markup and Unit Price fields on Sales Order items could continually recalculate the price or markup very slightly.
::* Resolution: If numbers are not changed we no longer try to recalculate the price or markup fields.
* Issue: When changing a Payment Method name to something with the same spelling but different casing, you would get a unique name error.
::* Resolution: You can now change the casing of a Payment Method name and save it without an error.
* Issue: Carton weight does not calculate correctly if you partially pick an item, then finish the rest of the pick and add it to the same shipment.
::* Resolution: Carton weight now calculates correctly regardless of quantity picked.
* Issue: Using the Carton Count feature in the product module while having more than one line of the same product on an SO causes the SO items to fulfill incorrectly.
::* Resolution: The Carton Count number will now apply to individual line items instead of total product quantity on an order.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.7}}
'''Fishbowl GO'''
* Issue: Fishbowl GO will crash when trying to open a receipt for a credit return Sales Order created by an RMA.
::* Resolution: Fishbowl GO can now open these types of receipts with no issue.
= 2017.6 Released - 7/13/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.6}}
* If you are updating to 2017.6 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please see [[#Considerations_Before_Updating_-_2017.1|Considerations before updating to 2017]] before proceeding.
* If your automatic Client update is failing after the Fishbowl Server is updated, please adjust your Client memory allocation by following the steps [[Support#Memory_allocation_after_installation|here]].
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.6}}
* [[Setup|The '''Setup''' module in '''Setup''' group stores email settings, payment methods, shipping terms, FOB point, and integrated apps]].
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.6}}
* [[Schedule|Scheduled task names can now be 255 characters instead of only 30]].
* [[Plugin|Server notification when plugins updates are available]].
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.6}}
* Issue: Updating or backing up a MySQL database will leave a backup copy in a general Windows temp folder.
::* Resolution: These temp files are now deleted after we are done using them during the update or backup process.
* Issue: New and Delete Address buttons were not displaying correctly throughout the software.
::* Resolution: These buttons now display the full text and are no longer cut off.
'''CSV Import/Export'''
* Issue: On the Vendors CSV Import the Address Name was only allowing 60 characters when the database limit is 90.
::* Resolution: The Address Name field now allows the full 90 characters on the Vendors import.
* Issue: The new customer wizard would always do a default class of None.
::* Resolution: The new customer wizard now leaves the Class field blank so that it can always be set or does nothing.
* Issue: In the Inventory module "Display more Information" screen, the checkbox to "Show all location groups" was working incorrectly.
::* Resolution: Removed the checkbox so you only see inventory for your location groups.
* Issue: If remaining items on a Sales Order are deleted, the pick will have all finished items but still have an Entered pick status.
::* Resolution: If all remaining items are removed from a pick, that pick will be set to Finished.
* Issue: Duplicating products can be very slow in some cases.
::* Resolution: Refactor of code to improve speed.
* Issue: If you enter a Reference Number on a line item and hit Fulfill, the Reference Number field will be cleared.
::* Resolution: The Reference Number on the line item now saves when hitting Fulfill.
* Issue: In the Edit Tracking window in the Receiving module, the auto-generate tracking buttons show available for Outsource type items.
::* Resolution: The auto-generate tracking icons now only show if the tracking field is editable.
* Issue: The Customer's default class is not assigning to the order or items.
::* Resolution: Class is now selected from the Customer's default.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: Adding a Build to Order item with price adjustments to an SO can get the wrong price adjustment if an adjustment option line's box is not checked.
::* Resolution: The price adjustments on Build to Order items will only update if the box is checked for a specific item.
* Issue: Attempting to run a Currency update schedule will fail if you are not connected to an accounting package.
::* Resolution: Running a Currency update schedule can now be done regardless of accounting integration.
* Issue: Voiding a shipment does not clear the SO Item's date fulfilled.
::* Resolution: Voiding a shipment will now clear the SO Item's date fulfilled as long as the quantity fulfilled goes down to 0.
* Issue: When using serial numbers sometimes the list would be truncated between picking and shipping causing shipping errors stating there's not enough serial numbers.
::* Resolution: All serial numbers now correctly make it to shipping.
* Issue: Some shipments show a successful ship but are actually failing in the background and not rolling back the shipment, usually on larger orders.
::* Resolution: These errors now cause the shipment to fail and roll back what was successfully shipped to avoid corruption.
* Issue: UPS Ready COD settings were not working correctly in some cases.
::* Resolution: Updated the UPS COD options to be correct in the database.
'''Unit of Measure'''
* Issue: When creating a UOM conversion it does not check if current items on BOM's are compatible with the new conversion causing errors when finishing Work Order's later on.
::* Resolution: An error now shows when current BOM items are not compatible with a new conversion.
* Issue: Using the SO Delete call can cause corruption.
::* Resolution: SO delete call removed to avoid this corruption.  Use the Void API call instead.
* Issue: Using the accountID parameter from our iReport documentation would cause reports not to run.
::* Resolution: This parameter has been fixed and can now be used without issue.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.6}}
* Issue: The Fishbowl Server was not deleting old plugin files after updating the plugin.
::*Resolution: The old plugin files now delete correctly when updating or uninstalling plugins.
* Issue: Updating the Fishbowl Client would sometimes hold old plugin files and install them again when updating the client to a new Fishbowl version.
::*Resolution: The Fishbowl Client now deletes the update files when the update is complete.
* Issue: User Group access right options for plugins weren't duplicating and showing twice.
::* Resolution: Access rights only show once for plugins.
* Issue: Shipping an order would fail to process if the Sales Order has no taxable line items on it.
::* Resolution: If an SO has no taxable line items we will not process the order through Avalara.
* Issue: If a customer is set to Tax Exempt, the Sales Order would be changed to a Tax Rate of None.
::* Resolution: If integrated with Avalara, the Tax Rate for Sales Orders is completely determined by the Customer's tax rate.  If the Customer's rate is set to "AvaTax Order" then it will process through Avalara.
{{HideH2|Fishbowl GO (ANDROID VERSION ONLY) New Features - 2.0}}
'''**''' This update requires Fishbowl 2017.5
'''**''' iOS release coming soon.
'''New Features'''
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Add_Inventory|Add Inventory]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Scrap|Scrap Inventory]]
::* [[Fishbowl_GO#Scrap|Option to Scrap to a customer/job]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Buttons|Option to show part images in Pick and Receive]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Scan Each option]]
::* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Add Inventory]]
::* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Cycle]]
::* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Pick]]
::* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Pack]]
::* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Receive]]
::* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Scrap]]
::* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|WO finish]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Part|Print part label barcodes]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Receive|Print receiving label barcodes]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Receive|Reference number in Receiving]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Work_Order|Work Order can add raw good and finished good items]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Work_Order|Go to Pick and back to WO on an unpicked order]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Work_Order|Ability to edit the Finished good quantity for orders with multiple finished goods]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Buttons|Order notes on Pick]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Buttons|Order notes on Receiving]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Option to show only completely fulfillable picks]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Plugin_settings|Option to only show picks assigned to your user]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Buttons|Option to print from the device instead of the server]]
'''Bug Fixes'''
* Issue: When scanning with the camera, app would force close if adding more than one serial number.
::* Resolution: All serial numbers can now be added regardless of scanning method.
* Issue: WO Finish only asks for primary tracking instead of all tracking.
::* Resolution: WO Finish now asks for all tracking.
* Issue: The Scrap feature was requiring all tracking instead of just the primary tracking.
::* Resolution: Scrap now only asks for the primary tracking (i.e. Serial Number).
= 2017.5 Released - 6/15/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.5}}
* If you are updating to 2017.5 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please see [[#Considerations_Before_Updating_-_2017.1|Considerations before updating to 2017]] before proceeding.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.5}}
* [[My Fishbowl|Added the '''My Fishbowl''' module to keep track of support info, training hours, and even purchase new users or renew your support contract]].
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.5}}
* [[Start_Fishbowl#Change_license_key_after_Fishbowl_is_installed|The Fishbowl Server will now automatically activate your license key for you if necessary]].
* [[Reports#Server_log|The '''Reports''' module now has a '''Server Log''' button just like the '''Data''' module]].
* [[Part#Create_a_part|Updated the '''Part'''/'''Product''' creation wizard to include '''Product SKU''']].
* [[Bill_of_Materials#Default_Locations_tab|Added tooltips to the '''Default Locations''' tabs in the '''BOM''' and '''Part''' modules to add clarity for each use of default locations]].
* [[User#Missing_information|Users will now be prompted on login to enter phone number and email information for their user if it is not already provided]].
* [[Data#Server_log|Sending a database to Fishbowl will now allow the user to continue working while the database sends and then notify the user upon completion]].
* [[Product#Assign_multiple_products_per_part|The new product button in the '''Part''' module now auto fills the product number and description data]].
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.5}}
* Issue: Fishbowl Server window still show "Database URL" text for Firebird database files.
