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[[File:Only Fishbowl.png|link=|25px|bottom]]  '''Below are a few of the recently added features included in Fishbowl 2013.5'''
#REDIRECT [[Release_Notes]]
* [[Supported_QuickBooks_Versions|Fishbowl now integrates with QuickBooks Multi-Currency]].
* [[Purchase_Order#Currency_conversion|Bills can now export to QuickBooks with an alternate currency set]].
* [[Accounting#Import_data_into_Fishbowl|Currencies can be imported from QuickBooks]].
* [[Accounting#Import_data_into_Fishbowl|Vendors with associated currencies can be imported from QuickBooks]].
* [[Advanced_Reports#Reconcile_Report|The Reconcile report now shows alternate currencies]].
* [[Getting_Started#1._Install_Fishbowl|Fishbowl automatically uses Fishbowl Nexus to export to QuickBooks. This allows Fishbowl to run in 64-bit mode for faster performance]].
* [[Customer#Parts tab|Customer part numbers are now saved and items can be added to a sales order by typing the customer part number]].
* [[Purchase_Order#2._Add_items|Items can be added to a purchase order by typing the vendor part number]].
* [[Getting_Started#3._Integrate_with_QuickBooks|When updating to 2013.5 it may be necessary to remove Fishbowl from the integrated applications list in QuickBooks and then reintegrate with QuickBooks]].
* See the [[Release Notes#2013.5 Release Notes - 6/13/2013|Release Notes]] and [[Change Log#2013.5 Change log - 6/13/2013|Change Log]] for more details.

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