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Icon.My Fishbowl.png The My Fishbowl module, located in the General group, displays helpful information such as support contract details, training hours, and purchased products. The module can also be used to purchase new users, renew your support contract, view support tickets, and more. Below are example images that show the type of information displayed for each of the tabs in the My Fishbowl module. For information about hosting Fishbowl in the cloud, see Fishbowl Hosted Services.


The Contract tab can be used to purchase users and training hours, or to renew your support contract.

Support Contract Information.png

Custom report requests will also be displayed.

Custom Requests.png


The Company tab displays the contact information that Fishbowl will use to contact your company. The addresses can be edited by clicking the blue links.

Company Information.png

Contacts List.png


The Products tab displays the plugins and products that your company has purchased.



The Support tab displays the support tickets that are created when your company contacts Fishbowl. A new request can also be created by clicking the New Support Request button.