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[[File:Only Fishbowl.png|link=|25px|bottom]]  '''Below are some of the new features in Fishbowl 2012.6'''
#REDIRECT [[Release_Notes]]
* The Calendar Module now has [[Calendar#Categories|customizable categories]]
* The Calendar Module now has improved [[Calendar#Work Orders|Work Order functionality]].
* The '''Part Details''' field has been added to the advanced search in the Part and Purchase Order modules.
* The word order of a Fishbowl search no longer matters. A search for '''mountain bike''' will yield the same result as '''bike mountain'''.
* To search for an exact phrase in Fishbowl, use quotes around terms such as '''"mountain bike"'''.
* The Fishbowl API is continually improving and features new functionality.
* See the [[Release Notes#2012.6 Release Notes - 4/19/2012|Release Notes]] and [[Change Log#2012.6 Change log - 4/19/2012|Change Log]] for more details.

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