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Icon.Payment Viewer.png The Payment Viewer module, located in the Accounting group, stores a record of the payments that have been received in Fishbowl. Payments can be received in the Icon.Sales Order.png Sales Order module or in Fishbowl Checkout. Payments can be deleted if they have not yet posted to the accounting system. The Icon.Payment Viewer.png Payment Viewer module options provide the ability to set the information required to take a credit card payment. Payments can also be imported using the import.

View a payment

The search pane to the left displays a list of payments. The list of payments can be filtered by entering a search term in the SO Number field or the Customer field. Click the Advanced Search button to search by amount, date, method, or posted status. To open and view a payment, double-click the payment in the search pane.

Payment viewer.png

Once a payment is open, the details of the payment will be displayed. The Direct Funds field displays where the funds will be deposited when exported to the accounting system.

Take a payment

The Payment Button.png Payment button can be used to take a payment for a sales order.

Delete a payment

The Delete Button.png Delete button can be used to delete a payment before it is posted to the accounting system. To delete a payment, open the payment and then click the Delete button on the module toolbar.

Refund a payment

The Refund Button.png Refund button can be used to refund a payment.

Refund payment.png


Some aspects of the Icon.Payment Viewer.png Payment Viewer module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

Credit Card Processing tab
Payment viewer module options.png
  • The data required to process a payment can be customized in the Credit Card Requirements section.
  • Credit card number must be valid
  • Security code (CV2 #)
  • Name on card
  • Billing address
  • Billing postal code
  • Billing country code