::* Resolution: Fishbowl Server window now shows "Database Host" to indicate which MySQL server is being used.
* Issue: Certain characters are not encoding correctly to the backup file when made through Fishbowl causing errors on restore in some cases.
::* Resolution: All characters are now encoded correctly on backup.
* Issue: On low resolution monitors or small Fishbowl windows the email settings would cut off.
::* Resolution: Email settings now has a scroll bar.
'''CSV Imports/Exports'''
* Issue: The Payment Data CSV was importing lines without error even when the CSV fails due to errors on other lines.
::* Resolution: This CSV will only import data on a successful import.
* Issue: Importing kits using the Sales Order CSV would fail if the Kit Header item type was not set to 80.
::* Resolution: Kit headers will now import with a type of 80 or 10.
* Issue: Importing a Sales Order CSV requires the Tax Code but the code is not required to be unique so it may not select the tax you're hoping for.
::* Resolution: The Tax Code field will now check the Tax Name first then the Code if it can't find the name.
'''Linux Installation'''
* Issue: A change made to the system causes the .sh files not to work properly.
::* Resolution: The .sh files can now be used correctly.  Please speak with Fishbowl Support about a resolution for the 2017.4 version or use the app files instead of the .sh files.
* Issue: The Customer/Job field would be available to select from but would hide if you switched location types.
::* Resolution: The Customer/Job field is now available to use for any location type.
* Issue: If an item on a pick becomes short or partial while the pick is open, attempting to pick or refreshing the pick would clear the location from other finished items on the pick.
::* Resolution: A line item splitting or becoming short no longer removes the location from other pick items.
* Issue: The status icon in the Pick search pane is not correct when dealing with non-inventory items.
::* Resolution: The status icon is now correct regardless of item type.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Issue: Duplicating PO's can take a significant amount of time in some cases.
::* Resolution: Refactor of code to improve speed.
* Issue: Part tax codes are not being applied to PO items in the Australia and Canada versions of Fishbowl.
::* Resolution: Tax codes now apply properly.
* Issue: Unable to search for Miscellaneous Item number and description in the Advanced Search window.
::* Resolution: You can now use the Advanced Search Part Number and Description fields to find Miscellaneous Parts.
'''QuickBooks Desktop Integration'''
* Issue: Pulling in open PO's from QuickBooks would leave the Vendor Number field blank on the PO Item when it's not allowed to be blank.
::* Resolution: The Vendor Number field now fills in with the Part Number.
* Issue: Reports Module Options for Default Date Range, Location Group, and Salesperson do not work.
::* Resolution: These options have been removed since they can be saved per report.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: Double clicking on a flat rate Discount item will reset the item price to the original amount from the Discount module.
::* Resolution: Double clicking to edit a flat rate Discount item now has no effect on the item price.
* Issue: Margin and Markup calculations were not correct in some cases when large quantities were used.
::* Resolution: Margin and Markup calculations are now correct regardless of quantity.
* Issue: Closing short a not-inventory item will cause a "Dividing by 0 is not allowed" error when using the Margin/Markup option.
::* Resolution: You can now close short a non-inventory without any errors.
* Issue: Voiding a shipment would not clear the Sales Order Date Completed or the shipment's Date Shipped.
::* Resolution: Voiding a shipment now clears the above dates.
* Issue: If an item was closed short to 0 quantity and you opened the Item Details window it would tell you the quantity could not be set to 0.
::* Resolution: Item Details can now be viewed on items closed short at 0 quantity.
* Issue: Line Item custom fields are visible even when inactive.
::* Resolution: Inactive custom fields no longer show on SO line items.
* Issue: Saving user details is unavailable on users other than admin when they should be able to update contact info and their password.
::* Resolution: Saving user details is now available for users without edit access so they can save their own details and password.
* Issue: There is no option to set an SO item tax rate or code on the US version when using the SO Item call.
::* Resolution: You are now able to set the tax on an SO item regardless of country version.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.5}}
* Updated to the latest Dropbox API
= 2017.4 Released - 5/11/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.4}}
* If you are updating to 2017.4 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please see [[#Considerations_Before_Updating_-_2017.1|Considerations before updating to 2017]] before proceeding.
* Each client computer will need to be manually [[Update Fishbowl|updated]] to the 2017.4 version as a result of changes made to the way the client update is received from the server.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.4}}
* [[Update_Fishbowl#Auto update|Server Update options to download files and notifications on Fishbowl client]]
* [[Product#Details_tab|Product option to auto fill cartons with a default quantity and carton type]]
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.4}}
* [[Sales_Order#Module_Options_Custom_tab|Sales order module option to customize the estimate title on the sales order report]]
* [[Kitting#Add_a_Kit_to_a_Sales_Order|Price adjustments associated with kits or manufacture order items can now be manually adjusted]]
* [[Data#Server_log|Improved database logging data is sent to Fishbowl when sending a database]]
* [[Reports#Included_reports|Country specific reports have been combined and now determine country at run time]]
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.4}}
* Issue: Associated products, RMA's and custom field data via the API causes the Fishbowl client to run slowly.
::* Resolution: Optimization to each of these areas allows the client to run queries faster.
* Issue: Items that have been used on a Work Order after being received cause an error when trying to reconcile.
::* Resolution: Items that have been received then consumed on a Work Order can now be reconciled properly.
* Issue: Using the X to kill a scheduled task removes it from the list but doesn't always stop it from running.
::* Resolution: Killing a scheduled task now completely stops it from running in all cases.
* Issue: In the Products section of the Part module, using the New or Edit Product window could cause some fields to be filled in with incompatible data.
::* Resolution: The New and Edit Product buttons now take you to the Product module to perform those functions.
* Issue: The Bill of Materials CSV is not setting the Auto Create type to the module option default if the type was not set on the CSV.
::* Resolution: The Bill of Materials CSV will now use the default Auto Create type if not set on the CSV.
* Issue: Importing a Bill of Materials through CSV would cause the Bill of Materials report to not show the BOM Number or Description until the BOM is manually saved.
::* Resolution: The Bill of Materials report now shows the BOM details immediately after the CSV is imported.
* Issue: When adding a part to a Purchase Order, the UOM was not being set correctly and would cause it to be set to Each.
::* Resolution: UOM is now being set correctly when adding items to a Purchase Order.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.4}}
* Issue: Fishbowl GO - Android version: Cycle counting an item with multiple tracking types doesn't record the secondary tracking correctly.
::* Resolution: Cycle counting with multiple part tracking fields works like a charm.
= 2017.3 Released - 4/13/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations before updating - 2017.3}}
If you are updating to 2017.3 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please see [[#Considerations_Before_Updating_-_2017.1|Considerations before updating to 2017]] before proceeding.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.3}}
* [[Customize_Fishbowl#Customize_Tables|User layout is now stored in the database rather than gui.properties file]]
* [[Support#Extend_the_Client_Inactivity_Time|Server settings can be viewed and edited while the server is running, with changes being applied next time the server restarts]]
* [[Schedule#Manually_run_a_task|Schedule module now shows currently running task, start time and has an option to end a running task]]
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.3}}
* [[Inventory#Inventory_status_terms|'''Back ordered''' term in inventory module has been updated to '''Short''' to more accurately reflect the calculation]]
* [[Product#Options|'''Program Options''' window can now be resized]]
* [[Bill_of_Materials#Instructions_tab|Note column added to the bill of materials items table]]
* [[User#Create_a_new_user|Username field length character limit increased from 30 characters to 100 characters]]
* [[Access_Rights#Setup|Access right added to allow users other than admin send database to Fishbowl]]
* [[Start_Fishbowl#Version|Help / About menu now shows plugin versions along with the Fishbowl version]]
* [[Access_Rights#Setup|Access right for creating payment methods]]
* [[Sales_Order#Module_Options_SO_to_PO_tab|SO to PO function in the sales order module now includes an option to use the product description as the part description]]
* [[Currency|Ghana Cedi added to the currency list]]
* [[Data#Server_log|Report logging now logs to a separate file than the server logging]]
* [[Manufacture_Order#Auto_MO_wizard|Option during Auto MO wizard to group items into single MO]]
* [[Data#Module_Options_Logging_tab|Ability to change server logging level from the Data module options]]
* [[Xero#FAQs|Export to Xero Invoice now maps from the shipment number in Fishbowl and the customer PO # as the Xero Reference #]]
* [[Sales_Order#Module_Options_General_tab|Module option to hide the '''Paid''' flag in the sales order module]]
* [[Fishbowl_for_Mac#Install_MySQL_for_Fishbowl_Server|Users with a Mac Fishbowl Server should copy the '''my.cnf''' file as described at the end of the Mac MySQL instructions]]
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.3}}
* Issue: Dashboard module button shows in the module pane even if you don't have access to it.
::* Resolution: Dashboard module button now only shows if you have the access right.
* Issue: URL paths that don't exist don't display an error when attempting to navigate to the path.
::* Resolution: Error now displays correctly in the client.
* Issue: Using the email button doesn't load company email addresses unless a customer or vendor is loaded.
::* Resolution: Company email addresses will now load any time the email button is used.
* Issue: URL links are not working correctly if they are pointing to a shared or network drive.
::* Resolution: URL links now work correctly.
* Issue: Server logging for reports is showing extra XML information.
::* Resolution: Logging no longer shows the extra unneeded information.
* Issue: Processing credit card payments through the API doesn't charge the card or store details correctly.
::* Resolution: Card processing through the API now works correctly.
* Issue: Using the Issue SO call after an order has already been issued or even fulfilled will create a duplicate pick.
