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[[File:Only Fishbowl.png|link=|25px|bottom]]  '''Below are a few of the recently added features included in Fishbowl 2013.2'''
#REDIRECT [[Release_Notes]]
* A new [[Advanced_Reports#Bill_of_Materials_2|Bill of Materials report]] has been added that rolls up cost from staged BOMs.
* The part lead time is now displayed in the sales order [[Sales_Order#2._Add_items|Insufficient Inventory dialog]] and the [[Sales_Order#2._Add_items|Add SO Item wizard]].
* A priority can now be assigned to work orders on the bottom of the [[Manufacture_Order#TABS|Manufacture Order General tab]] and viewed on several [[Advanced_Reports|reports]].
* The [[Sales_Order#Take a payment|Sales Order Payment wizard]] now allows custom payment methods to be created.
* Bill dates and reference numbers can not be set on a per-item basis on the '''Receipt''' tab of the [[Receiving#TABS|Receiving]] module.
* The values that are exported to the QuickBooks '''Memo''' and '''To Be Printed''' fields can now be customized in the [[Accounting#MODULE_OPTIONS|Accounting Module Options]].
* Fishbowl is now [[File:UPS.png|top]] [[Shipping#UPS|UPS Ready<font size=1>®</font>]] which means that UPS features are built into Fishbowl and directly accessible with no additional software required.
* When upgrading from a version of Fishbowl prior to 2013, the Fishbowl installer will need to be run on each client computer. For more information, see [[Install Fishbowl 2013]].
* See the [[Release Notes#2013.2 Release Notes - 2/14/2013|Release Notes]] and [[Change Log#2013.2 Change log - 2/14/2013|Change Log]] for more details.

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