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Some aspects of the Icon.Purchase Order.png Purchase Order module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
PO Module options general subtab.png
  • Next Number
The characters entered in this field will be used as the next order number. Every time a new order is created, the final group of numbers will be increased by one. For example, Pier1-Order99-LA will be incremented to Pier1-Order100-LA.
  • Update vendor cost after Purchase Order is issued
With this option checked, the vendor's last cost will be updated whenever a Purchase order is issued. Any future Purchase Orders created with this vendor and part will default to the last cost for the item.
  • Only show vendor parts in part quick add
With this option enabled, only the parts on the Vendor's Parts tab will be available in the part drop-down when adding items to a Purchase Order.
  • Automatically issue drop ship orders
With this option enabled, purchase orders will be automatically issued for drop ship items.
  • Dimensional weight factor
The weight factor is used to calculate dimensional weight by dividing the cubic size in inches by the factor. For example, an item with a size of 1 cubit foot (1,728 cubic inches) and the default factor of 166 would have a dimensional weight of 10.4 lbs (1728 ÷ 166 = 10.4).

Email tab
PO module options email subtab.png
  • Send email when Purchase Order is issued
There are three options for email behavior when issuing a Purchase Order. Always send an email, Prompt if an email should be sent, or Never send an email.
  • Attach applicable sales order csv file
With this option checked, the Purchase Order as Sales Order export will be attached to the email. This can allow the vendor to import the order into their Fishbowl install or other software.

Custom tab
PO module options custom subtab.png
  • The custom tab allows a custom message (up to 4 lines) to be displayed on Purchase Order reports.