::* Resolution: Attempting to use the Issue SO call will error out if the order has already been issued.
* Issue: Using the Save Ship call will clear carton weight, length, height, and declared value if they have been filled in on the carton.
::* Resolution: the Save Ship call now includes the weight, length, height, and declared value fields to be set.
* Issue: Certain areas of the company module are able to be edited in some cases even when the user only has view access.
::* Resolution: All areas of the company module are locked down for view only access.
* Issue: Cycle counting an item causes a null error.
::* Resolution: Cycle counting now works correctly.
'''CSV Imports / Exports'''
* Issue: Custom field data instructions refer to the "export" but there isn't an export for custom field data
::* Resolution: Instructions updated
* Issue: Sales Order Details would get a null error if it didn't recognize the status ID.
::* Resolution: Incorrect status on the CSV will now give an appropriate error.
* Issue: Loading parts can be slow, especially if you have a lot of custom fields
::* Resolution: Refactor of code to improve speed
* Issue: During the new part wizard, the Product Income account does not save if you go to the next page and then back to the Default Accounts page.
::* Resolution: Product Income account now saves regardless of moving through wizard pages.
* Issue: The picking module is slow in some cases (load module, open pick, or finish).
::* Resolution: Refactor of code to improve speed
* Issue: Using the "Group Single Item Orders" option in the Group Pick window groups multi item orders as well.
::* Resolution: The "Group Single Item Orders" option now works correctly.
* Issue: Ungrouping picks doesn't work correctly when two different order types have the same ID.
::* Resolution: Ungrouping picks works correctly regardless of order type.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Issue: Opening the item details window would load slowly in some cases due to loading inventory details
::* Resolution: Don't load the inventory details until that tab is selected.
* Issue: Adding an item to be a PO can be slow because it queries more data than it needs.
::* Resolution: Only the necessary data for the PO is loaded when adding a part.
* Issue: If item description is too long, the inventory tab of the item details window loads incorrectly.
::* Resolution: Inventory tab now loads correctly regardless of description length.
* Issue: Some Advanced Search fields are not being cleared when using the Reset Filters button.
::* Resolution: All Advanced Search fields now clear correctly when resetting filters.
'''QuickBooks Desktop Integration'''
* Issue: On a brand new integration, the "Days" fields for importing orders are not initially available to edit.
::* Resolution: Days checkbox edit availability is now based off of its assigned order type check box.
'''QuickBooks Merchant Services'''
* Issue: Errors returning from QuickBooks Merchant Services were not being captured and displayed.
::* Resolution: Errors returning from QuickBooks Merchant Services are now handled correctly.
'''QuickBooks Online Integration'''
* Issue: Sending over a credit return Purchase Order would fail with an error that the amount must be greater than zero.
::* Resolution: Credit return PO's now send over correctly to QBO.
* Issue: Non-inventory drop ship items can be voided after being received, reconciled, or fulfilled.
::* Resolution: Non-inventory drop ship items can no longer be voided after moving on from Entered status.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: Orders are slow to load and add products.
::* Resolution: Refactor of code to improve speed.
* Issue: Opening the item details window would load slowly in some cases due to loading inventory details
::* Resolution: Don't load the inventory details until that tab is selected.
* Issue: If item description is too long, the inventory tab of the item details window loads incorrectly.
::* Resolution: Inventory tab now loads correctly regardless of description length.
* Issue: The phone and email fields on the Details tab can still be edited after fulfill even if you don't have access.
::* Resolution: Phone and email fields now tie to the "Can Always Change Details" user right.
* Issue: Margin and Markup fields will show incorrectly data when item has more than one quantity fulfilled.
::* Resolution: Margin and Markup fields now display correct data.
* Issue: Customer PO field is not checked for duplicates if the Sales Order is saved while the cursor is in the Customer PO field.
::* Resolution: Customer PO field is correctly checked for duplicates.
* Issue: Duplicating Sales Orders can take a significant amount of time in some cases.
::* Resolution: Refactor of code to improve speed.
* Issue: Checking for duplicate Customer PO's can take a significant amount of time if lots of Sales Orders have the same Customer PO data.
::* Resolution: Refactor of code to improve speed.
* Issue: Some Advanced Search fields are not being cleared when using the Reset Filters button.
::* Resolution: All Advanced Search fields now clear correctly when resetting filters.
'''User Group'''
* Issue: Sorting by the "Access Right" column will sort Accounting to the top instead of All Modules.
::* Resolution: When sorted, All Modules is on the top then everything else sorts alphabetically.
'''Xero Integration'''
* Issue: AU version of Xero Integration doesn't export order totals correctly when the "amount includes tax" option is enabled
::* Resolution: Xero export always changes the amount to NOT include tax when exporting.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.3}}
* Issue: Sales Orders with subtotal items would send the subtotal to Avalara to be taxed.
::* Resolution: Subtotal type items no longer send through to Avalara.
= 2017.2 Released - 3/9/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations Before Updating - 2017.2}}
* If you are updating to 2017.2 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please see [[#Considerations_Before_Updating_-_2017.1|Considerations before updating to 2017]] before proceeding.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.2}}
* [[Sales_Order#Search|Ability to advance search sales orders by total $ value]]
* [[Sales_Order#Take_a_payment|'''Paid''' status stamp on paid in full sales orders]]
* [[Sales_Order#General_tab|Payment amount field in lower right corner of sales orders]]
* [[Sales_Order#General_tab|'''Salesperson''', '''Carrier''', and '''Service''' moved to the '''General''' tab of the sales order]]
* [[Customer#Module_Options_General_tab|Customer module option to limit unpaid or partial paid orders from being issued. Also includes a manager override option]]
* [[Customer#Details_tab|Default '''Issue Status''' for customers' paid/unpaid sales orders]]
* [[Calendar#Sales_orders|Sales orders now show in the '''Calendar''' module]]
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.2}}
* [[Currency|'''Cayman Islands''' currency added to currency list]]
* [[Setup#Payment_Methods_tab|Payment method tab added to '''Company''' module]]
* [[QuickBooks#Data_validation|Special characters that previously caused export error now post or are removed during export to QuickBooks Desktop]]
* [[Purchase_Order#General_tab|'''Buyer''', '''Carrier''', and '''FOB''' moved to the '''General''' tab of the Purchase Order module]]
* [[Transfer_Order#1._Create_a_transfer_order|'''Status''' field on transfer order has been set to bold text]]
* [[Manufacture_Order#General_tab|'''Status''' field on manufacture order has been set to bold text]]
* [[Manufacture_Order#General_tab|Calendar category field can now be set on the work order in the manufacture order module]]
* [[Manufacture_Order#Module_Options_General_tab|Module option to rename manufacture order category label at users discretion]]
* [[Sales_Order#Details_tab|Saving and/or issuing an expired sales order now resets the status and expiry date]]
* [[Access_Rights#Sales_Order|Option to right click and expire a sales order]]
* [[Access_Rights#Sales_Order|User access right to expire a sales order]]
* [[Sales_Order#Search|Sales order advanced search now includes the ability to search for paid orders]]
* [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/csv/importCustomer.html Customer CSV import now includes the '''IssuableStatus''' field]
* [[Setup#Compose_email|Email button in the '''Sales Order''', '''Shipping''', and '''Purchase Order''' modules now launches a window to select email addresses]]
* [[Setup#Compose_email|BCC email field now includes a separate email field to include a BCC copy of an email]]
* [[Setup#Compose_email|Option to email, even when there is no default report for a module]]
* [[Setup#Compose_email|Email field on the '''Details''' tab of the '''Sales Order''' and '''Purchase Order''' modules is now used by default when emailing]]
* [[Purchase_Order#Edit_an_item|Ability to modify the description for items on a specific purchase order]]
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.2}}
* Issue: Editing a work order calendar event and category shows as grayed out, but it can still be edited.
::* Resolution: Fields are no longer grayed out.
'''CSV Imports / Exports'''
* Issue: Sales order import fails when an order contains a kit within a kit.
::* Resolution: Importing an order with kits that contain kits returns an error message saying it is not handled.
'''Database Backup'''
* Typo on the message that the database was backed up successfully has been resolved. (We can spell, but apparently we couldn't type correctly)
* Issue: Attempting to download a file multiple times causes an error.
::* Resolution: File downloads work multiple times, no limit no :).
* Issue: loading inventory parts with tracking is slow.
::* Resolution: Loading tracking has been optimized with the MySQL database.
* Issue: Attempting to delete a location causes an error.
::* Resolution: Deleting a location is possible when it's not in use.
* Issue: Picking a non inventory item displays the wrong color pick icon, shows yellow, even though its pickable.
::* Resolution: Pick icon status color now shows in green for non inventory items.
* Part tracking type "check box" has been updated to "checkbox"
* Issue: Advanced search window appears on primary monitor, not necessarily the monitor the Fishbowl client resides on.
::* Resolution: Advanced search window always launches on the same monitor as the Fishbowl client.
'''Payment Viewer'''
* Issue: A payment that has a transaction ID, but no merchant service connected it still attempts to void through a merchant service and causes an error.
::* Resolution: When a transaction ID is present, but no current merchant integration is in place, the void skips the merchant step.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Issue: Order cannot be saved if the last item added is a misc purchase item.
::* Resolution: orders can now be saved with misc items...oops.
'''QuickBooks Desktop Integration'''
* Issue: Using an underscore (_) in the name of a payment method causes an export error if there are multiple methods with this character.
::* Resolution: Exporting payment methods with an underscore in the name works just fine.
* Issue: Importing an inventory assembly from QuickBooks brings the raw goods in as an "each" even when the UOM is different.
::* Resolution: Importing assemblies from QuickBooks now includes the UOM on raw goods.
* Issue: Sending a customer to QuickBooks doesn't populate the "Company Name" only the customer name.
::* Resolution: Customer name and company name are both populated on customer creation.
* Issue: Partially shipping orders that contain a flat tax will duplicate the tax on each subsequent shipment, not just the initial shipment.
