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= [[New Features]] =
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[[File:Only Fishbowl.png|link=|25px|bottom]]  '''Below are a several of the new features included in Fishbowl 2015'''
* Here are the main new features you will find in this year’s update of Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse:
* The user interface has been redesigned with all-new module and toolbar icons.
* Software speed and capacity have increased.
* Users can generate purchase orders for required items on manufacture orders.
* Custom fields can now be created based on user rights to ensure orders are issued by the right users.
* Work orders now display lead times for out-of-stock parts.
* Orders can be partially fulfilled as you wait for short line items to be restocked.
* The New Part Wizard has been simplified to make it easier to enter the information you want for new parts.
* A new Data module allows SQL queries to run against the database and export to CSV and XLS.
* Sales orders will now show profit margins and costs of products.
* Users can now be assigned all user rights or limited user rights across every module.
* Fishbowl automatically refreshes so if multiple users are viewing the same order, they can see each other’s changes.
* To ensure FIFO picking, Fishbowl allows inventory to be automatically committed to orders when it comes in.
* Picks are now color-coded in green, yellow, and red to make it clear to users if they are in stock, on back order, or out of stock.
* [[Release Notes#2015.0 Release Notes - 11/3/2014|See the Release Notes]] [[Change Log#2015.0 Change log - 11/3/2014|and the Change Log for more details]].
* [[Update Fishbowl|See '''Update Fishbowl''' for instructions on updating Fishbowl to the latest version]].

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