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Purchase Order Module Options Template:Top


PO Module options general subtab.png
  • Auto Assign PO Numbers
Fishbowl will automatically assign the next available PO number. You may specify the starting assignment by entering a number into the Next Number box. Fishbowl will count up from the number shown here; letters used in a PO number will not change.
  • Update Vendor Pricing after new Purchase Orders are created
With this option checked, when a Purchase order has been created the vendor's last cost will be updated in the Vendor Module Group | Parts Subtab. Any future PO's created with this vendor and part will also auto-fulfill the last cost shown for the item.
  • Only Show Vendor Parts in Quick Add
When adding items to a Purchase Order, the only parts available in the part drop-down will be those listed within the Vendor Module | Parts Subtab of the vendor for whom the order is being created.


PO module options email subtab.png
  • Send Email when Purchase Order is Issued
Once a Purchase Order has been issued you have the option to prompt yourself to send an email to the vendor. Fishbowl will default to attach a csv file of the purchase order as well. If you do not wish to send a csv file, simply uncheck the option and click ok to save any changes.


The custom subtab allows for a set message to be displayed on every purchase order; this is a standard notice and allows up to 4 lines of text. The notice will appear next to the order's total at the bottom of your Purchase Order report.