::* Resolution: Flat rate taxes are only included on one shipment, not all.
* Issue: Reconcile bill date auto resets to today's date when left empty in the reconcile wizard.
::* Resolution: Bill date is no longer reset and defaulting to the current date.
* Issue: Auto PO report doesn't populate correctly.
::* Resolution: Report now populates with correct reorder data.
* Issue: Bill of Materials report with the same stage multiple times only rolls up once, and doesn't account for UOM's.
::* Resolution: Report now includes UOM's and stages roll up correctly. Available and short quantity also added to the report.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: Date issued stays populated in the database even after an order has been unissued.
::* Resolution: Unissuing a sales order removes the issue date.
* Issue: Part cost on the sales order isn't updating when the order is fulfilled.
::* Resolution: Part cost now updates when the order is fulfilled.
* Issue: Items can't be deleted from expired sales orders.
::* Resolution: Items can now be deleted form expired orders.
* Issue: Sales order search causes an error when a voided status order is selected.
::* Resolution: Selecting voided errors works just fine.
* Issue: Non inventory, service and ship type items cost doesn't update the margin / markup fields.
::* Resolution: Margin / Markup now reference the cost field on these types of parts to update the fields.
'''Transfer Order'''
* Issue: Splitting items or attempting to partially ship a transfer order causes an error.
::* Resolution: Partial transfer orders can now be completed error free...sorry.
* Issue: searching for a username and default email causes an error.
::* Resolution: Search now returns with no error.
'''Fishbowl Canada'''
* Issue: Importing sales orders from QuickBooks doesn't correctly import the currency for multi-currency orders.
::* Resolution: Currency is now imported with the order.
'''Fishbowl GO'''
* Issue: Packing an order clears the ship service associated with the order.
::* Resolution: Packing preservers the ship service.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.2}}
*Issue: When closing FB the JX browser didn't also close
::* Resolution: JX Browser now closes when FB exits
* Issue: Product sync only allowed 100 items to sync at a time.
::* Resolution: All products now sync correctly
* Issue: Cancelled orders import into FB.
::* Resolution: Cancelled orders are no longer imported into FB.
* Issue: Sync failed if only one product is synced
::* Resolution: Single products now sync
* Issue: Syncing product from FB to Volusion didn't return the product id to FB
::* Resolution: Product ID is now stored in the product id custom field in FB
* Issue: Discount items not importing correctly
::* Resolution: Discount items now import correctly on FB SO
* Issue: Error returned when trying to run forecast data
::* Resolution: Forecast plugin now works in 2017 version of FB
'''QuickBooks Online'''
* Issue: Error when trying to load plugin
::* Resolution: Plugin now works in 2017 version of FB
'''Magento Cart'''
* Enhancement to store Magento Cart Store ID in SO Custom Field
*Issue: Last Sync Date was set to task completion not task start
::* Resolution: Last Sync Date now sets to when scheduled task starts
* Issue: New products when pulling from Magento to FB not created
::*Resolution: New products created in FB when pulling from Magento.
::Note - product will try to map Magento SKU to FB Product Number. If no match then a new product will be created.
{{HideH2|Database Changes - 2017.2}}
* '''SO''' table added column "totalPrice"
* '''SO''' table added column "subTotal"
* '''Address''' table column "addressName" length is now 90 characters
* '''IssuableStatus''' table was created
* '''Customer''' table added column "issuableStatusId"
= 2017.1 Released - 2/9/2017 =
{{HideH2|Considerations Before Updating - 2017.1}}
* Please carefully read [[Updating to 2017]] before proceeding with the update.
* Before updating to Fishbowl 2017.1, you must first be running Fishbowl 2016.14.
* After updating, the database will be migrated from Firebird to MySQL. A new database will be created and populated with all existing data. This process will take a significant amount of time, especially when updating large databases.
* If you have integrations such as shopping carts, custom reports, or custom shipping integrations, please contact the partner you purchased them from before upgrading to make sure they will work with 2017.1. We recommend that you test all custom integrations before updating.
* When using ODBC shipping integrations, the [[Shipping_Integration#ODBC_setup|ODBC driver will need to be reconfigured]].
* If you have your Fishbowl Server running on a Mac, please [http://www.fishbowlinventory.com/support/contact contact our support team]. The [[Fishbowl_for_Mac#Migrate_a_Firebird_database|database migration tool will not run on a Mac]]. We will be more than happy to assist you in migrating your database.
{{HideH2|Highlights - 2017.1}}
* [[Updating to 2017|Migrated to MySQL database]]
* [[Salesforce|Added a Salesforce plugin]]
* [[Sales_Order#Module_Options_Shipping_tab|Carton based shipping now offers a default markup percentage to the shipping price]]
* [[Imports_and_Exports|Import files can now be XLS or XLSX type files along with CSV file types]]
* [[Help|Created an option to send the server logs and database to Fishbowl]]
* [[Fishbowl GO iOS]]
* [[Purchase_Order#2._Add_items|Ability to add kits to a Purchase Order]]
* [[Transfer_Order#2._Add_items|Ability to add kits to a Transfer Order]]
{{HideH2|New Features - 2017.1}}
* [[CSV|Sort Order added to Location CSV import/export]]
* [[Payment_Viewer#Take_a_payment|Payments can be taken through the payment viewer module]]
* [[CSV|CSV import / export for class]]
* [[Plugin|Fishbowl+ section has been replaced by the plugin module]]
* [[Customer#MODULE OPTIONS|Module option to show Pipeline sync button in customer module]]
* [[CSV|Transfer order CSV import/export]]
* [[Imports_and_Exports#Using_imports_and_exports|CSV import/export list can now be searched by any name in the import/export title]]
* [[CSV|CSV import file to update sales order details]]
* [[Vendor#Search|Vendor module advanced search now includes the vendor account number as a search parameter]]
* [[Fishbowl_GO#Pick|Option for assigned pick user added to Fishbowl GO]]
* QuickBooks desktop order import now includes line item notes during sync
* Importing purchase orders from QuickBooks desktop now imports kit items as parts
* Importing sales orders and invoices from QuickBooks desktop now imports kit items as products
* Importing orders from QuickBooks desktop now imports sub items for order as parts/products
* Tooltips added to show max characters to numerous Fishbowl fields
* Running Fishbowl server on Debug level now shows plugin CSV data
* Tooltips added to monitor module Alert and Critical inventory level data
* Exporting CSV files remembers the last file location for future exports
* Customer / Job information now posts to QuickBooks Desktop for each line item on an item receipt or bill
* Shipment tracking in the shipping module now works with USPS shipments
* Message received when maximum number of users is reached now correctly refers to the account sales executive
* Functionality to multi select and issue multiple manufacture orders
* Saving a file now recalls the last save location when saving files from Fishbowl
* Hot keys added to database selection panel
* Shipping Details tab allows the phone and email fields to be copied
{{HideH2|Fixes - 2017.1}}
* Issue: Opening multiple clients concurrently doesn't always load correctly unless any clients after the first run the client.bat file.
::* Resolution: Opening multiple client instances now works correctly.
* Issue: Quantity and money type field data can become corrupted.
::* Resolution: Data storage and saving of quantity and money fields saves correctly.
* Issue: Newfoundland state code lists as "NF" but it should be "NL".
::* Resolution: State code now correctly lists "NL".
* Issue: Client computers aren't always checking for plugin updates from the server.
::* Resolution: update check is working correctly.
* Issue: Inactivating a sub class causes strange behavior in the class module.
::* Resolution: Inactivating now displays everything correctly.
'''CSV Import / Export'''
* Issue: Instruction file includes a line that says, " the file does not contain column names, just data" and this is incorrect.
::* Resolution: Incorrect instructions have been removed.
* Issue: Sales order import doesn't import correctly when discounts directly follow a kit header on the order import.
::* Resolution: Discounts now import correctly regardless of other item types being imported.
* Issue: Instructions for the sales order import don't designate that importing a kit item requires that the soitemtypeid is required.
::* Resolution: Instructions now identify all required fields.
* Issue: Updating currency conversions using the schedule module doesn't work.
::* Resolution: Scheduler correctly updates conversions again.
* Issue: The error message when changing a customer account number to an account number that is already is use isn't clear as to what the error is.
::* Resolution: Error message now reads more clearly.
* Issue: New customer wizard is requiring a default tax to be set, even though it's not required during a customer edit.
::* Customer tax rate is no longer required during the new customer wizard.
* Issue: Creating a customer address with the state as Alabama (AL) actually enters as Alaska (AK) if you just tab through the field.
::* Resolution: State entry is now recorded correctly when using tab key to advance through fields.
* Issue: Maps Button doesn't display the address correctly when there is a carriage return in the address.
::* Resolution: Address displays correctly now.
'''Dropbox Integration'''
* Issue: Downloading files from dropbox fails on a Mac client because the file mapping structure is formatted incorrectly.
::* Resolution: File download now works correctly on a Mac client.
'''Mac Installer'''
* Issue: Installing Fishbowl on a Mac that doesn't have Java installed doesn't run without manually installing Java or a previous version of Fishbowl.
::* Resolution: Installer now installs Java if needed, so that the installer can run correctly.
* Issue: Monitor module Refresh Rate option always runs for 30 seconds when enabled, regardless of user defined time setting.
::* Resolution: Refresh rate frequency now looks at the defined time interval.
* Issue: Part allows serial number tracking to be enabled when a part is on a picked but not finished work order.
::* Resolution: All part tracking can now only be enabled when a part isn't on any open orders or picks.
* Issue: Saving a part with default locations that the user doesn't have access to, deletes the default locations for those groups.
::* Resolution: Saving now preserves default locations.
* Issue: Part tracking type "check box" changed to "checkbox".
* Issue: Lead time field on the bottom of the vendor tab doesn't save the data.
::* Resolution: Field now saves.
* Issue: Pick search Finish icons showed incorrectly when items were on hold.
::* Resolution: Icons now show inventory as unavailable to pick with yellow or red status icons when items are on hold.
* Issue: Pick search gives bad results when searching by number when there are multiple order types with the same number.
::* Resolution: Searching by number now accounts for multiple order types.
* Issue: Product Module advanced search window sometimes opens on a different screen.
::* Resolution: Advanced search will now open over the main search pane.
* Issue: Product hyperlink tooltip says "part number" instead of "product".
::* Resolution: Tooltip now accurately says "product".
* Issue: Editing a kit resets the UOM and SO item type fields to default settings.
::* Resolution: Editing a kit now saves the UOM and SO item type settings.
* Issue: Product tree description changes don't take until a server restart occurs.
::* Resolution: Changes now take correctly on save.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Issue: Purchase Order search fields would fail to search if too many characters were in the field.
::* Resolution: Purchase Order search fields are limited to the amount of characters of the original field.
'''QuickBooks Desktop'''
* Issue: Importing orders from QuickBooks that have an item with 0 quantity would break the import.
::* Resolution: 0 quantity items in QuickBooks now import as a quantity of 1 and a price of 0.
* Issue: Running a "Mark as Posted" export resets the date posted on all posted sales orders.
::* Resolution: Exporting as "Mark as Posted" only updates the dates on sales orders flagged as posted within the given posting batch.
* Issue: Posting an item receipt that is behind a closing date doesn't actually post, only the bill is sent.
::* Resolution: Posting an item receipt behind a closing date now displays a message to the user indicating that QuickBooks doesn't allow this.
* Issue: Receiving a non-inventory drop ship item updates to an incorrect cost on the Sales Order item data.
::* Resolution: Receiving non-inventory drop ship items now uses the correct cost.
* Issue: RMA's in International versions would assign line item tax code to non if the customer had a tax with a duplicate code.
::* Resolution: Product tax code is now assigned correctly for RMA's.
'''Sales Order'''
* Issue: Sales Order item markup field can be edited to change the price of the item when the price should not be edited.
::* Resolution: Markup field can only be edited when price can be edited.
* Issue: Clicking in the markup field on a Sales Order item with 0 cost would reset the price of the item.
::* Resolution: Sales Order item price does not update by clicking in markup field.
* Issue: When a customer default tax rate is set to "None" the sales order is defaulting to the default tax rate rather than the customer default.
::* Resolution: Sales orders now use the customer default tax rate when it is present.
* Issue: Kit item prices can be adjusted from 0 even when the kit price is set by the kit header.
::* Resolution: Kit item prices can no longer be adjusted when the kit price is defined in the kit header.
* Issue: Entering a quantity with a decimal quantity on a part with an "each" UOM and dismissing the error dialog, then entering the item again, saves the item with the decimal quantity.
::* Resolution: Quantity now clears correctly when adding items to the sales order.
* Issue: Credit return items update the customer part number last price when using the Quick Fulfill feature.
::* Resolution: Customer part number price is now properly reserved.
* Issue: Custom line item fields don't transfer to the new order when using the duplicate feature.
::* Resolution: Custom line items are now included in the sales order duplicate.
* Issue: Selecting back in the sales order item add wizard in the associated price step doesn't work if you don't have associated prices on the products.
::* Resolution: Back button now works.
* Issue: Some shipments receive an "Unable to void shipment" message when an item didn't make it into shipping due to an error.
::* Resolution: Error message now includes the part number causing the issue.
* Issue: Product CSV import does not notate SKU and UPC character limit on the import instructions like the Part Product and Vendor Pricing import does.
::* Resolution: Product CSV import instructions now show character limit for SKU and UPC.
* Issue: Voiding a shipment does not properly decrement the soItem.TotalCost when shipping an order it adds to the cost again, causing reporting discrepancies.
::* Resolution: Voiding a shipment now calculates correctly.
'''UPS Ready'''
* Issue: Carrier service drop down menu on a return shipment doesn't display carriers.
::* Resolution: Drop down menu populates correctly.
'''User Right'''
* Issue: Right to "Always edit item notes" on sales order only apples to item edit window, you can still edit in line.
::* Resolution: Access right now applies to inline edit also.
* Issue: Saving a vendor cost rule with duplicate names on the same part doesn't display a clear error message.
::* Resolution: Error message now reads more clearly.
'''Fishbowl Australia'''
* Issue: Help \ About dialog doesn't display information.
::* Resolution: Dialog now shows correctly.
{{HideH2|Plugins - 2017.1}}
* Issue: Amazon item total price is populating the imported order as the unit price.
::* Resolution: Price is now setting correctly.
* Issue: Having a comma (,) in the company name of the Amazon account causes an error when attempting to configure the plugin.
::* Resolution: Commas and other special characters can now be used in the company name with no issues.
* Issue: Products with a number that is greater than 50 characters in length causes an error and doesn't display a clear error message.
::* Resolution: Error message from Avalara is now passed through to Fishbowl.
* Issue: An error occurs when syncing with Avalara via the estimated tax button if the location group on the order does not have a default address in the company module.
::* Resolution: Estimated tax now displays a message informing the user that an address needs to be entered before estimated tax can be calculated.
* Issue: Multiple shipments against a single sales order update Avalara with the latest transaction only when the "commit transactions" option is not enabled.
::* Resolution: Multi shipment orders now process each shipment correctly.
* Issue: BigCommerce plugin does not correctly verify if an order already exists in Fishbowl causing errors.
::* Resolution: Plugin now checks for current orders correctly.
* Issue: Spaces on the end of a SKU are causing problems when looking up products by SKU.
::* Resolution: Carts that use SKU for identification now trim any spaces from the beginning or end of the SKU field.
* Issue: Payment isn't pulled in on any orders paid for with store credit.
::* Resolution: Store credit now works as payment for orders when importing to Fishbowl.
* Issue: Order number field is limited to a 30 character limit, orders with longer numbers do not import correctly.
::* Resolution: Field has been updated to varCharLong to accommodate for more characters.
* Issue: If a product already exists in Fishbowl, any subsequent product syncs do not link variants.
::* Resolution: Variant products are now correctly linked during the product sync.
* Issue: Verifying whether an order already exists in Fishbowl doesn't always work correctly.
::* Resolution: Order verification now correctly looks at existing orders.
* Issue: Orders with more than 50 items don't include any items past the 50 item mark.
::* Resolution: Orders with more than 50 items now import correctly.
* Issue: Coupons aren't coming in as a discount line item.
::* Resolution: Coupons now import correctly as a discount.
* Issue: Inventory sync is occurring by product SKU instead of the item ID in the BigCommerce custom field.
::* Resolution: Inventory sync is now occurring by ID.
* Issue: Sales order export isn't using the custom field for ID.
::* Resolution: ID field is now being used correctly.
* Issue: Discounts are applying to the line item level, not the order level.
::* Resolution: Discounts now correctly apply to the order.
* Enhancements
::* Ability to push product price and description changes from FB to Magento after initial product sync
::* Added more product field mapping options for SKU, Name, and Description fields
::* Customer email from Magento order now imports to the FB SO
::* Magento Store identity is now stored on the FB SO
::* Line item identity is now stored in SO Line Item custom field
::* If the FB carrier is set to UPS, USPS, FEDEX or DHL that will be sent to Magento, otherwise the value "custom" is sent along with the tracking number.
* Fixes
::* Configurable Products now import correctly to FB
::* Zero Dollar Orders now import to FB
::* Line item level discounts now apply correctly
'''Magento 2x'''
* Issue: Magento 2 plugin was not properly hiding the Tax field in the order import settings for international versions making it unusable.
::* Resolution: Tax fields now hides correctly for international versions of Fishbowl.
* Issue: Discounts on orders cause an error when attempting to import.
::* Resolution: Discount field added to plugin to allow for mapping.
* Issue: Unpaid orders come into Fishbowl as paid, while paid orders are coming in as unpaid.
::* Resolution: Paid orders and unpaid orders now come in with the correct payment status.
* Issue: Attempting to connect to a shopping cart store when credentials are incorrect doesn't display a failure message.
::* Resolution: Failure to connect to a store now displays a user friendly message.
* Enhancements:
::* Push Carrier and Carrier Method (when selected) from FB SO to Shipstation Order
::* Added reset last sync button
::* Push Carton Dimensions (when defined) from FB to Shipstation
::* Push product price from FB to Shipstation
::* Orders synced to SS will push over the customer email address
* Fixes
* Issue: Transfer orders don't import to ShipStation.
::* Resolution: Transfer orders are now included in the shipment sync to ShipStation.
* Issue: syncing orders can create duplicate data when the order of operations isn't carried out correctly.
::* Resolution: Sync to and from Fishbowl have been combined into a single button.
* Issue: Manually linking a kit doesn't pull the kit product number, it pulls the title or SKU based on settings.
::* Resolution: The kit product number is now used for linking.
* Issue: Order export does not add store group number to query causing orders to fail when pushed to Fishbowl.
::* Resolution: Store group number is now included and order sync is working properly.
* Issue: Orders are using the customer address information instead of the order address which causes a null error when importing orders.
::* Resolution: Order address is now being used so the order import can successfully run.
* Issue: When a user has the "company" field populated but nor first or last name a blank customer record is created.
::* Resolution: Customer record no longer includes blank data.
* Issue: Using the Avalara Avatax plugin with WooCommerce cannot pull in orders because of an error that occurs when attempting to sync.
::* Resolution: Orders with Avatax now correctly sync.
'''Zen Cart'''
* Issue: Order sync isn't correctly pulling the bill to address on an order, only the ship to address.
::* Resolution: The bill to address is now pulling with the order sync.
'''Fishbowl API'''
* Issue: Save CarrierService on shipment doesn't work.
::* Resolution: Save works now
* Issue: GetNextNumber causes incorrect commiting.
::* Resolution: Removed the bad request
* Removed: OpenModuleRq
* Removed: ProductQuery
::* Use Instead: ProductGet
{{HideH2|Database Changes - 2017.1}}
* '''POSTransaction''' table column "change" has been updated to "changeGiven"
* '''ShippingImport''' table column "ignore" has been updated to "ignoreThis"
* '''PluginProperties''' table column "key" has been renamed to "dataKey"
* '''PluginData''' table column "key" has been renamed to "dataKey"
* '''DataExport''' table column "sql" has been renamed to "dataQuery"
* '''Part''' table column "rev" has been renamed to "revision"
* Data auditing is now enabled.  When audits occur, new tables  are created as tableName_aud

Revision as of 23:09, 9 May 2018

2018.6 Scheduled Release - 6/14/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.6 Template:Top

Highlights - 2018.6 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.6 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.6 Template:Top

2018.5 Released - 5/10/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.5 Template:Top

  • If you are updating to 2018.5 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.
  • The integration with QuickBooks Merchant Services will be disabled for any users that are not currently integrated with QBMS as the gateway for credit card processing.

Highlights - 2018.5 Template:Top

  • Carrier and service now post to ship via field on invoice
  • Shipment tracking number now posts to tracking no. field on invoice
  • Payment terms now post to invoice and QBO calculates Due Date
  • Customer:Job structure is now posted on Invoice/Customer
  • Customer Email now posts from SO details tab to customer email field on invoice
  • Customer:job is now created as a customer and sub customer in QBO
  • Customer:job is now used as the customer when creating an invoice
  • Bill number now uses reference number when present
  • Class now exports to line items on bill
  • Customer:jobs post to the bill
  • Tax rates are exported from Fishbowl
  • QBO preferences such as charging sales tax, multi-currency settings, etc. are now validated during integration
  • Customer:job reference is now posted from the receipt in Fishbowl to the Bill
  • Fishbowl validates use of Automated Sales Tax and posts accordingly
  • Integration credentials are now auto populated
  • Classes are now imported from QuickBooks Online to Fishbowl
  • Option to use QBO generated Invoice number or Fishbowl SO number
  • Vendors are now imported into Fishbowl
  • Customers and sub customers are now imported into Fishbowl
  • Payment Terms are now imported into Fishbowl

New Features - 2018.5 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.5 Template:Top

Bill of Materials

  • Issue: Adding an Image to a Bill of Materials doesn't trigger a save prompt before loading another Bill of Materials.
  • Resolution: Save prompt now occurs as it should.

CSV Imports / Exports

  • Issue: Sales order import when using a kit header only (no specified line items, which then utilized default items) does not create work order configurations for items in the kit associated with a bill of materials.
  • Resolution: Configurations are now properly loaded and saved.


  • Issue: Address information screen in new customer wizard displays too small causing characters such as "_" to be hidden from the display.
  • Resolution: Field size has been increased to properly show characters.


  • Issue: Gadget Hyperlinks for Reports aren't working.
  • Resolution: Hyperlinks in gadgets are back to working again.


  • Issue: Converting a part from non-inventory to Inventory type does not update product cache.
  • Resolution: Cache list now updates when converting a part type.

Purchase Order

  • Issue: Part dropdown is displaying the part ABC code instead of the part UOM. The issue was further convoluted when a vendor part number exists, a duplicate entry appears in the list.
  • Resolution: UOM abbreviations now show in the part dropdown table correctly once again - sorry all.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

  • Issue: The "QuickBooks Preparation" step of the integration wizard can be edited and is performing incorrect spell check functionality the text area.
  • Resolution: Spell check has been disabled and the text field is no longer editable.
  • Issue: CANADA ONLY - Negative payment for a multi-currency order attempt to add the customer reference to the payment which causes a currency error on export.
  • Resolution: the customer reference is no longer exported with any negative payments.

Quickbooks Online Integration

  • Issue: Posting an invoice and payment at the same time always sets the sales receipt to the undeposited account instead of the account selected for the payment.
  • Resolution: The payment now posts to the account associated with the payment used.
  • Issue: FB_MISC product/service is not being created as a purchasable item in QuickBooks Online.
  • Resolution: We're doing it right now...
  • Issue: Existing service type items in QBO may not be marked as "for sale". Exporting an order with these services will cause an error.
  • Resolution: Service type items are updated to be marked as sellable.
  • Issue: Exporting refunds / negative payments that create a "refund receipt" causes an error in QBO
  • Resolution: Refunds now post correctly.


  • Issue: Reconcile allows an outsourced PO Billed Total Cost field to be modified, causing a potential cost discrepancy.
  • Resolution: the Billed Total Cost has been locked down in this scenario.


  • Packing List
  • Fixed a null error when changing layout from Standard to By Carton for TO’s and PO’s.
  • Added option to show delivery signature from Fishbowl GO. (Must take signature in landscape mode instead of portrait.)
  • Manufacture Order Traveler
  • Fixed comma display issue on tracking names.
  • Updated the WO sorting options to allow sorting by WO Date Schedule, WO# Ascending or WO$ Descending.
  • Work Order Traveler
  • Fixed comma display issue on tracking names.
  • User Access Rights
  • Fixed user rights display issue with Fishbowl GO rights.
  • Inventory Allocated to Sales Orders
  • Added customer name to the report when grouping by SO.
  • Turnover Report
  • Fixed truncation.
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Fixed backend parameter mapping issue.
  • Cycle Count List
  • Optimized how parts not in inventory show.
  • Walmart Label
  • Completely redesigned Walmart Label to comply with Walmart standards.
  • There are 2 sizes, a 4x3 (small) and a 4x6 (large). (Email reports@fishbowlinventory.com for smaller size)
  • Each will run for every line item in a selected Shipment (required). There will be 1 label per line item.
  • Data for the following fields need to be entered at run-time. Their defaults are "none" with exception of the Zip Code Prefix, which defaults to Bentonville's Zip Code Prefix (420).
  • Case GTIN Number
  • Department Number
  • Facility Or Location Number
  • PO Type
  • Pro Number
  • Zip Code Prefix
  • Users can decide whether the Customer PO number or Sales Order number appears as the Order Number. 
  • The WMIT # is the Customer Part Number.
  • SO to PO Margin
  • Fixed an issue where the sale price was blank for the first line.
  • Removed voided PO’s from showing in the PO section.

Sales Order

  • Issue: Sales order loading, saving and general functions are slow when checking for duplicate PO numbers and multiple exist.
  • Resolution: Checking the PO num has been optimized to allow for improved performance.
  • Issue: QuickFulling a misc sale item with a customer part number causes an error to occur.
  • Resolution: Misc items can now have a customer part number without the negative implications.

Transfer Order

  • Issue: Order status doesn't carry over to advanced search, or from advanced search to the standard search.
  • Resolution: Switching between the standard and advanced search now preserves the order status field.

User Group

  • Issue: User with all rights does not have access to the BI script gadget in the Dashboard Module.
  • Resolution: Permissions now include BI scripts in all access right.


  • Issue: Details can occasionally save multiple times and in other instances fail to load.
  • Resolution: Save and load have been refactored to eliminate errors.


  • Issue: Address information screen in new vendor wizard displays too small causing characters such as "_" to be hidden from the display.
  • Resolution: Field size has been increased to properly show characters.

Xero Integration

  • Issue: Partially fulfilling a kit and exporting then fulfilling the remainder and exporting again causes an error because it uses the same Invoice number.
  • Resolution: Partially fulfilled kits now reference the shipment number rather than the invoice number.
  • Issue: Orders with inventory items and service items that are partially fulfilled cause a duplicate error.
  • Resolution: Partially fulfilling an order now exports correctly.

Fishbowl Go

  • Issue: Add Inventory function is not working.
  • Resolution: Add inventory now works once again.
  • Issue: Finishing a work order doesn't account for UOM's on the finished goods.
  • Resolution: UOM and conversions are now included in the finish good step.
  • Issue: Receiving an item in partial quantity removes the tax on the remaining item quantity on the receipt.
  • Resolution: tax is now preserved on partially received items.


  • Issue: Voiding a sales order with an associated pick that has been committed allows the void and leaves committed inventory numbers.
  • Resolution: Void checks to see the order status and returns a response that the pick must be voided before the SO can be voided.

Fishbowl Commerce

  • Issue: Importing an order that contains a kit always displays the kit as collapsed with only the header visible, regardless of kit settings.
  • Resolution: Kit now displays according to kit preference settings.

2018.4 Released - 4/12/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.4 Template:Top

  • If you are updating to 2018.4 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.
  • Stripe integration for credit card processing has been discontinued. Fishbowl recommends utilizing an alternate provider or establishing a workflow that is external of the Fishbowl client to continue utilizing Stripe.

Highlights - 2018.4 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.4 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.4 Template:Top


  • Updated user group access right name from "Quick Ship" to "Quick Fulfill" under Sales Order group
  • Cleanup of tooltips for search and advanced search buttons for all modules and updated combo boxes in the Shipping and RMA modules
  • Issue: Sales Order/Purchase Order custom fields could not be edited unless both "Edit Custom Fields" and "Can Always Change Custom Fields" user rights were selected. This also caused the order(s) to be un-issuable
  • Resolution: Both access rights are no longer required to issue the order
  • Issue: Location and Location Group New button was available with view-only rights assigned
  • Resolution: "New" button in Location and Location Group is unavailable if user rights are set to view only
  • Issue: Sending Email with no designated default email address, when selecting the "To" button, the tabs wouldn't show allowing the user to select available email addresses
Resolution: In this scenario the tabs now show with all associated email addresses available to select
  • Issue: Users with view-only access to the custom field module were still able to add custom fields and lists
  • Resolution: Users with view-only access can no longer make changes in the custom field module
  • Issue: Importing purchase orders from QuickBooks desktop errors out if the vendor address is missing
  • Resolution: The import finishes and imports the purchase order(s) in this scenario
  • Issue: AU version only When a new version is available for download, the link on the FB server prompt points to the US download page not the AU download page
  • Resolution: The link now points to the correct download page
  • Issue: After creating a new contact the data in the name field could be deleted
  • Resolution: Data in the name field for contact data is now required


  • Issue: When exporting to QuickBooks Online (QBO) the export would fail with illegal characters in the state data field(s)
  • Resolution: The export now fixes the data and allows the data to go through to QBO
  • Issue: Deleting a class in use doesn't give the user an error message it simply doesn't allow the class to be deleted
  • Resolution: An error advises the user the class in use cannot be deleted in the software
  • Issue: If the part FBItem doesn't exist when syncing accounting data a non-descriptive error was received
  • Resolution: An error now advises the user to rerun the accounting integration
  • Issue: (AU version only) When exporting to the accounting package and the last item on a PO has a $0.00 cost with other items that do have a cost, the journal entry does not add cost for any of the items to the inventory asset account
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the inventory asset account reflects the correct amount after the export completes
  • Issue: (AU version only) Transactions are not in balance on bills with a landed cost
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the transactions now balance correctly

Bill of Materials

  • Issue: A BOM set to never auto-create still brought up the MO wizard if added to SO via the Quicklist
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the MO Wizard no longer initiates


  • Issue: Cycle count function would not work unless user reselected UOM first in the Consignment module
  • Resolution: Cycle count now works without having to reselect UOM first in the Consignment module
  • Issue: Searching by tag in consignment module did not work as expected
  • Resolution: You can now search by tag in the consignment module


  • Issue: In step 4 when adding a new customer via the wizard the fields displayed incorrectly when classes and multi-currency are enabled
  • Resolution: Fixed layout to display correctly in the new customer wizard step 4

CSV Imports and Exports

  • Issue: an Incorrectly formatted date on SO CSV import gives the user a "null" error
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the error generated advises the user the date format is incorrect

Fishbowl Go

  • Issue: When disconnecting from Fishbowl Go the server doesn't show the user disconnected unless refreshed
  • Resolution: Fishbowl Go Clients disconnect with no refresh required on the server


  • Issue: Viewing inventory details for an item with no inventory on hand would allow you to show the modal to edit the average cost after switching between open tabs
  • Resolution: You can no longer bring up the edit average cost modal with no inventory on hand even after switching between tabs

Manufacture Order

  • Improved performance in certain situations where making changes in the WO details tab caused performance issues


  • Issue: It was possible to try and process a credit card refund using the payment option in the sales order module with no payment gateway configured
  • Resolution: Refund is no longer an option from within the payment methods for Sales Orders. Refunds must be processed through the payment viewer

Purchase Order

  • Issue: PO CSV import instructions incorrectly stated the FulfillmentDate and LastFullfilmentDate fields were required
  • Resolution: The import instructions were updated removing the required designation on those fields

Sales Order

  • Issue: When exporting a SO to the accounting integration and afterward editing the SO, upon saving the dialog advising the SO will not update in the accounting integration has text that is cut off
  • Resolution: The dialog now shows all of the warning text
  • Issue: Using the SO Item Wizard the data displayed in the Quantity and Price step was cut-off and displayed incorrectly
  • Resolution: In this step of the SO Item Wizard now displays the data correctly]
  • Issue: Using the SO Item Wizard, during the Quantity and Price step, when changing the UOM from the default the cost displayed for the item displayed on the SO did not update accordingly
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the cost data is now updated and displayed correctly
  • Issue: Searching only the letter "S" in the SO Number field would pull all SO's even the ones that did not contain the letter S
  • Resolution: The SO search now yields the correct results when searching for "S"
  • Issue: When creating a sales order the Customer Alert window for customers with an assigned credit limit has text not visible without scrolling causing confusion with the Yes and No buttons
  • Resolution: The window has been resized to show all text with the scrollbar removed


  • Issue: Trying to delete a shipping term that is used in transactions gives a "null" error
  • Resolution: The error now tells you the term is in use and cannot be deleted


  • Issue: When adding a custom BOM to a Sales Order, it was possible to put in a non-whole number where the UOM for the associated part(s) is "each"
  • Resolution: In this scenario, an error now advises the user the UOM is each and qty must be a whole number


  • Fixed sort parameter "null" error when loading reports
  • Work Order Flag
  • Notes section now shows Note line items.
  • Reorder Report
  • Added ABC code column to the report.
  • On Hand
  • Added ABC code column to the report.
  • On Hand by Product Tree
  • Added ABC code column to the report.
  • Sales Order Report
  • Fixed payment section to show negative payments as well as zero balance payments.
  • Sales Order Tracking
  • Fixed the Tracking Date parameter.
  • Production Yield Report
  • Fixed Part Number parameter.
  • Manufacture Order Traveler
  • Added tracking to finished MO's.
  • Forecast Report
  • Fixed the way Outsourced PO items show.

2018.3 Released - 3/8/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.3 Template:Top

  • Customers using CardConnect for the payment gateway will be required to reintegrate to configure merchant ID settings at the client level.
  • If you are updating to 2018.3 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.

Highlights - 2018.3 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.3 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.3 Template:Top


  • Issue: When using email functionality where there is no association with customers or vendors, an error would show warning there was no default email address
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the error no longer occurs


  • Issue: When syncing with an inactive account on the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks would return the error "Unset Error Message" when running the accounting sync
  • Resolution: The error message now advises you to fix the account mapping
  • Issue: When running the accounting export and the export failed the error was non-specific
  • Resolution: The error log now provides a more detailed error

Bill of Materials

  • Issue: Using the new BOM button in the part module will not ask to save a previously started and unsaved BOM
  • Resolution: In this scenario, when clicking the New BOM button, it asks to save the previous BOM


  • Issue: Product Alert Notes do not pop-up in Checkout when adding to an order
  • Resolution: Alert Notes now work for products in Checkout


  • Issue: Using the checkbox to "Show all related jobs" in conjunction with the active/inactive status filters in the customer advanced search caused confusion
  • Resolution: A tooltip was added to clarify that selecting the option to show all related jobs displays results regardless of active/inactive status of a customer job


  • Issue: If processing payments through Stripe and the name field is blank the payment would not process
  • Resolution: Payments will now process even if the name field is blank
  • Issue: When importing payment data from a csv file and transaction id has data with payment method set to something other than credit card, attempting to delete the payment would give an error
  • Resolution: Payments can now be deleted in this scenario without error
  • Issue: Using wallets with Authorize.net, when a customer profile reached more than 10 cards, an error message incorrectly stated the transaction was declined even if the card was successfully charged. Also, no payment record was created in Fishbowl.
Please note Authorize.net only allows a maximum of 10 cards to be saved to the customer profile (wallet).
  • Resolution: The message in this scenario has been updated to advise the transaction was successful but the customer profile was not updated

Manufacture Order

  • Issue: When opening a Manufacture Order a null pointer exception was received when the MO created automatically due to a Sales Order scheduled import
  • Resolution: In this scenario, you no longer receive the null pointer error
  • Issue: If a Fishbowl user didn't have access rights to finish work orders but did have access rights to BOM's, the finish WO button was still available to use in the WO details tab
  • Resolution: User access rights do not allow a user to finish the WO in the WO details tab if they have BOM access rights
  • Issue: User access right to view for Dropbox in MO could not be selected/deselected
  • Resolution: You can now select/deselect this access right

Sales Order

  • Issue: When manually fulfilling a service item on a SO a complete timestamp was not saved to the database
  • Resolution: In the above scenario, a full timestamp is saved to the database
  • Issue: Searching SO custom fields gave an error
  • Resolution: Custom field search in the SO Module returns results rather than error
  • Issue: When adding items to a SO using the quick list the margin, markup, and cost fields have no value assigned ( Zero Dollar/Zero Percent)
  • Resolution: These fields now have the correct dollar(s) and percentages displayed
  • Issue: When using carton based shipping and adding a shipping line item to the SO, the SO Subtotal, and SO Total Price do not update to the correct amounts
  • Resolution: SO Subtotal and SO Total Price are now correct in this scenario
  • Issue: In the schedule module, if the current task runs longer than when the next scheduled task is set to run and you cancel the queued up task it gives an error
  • Resolution: If the task hasn't completed the next task will not get added to the queue


  • Issue: In certain scenarios, using the auto fill cartons in shipping feature would cause tags to combine incorrectly and cause errors when trying to pick and ship
  • Resolution: This error is now fixed when using the auto fill carton feature with products

Purchase Order/Receiving

  • Issue: Using multi-currency, when you set the exchange rate on the PO, after receiving the PO you could change the exchange rate causing costing issues when syncing to accounting packages
  • Resolution: Once a PO is received the exchange rate is not able to be edited unless the receipt is first voided


  • Advanced Purchasing by Sales Order
  • Fixed incorrect Short qty calculation.
  • Advanced Purchasing by Work Order
  • Fixed incorrect Short qty calculation.
  • Customer Statement
  • Added Adjustment Amounts into the totals and fixed rounding issues.
  • Margins by Sales Order
  • Updated the report to allow 25 characters in the Sales Order # column.
  • Packing List
  • Added hyperlinks for carton tracking numbers on "By Carton" layout.
  • Pick Report
  • Fixed an error where the description would show as Null when running this report for a WO.
  • Pick Ticket
  • Fixed an error where the description would show as Null when running this report for a WO.
  • Pick Ticket by Order (Batch)
  • Added an option to "Show Committed".
  • Reorder Report
  • Fixed a coding error that prevented the report from running on new databases.
  • Sales Order Report
  • Added an option to show/hide $0 priced line items.
  • Sales Order Summary
  • Fixed the Grand Totals to all for 10,000,000.00 in qty and price.
  • Sales Order Tracking
  • Fixed the tracking type column to show the type instead of the Company Name.
  • Shipping Invoice
  • Updated the report to error out appropriately when running for a credit return PO.
  • Fixed address issues to allow country and state to be blank.
  • Tracking Detail
  • Fixed duplication on WO listings.
  • Vendor Performance Report
  • Fixed an issue where the status showed Rejected for Entered status items.

Plugins - 2018.3 Template:Top

Database Changes - 2018.3 Template:Top

2018.2 Released - 2/8/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.2 Template:Top

  • If you are updating to 2018.2 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.

Highlights - 2018.2 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.2 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.2 Template:Top


  • Issue: Updating the license key by phone through manual entry didn't update correctly unless the server was restarted
  • Resolution: The license key is now updated correctly
  • Issue: When changing from tabbed view to frame view in program options, upon client restart, the frame view was not displayed
  • Resolution: Frames are now displayed correctly after setting the option and restarting the client
  • Issue: "Setup" was not alphabetized correctly in the Setup Module
  • Resolution: Setup is now alphabetized
  • Issue: A warning would pop-up if a SO has an email assigned in the SO details and the customer does not have a default email address assigned to the customer profile
  • Resolution: The pop-up warning no longer occurs in this scenario
  • Issue: Emails addresses were previously able to be separated by commas and semi-colons
  • Resolution: Emails are now only separated by semi-colons
  • Issue: SaveShipmentRq API call occasionally caused committed inventory numbers to commit incorrectly
  • Resolution: The SaveShipmentRq API call now commits inventory as expected


  • Issue: Illegal characters were not being removed and/or changed when exporting to QuickBooks Online (QBO) and causing the export to fail
  • Resolution: Illegal characters are now removed or changed to an identifiable and usable character when exported to QBO
  • Issue: Creating a new customer or vendor shows there are items to post to QBO but when running the export nothing would post
  • Resolution: Exporting to QBO in this scenario posts to QBO

Bill of Materials

  • Issue: The estimated build time field on any given Bill of Materials (BOM) was updated using the last time entered when editing other BOM's
  • Resolution: Estimated build time now only updates for the current BOM being edited


  • Issue: Fulfilled Sales Orders time were editable by dragging and dropping through the Calendar Module
  • Resolution: Fulfilled SO's are no longer editable
  • Issue: Editing an all-day calendar event to a specific time would cause the dialog box to load multiple times which could trigger an error when closing the dialog box
  • Resolution: The dialog box doesn't reload when closed after editing

Fishbowl Go

  • Issue: Part Numbers that look like numbers but had non-numerical characters didn't show correctly in GO
  • Resolution: In this scenario, the part numbers load correctly now


  • Issue: Pick Report shows the part description rather than the description entered on the sales order
  • Resolution: Added a module option, which is enabled by default, on the Pick Report to show the sales order description rather than the part description


  • Pick Ticket
  • Added an option to show the product description from the Sales Order line item.
  • Pick Report
  • Added an option to show the product description from the Sales Order line item.
  • Asset Valuation by Account Summary
  • Fixed a spelling error in the report title.
  • Calendar Report
  • Updated to include Sales Order and Purchase Order events.
  • Sales Order Summary
  • Updated the report to include Adjustment Amount in the Order Totals.
  • Reorder Report
  • Added "Show Parts with BOM" and "Show Parts without BOM" checkboxes. The "Show Parts with BOM" checkbox is unchecked by default.

Sales Order

  • Issue: "Fulfillment Date" field created confusion and was not labeled consistently
  • Resolution: Updated the field to "Date Scheduled"
  • Issue: Kit items imported through csv would revert to a sale type rather than the default item type
  • Resolution: The default item type is now used in this scenario
  • Issue: Total Cost was incorrect for non-inventory items on partially fulfilled Sales Orders
  • Resolution: In this scenario total cost is now fixed


  • Issue: Using the email feature in the Ship Module previously attached a PDF file with an unidentifiable file name
  • Resolution: The file name now reflects the shipment when emailed
  • Issue: "Package Type" field in ship details was unclear to its use and purpose. It is intended to be used with UPS Ready within Fishbowl
  • Resolution: The field was renamed to "UPS Package Type"

Plugins - 2018.2 Template:Top

Database Changes - 2018.2 Template:Top

2018.1 Released - 1/11/2018

Considerations before updating - 2018.1 Template:Top

  • If you are updating to 2018.1 from a version that is older than 2017.1 please note that you will first need to update to a version between 2017.1 and 2017.9 before proceeding with this version.

Highlights - 2018.1 Template:Top

New Features - 2018.1 Template:Top

Fixes - 2018.1 Template:Top


  • Issue: Using wallet cards would fail unless the wallet was processed with the card security code.
  • Resolution: The card security code will only be required if your account settings require it.


  • Issue: The calendar module does not work for displaying orders on newly created databases.
  • Resolution: All calendar functionality is now working correctly.


  • Issue: Checkout does not have a view access right.
  • Resolution: A view access right was created to be in line with all other modules.
  • Issue: Checkout does not work properly unless the user has the Sales Order-QuickShip access right.
  • Resolution: Users can now process orders as long as they have access to Checkout.
  • Issue: Checkout is unable to process payments for credit return orders.
  • Resolution: Processing credit payments now works correctly unless it is a credit card type. This will still need to be processed in the Payment Viewer module if you are connected to a Payment Gateway.

CSV Import/Export

  • Issue: The Part and Product CSV's cannot import part images.
  • Resolution: Both CSV's can now upload images correctly.
  • Issue: The Currency CSV instructions reference "QB Class".
  • Resolution: This incorrect reference has been removed.
  • Issue: The Payment Data CSV will import payments with a $0 amount causing errors when exporting to accounting.
  • Resolution: Payments with $0 will be skipped on the import.

Manufacture Order

  • Issue: Changing an items quantity to 0 on the WO Details tab will cause it's associated pick item to also be changed to 0.
  • Resolution: Items can no longer be set to a 0 quantity on the WO Details tab.


  • Issue: The edit window for Vendor Parts is too small and cuts off the Default checkbox.
  • Resolution: The Vendor Parts edit window is now sized correctly.


  • Issue: Some picks are not able to be opened and receive a null error due to an issue with location sorting.
  • Resolution: These picks no longer receive an error and open correctly.


  • Issue: If you delete a product that has custom field data then open another product the module would ask you to save changes.
  • Resolution: Custom field data is no longer left filled in after deleting a product so it will not ask to save changes to a blank product.


  • Issue: Reconciling a part will fail if that part was received and then was on a pick and shipment that were both voided after being shipped.
  • Resolution: This scenario no longer causes an error as the voided shipment should not be considered during the reconcile process.

Sales Order

  • Issue: Sales Order items with Manufacturing configurations can take a long time to open if you have a lot of images.
  • Resolution: Added better indexing to the Image table to load these orders much faster.

Plugins - 2018.1 Template:Top

Database Changes - 2018.1 Template:Top